I want to write an email to training and placement officer of a college asking for reason for dropouts. Also, this can not repeat in future as we are putting lots of time and efforts for campus drives.
Can any one suggest how to write it. As we went for campus drive and at the tine of joining only one student turned up and rest didnt joined.
Please suggest a fixed formay for the same. So that i can mail to tpo

From India, Bhopal
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It has become a common issue these days, as freshers drop out at the last moment.
A clause in the MoU before conducting the placement interviews might be helpful.
Few colleges collect hefty fee from students before allowing them to attend for the interviews to avoid these kind of problems.

From India, Bengaluru
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'No Show' is a part of the hiring outage. Please factor that in, while making an offer. Not every candidate would join your firm after receiving the offer, which is why you issue a 'Letter of Intent' and not an Appointment Letter, to them, till they join in.
There is no fixed formula to counter No Show and meeting the number of hires. It entirely depends on the role that you are hiring for. Generic skills have higher No Shows, than the niche ones.
Once you manage few cycles of business , this phenomena would settle in for you.
I won't suggest stalking them on Social media after they accept your offer, it will only make the war bitter. Inviting them for a day at your office where you arrange for a workplace tour and meeting the leadership is a far better idea. But then, that depends on the bandwidth you may have at work.
At least, this is cutting your losses short, as they might abscond, even if they join.
Focus on the serious Hires, they are your future. Hope that helps !

From India, Mumbai

I will say from the outset that I don't understand this "campus drive" method of recruitment.

Having read about it often here on CiteHR, my only conclusion is that it is fraught with difficulties.

In my view, it does not, and will not, ever take the place of a properly structured Recruitment and Selection process, if you want to hire the RIGHT people for your organisation.

To me it sounds like a lazy way to recruit. Round up a bunch of students, many of whom possibly still have no idea what they want to do in life, or have the maturity to make sound, logical decisions about their future careers.

Offer them a job, based on what criteria I do not know, and then expect them to turn up to work on the due date, with the knowledge they need to do the job. We all know how that ends - a complete disaster.

Then there are the savvy students who play each employer off against each other for a better offer. I suspect the simple answer to your question is that the no-shows got a better offer elsewhere. They just took your offer UNTIL something better came along.

Maybe I am wrong, but it appears to me that many Indian people value money and prestige more than anything else, so their choice of workplace is predicated on this. I also realise that many are forced into this situation by parents etc, who want "the best for their child".

If this "campus drive" business does not work for you, then I suggest you revisit your recruitment and selection process with a view to make it more responsive to your needs.

From Australia, Melbourne


The campus recruitment model is important for companies that need to hire bucket load of Freshers.

To do so one by one would be time consuming and expressive, as would be the problem of getting noticed in the current environment of too many portals posting too many offers.

This way, they get the attention of 250+ students at one go. They are not looking for quality, but numbers to fill their benches, whom they will train, or are putting into jobs that are very basic in the first place.

For example, an automobile factory will be happy to recruit 500 "engineers" from college and put them on the shop floor, doing the simplest things like feeding material to the assembly line, and then slowly learning how to rum the machines and perhaps finally reach ability to check quality.

One such factory has 17000-20000 workers.... Finding them one by one is expensive, campus drive is easier.

TCS hires about 150,000 Freshers a year, again this is the only way out for them.

Just my perspective, not negating many of the things you stated, though.

And my apology to the original poster for a comment unrelated to his query

From India, Mumbai

Hi Saswata,

Thank you for your explanation of campus recruitment. I guess I had an idea it meant something like that.

I can understand the need for bulk recruitment for a factory for production line labourers etc.

However, the idea of recruiting "engineers" from colleges to work on the factory floor wouldn't fly here! If you go to Uni to learn to be an engineer in Australia, you expect to graduate, and get a job as a fully fledged engineer - albeit a "junior" engineer initially, NOT a production worker. Different mindset I guess.

Seems to me something like doing a medical degree, graduating, and then working as a hospital cleaner, and working your way up to be a doctor. A bit extreme, but you will understand what I mean.

IT workers are another case in point. I have a friend in India who was recruited this way to work for Satyam (and we all know what happened there!) He sat on the bench for a long time, or did menial work. What a waste of time, education and skills. Also a set back in his career, because it took so long after he graduated to actual start doing real work. I suspect it does not look good on his resume.

As for TCS hiring 150,000 workers a year, it would be interesting to know their attrition rate, and the costs associated with this. I suspect if someone were to run the ruler over this exercise, it would horrify TCS management!

From Australia, Melbourne

well after working as an placement coordinator in a respective institute i can understand this problem, many a times companies don't disclose their joining terms and conditions prior and tell the candidate about them one the day of joining which make students confused as its their first experience to job and some conditions are weird too sometimes.
further sometimes colleges ask more and more students to sit in campus drive even for the interview which is of not their stream
well if you want to put email you can write
Dear Mr x
our company had a campus drive in your respective institute dated xxxx.We selected ,,,, candidate out of which ,,,, accepted the offer but only one joined rest dropout. We would like to know the reason for their dropout so that in future such thing doesnot happen . Kindly provide us with the required information as soon as possible..
hope it help u some way

From India, Udaipur

I think you need to understand one major factor in our education system.
The "engineers" are incapable of actually doing any work just out of college.
Many have not even seen a shop floor. So they need to start at type bottom.
Same with Satyam. And all other IT companies. These guys are not capable of actually doing the work. They can't be out on a project actually till they do a lot of more learning and trial / me ail work.

From India, Mumbai

Rather a sad indictment of the Indian education system.
But, I am not holding up Australia's education system as perfect. It's far from it.
However, in many courses here, students have to do industry placements as part of their learning, so they get some "real world" experience to prepare them once they leave University. As an example, my next door neighbour is studying sports science or something like that. He has to spend a couple of days a week working (unpaid) with a professional sports team, as part of his course.
I guess all this explains why we have so many "HR Executives" on CiteHR, who have obtained jobs with absolutely no knowledge of HR. One has to wonder what exactly they did learn at University, and why they and their families paid all that money to learn nothing. Just another one of those unexplained mysteries of the universe I guess.

From Australia, Melbourne

There is a lot of things that you have not told us Priya.
We do not know your industry, what type of candidates you are recruiting, what salary package you are offering, location of college and your organisation, etc
Neither have you give us the details of responses you got.
So how can we help you ?
They will show all the candidates who accepted offers as placed. As far as TPOs are concerned, they have achieved their target of 100% placement.

From India, Mumbai

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