Corporate training ( Leadership Development)
hi good morning very recently i have joined a manufacturing automotive company as trainer here I have to deliver training on departmental process training and employee behavioral and official atticates. please suggest which is the best way to start training and how to deliver effectively & how can trained employees atticates wise
From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Dear friend,

Before executing any training programme, first decide how will you measure its effectiveness. If you are not sure then do not conduct the training as it will be waste of time and money.

Earlier I have given exhaustive reply on the subject. You may click the following link to refer it:

Though the query is for the automobile industry, the reply is applicable to all the industries. The reply will help you in understanding what activities needed to be done before preparation of the training calendar, inherent flaws in the training calendar that hinders or prohibits measurement of training effectiveness, challenges faced by other training professionals and so on.

Before designing the training calendar, what costs you should measure so that you can design the training calendar cost-centric one. To know this, click the following link:

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer

From India, Bangalore
Chandersain Thakur
Corporate training ( Leadership Development)
Thank you sir, befrore making training calendar what cost should I measure , I mean what should kept in my mined during.making calendar.
Sir here I have to deliver all department proceess training and has to trained depatmental heads and executives for the same. What should I do before that which the best way. Thanks

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant and Trainer
Dear Chandersain Thakur,
You have only acknowledged my reply to your post but then gentleman, it appears that you have not opened the hyperlink and read the reply completely. In this hyperlink, you will get further hyperlinks. These are all my replies to the similar posts. In these links, you will get information on list of the costs that you can curtail through training, how to design the goal statement of the training etc. Go through all of these, make a training calendar and upload on this forum. Some senior like me will vet and give comments for improvement.
Asking for a ready made calendar is nothing but spoon feeding and it does behove well for a professional.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Psychotherapy and counselling
Prepare Training Calender through Training Need Analysis
Engage the appropriate consultants depending upon the need basis
Behavioural and Soft skill trainer since 1983

From India, Madras

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Hey Chandersain,

I had posted a very useful PPT as well on the matter of Effective Training Delivery.

Perhaps you missed the thread or it didn't show up on your search results. Never mind.

Here is my Cite HR thread.

Total Slides: 31

Slide Outline:

* 7 Principles To Delivering Training Effectively

* The Principle of The Learning Specialist

* The Principle of The Learner

* The Principle of The Language

* The Principle of The Lesson

* The Principle of The Teaching Process

* The Principle of The Learning Process

* The Principle of Review and Application

You may also want to start wondering about how to calculate ROI on your training programs

as eventually you will be asked to do it after your first department audit is through.

It happens all the time, ha!

You may want the updated version of this PPT from the blogsite I found it from. Effective Training Delivery PPT.

Also there is the ROI of Training PPT too there.

Brush up on it. As a training professional it will enhance your conceptual knowledge and add immensely to your credibility.



From India, Mumbai

Process Industry Consultant / Soft Skill Specialist
Dear Chandersain Thakur,
You have received excellent inputs from many senior members of Cite HR.
I am sure you are going through them thoroughly well.
I wish to draw your attention to the mistakes that have appeared in your posts.
When you are going to be trainer people will look forward to you and that includes your communicating abilities and related skills.
Perhaps you have posted in a hurry. However that cannot be accepted.
Please remember that you will be a role model for others who are learning from you.
As a first step when you make another post , take your time , revise and correct what you have written, before finally clicking "Add to this thread" button.

From India
Chandersain Thakur
Corporate training ( Leadership Development)
Dear sir I understand what regards you are talking about, I really thanks your concern I know my mistakes, Thanks i Will remember your golden advise. Thanks \ Thanks
From India, Delhi
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