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i joined an IT company as Manager, but never lead/ managed a team. every year during appraisal time i was never given any feedback about my work after 2 years the project moved to another company, i was immediately put on to performance improvement plan, without any justification, when i asked my manager why i was put on to performance improvement plan, i was told my performance was not up to expectations and that i have to either leave the organization or a police complaint will be lodged on me. what do i do ?
From India, Hyderabad
Dear friend,

There are two issues in your post. One is feedback and another threat part. Let us handle one by one.

Your Manager has told that "when i asked my manager why i was put on to performance improvement plan, I was told my performance was not up to expectations". Did you ask on which points performance needs to be improved? What is your rating?

During this discussion, why things came to such a pass where Manager had to talk about "police complaint"? Did you refuse to accept your shot comings? Did you get on his nerve? Were there any heated exchanges?

Now it is time for you to introspect on your tenure in the current company. Did you commit any errors in the execution of your job? Do your team members consider you as laggard? What about your manager? Does he have very high take-off level and expects others to be like him? Is it that personally you work very well but unable to manage your team members?

As far as police complaint is concerned, have no worry. We approach police for crimes like theft, physical assault etc. Work related under-performance is by no stretch of imagination can be a crime. Therefore, have no worry. Concentrate on your work. Check the quality of your work and make sure that it is 100% foolproof.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
An employer cannot ask you to leave or resign. It is coercion and illegal. Either you resign yourself or they terminate. No police complaint will be tenable in law if you under perform. However, to be on safe side, if you really wish, you can lodge a complaint (GD) before police that your employer is threatening you to resign and they are threatening to file police complaint.
At this stage, it is premature to give any legal advice more than this.
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From India, Kolkata
the manager has a very high take-off level and expects others to be submissive to him as he is well connected to senior management and coming to my work, i was made to work in multiple projects simultaneously it became impossible for me to deliver in both projects at the same time added to that the managers in those projects used to taunt and humiliate me on the floor in front of other team members.
From India, Hyderabad
Do not worry about police complaints.
Unless you threaten him or abuse him.
Be cool and calm while dealing with him.
Have your points collated and place them in front for info-in writing.
If you are not happy here leave the organisation and learn from shortcomings.
There may be shortcomings in you work to improve and put a brake on promotion.
There are many such managers who manage to be in good books of the top management and act abrasively with subordinates.
Top management is either too busy or have blind faith and in such cases very difficult to convince.
So plan for shifting out to other jobs at the earliest.

From India, Pune
Dear friend,

Three aspect emerge your second post. First one is personality of your manager, second is your past career and third one is manager's behaviour. Let me start from second.

Partially your troubles are because of you not being Team Leader in the past. In your first post you have written that you leapfrogged to managerial position. There is a difference between "doing the work" and "getting the work done". Since you did not have experience of latter, you could be facing problems at your work. Secondly, IT Manager is expected to handle two or more than two projects simultaneously. Are you facing problems because of lack of delegation of work?

Coming to the first aspect now. Your manager could be suffering due to Projection Bias. Projection bias means finding out one's own personality in others. This type of people, start being unfair to those who are dissimilar from them. As you say that your manager has very high take-off level then he could be expecting others also to be the same. These type of people become jittery when others do not imitate their personality.

The last aspect is Manager's behaviour. His preponderance has emanated from his high take-off level. Management could be turning blind eye even though he is rubbing his subordinates wrong way. Nevertheless, little does management understand that such persons vitiate the organisation's culture. However, it is not your problem and at this stage do not concentrate on the put-downs by your manager. Filter the message and ignore the barbs.

Solution to your challenge: - Plausibly, you have bitten more than what you could have chewed. Now you have to digest the swig. At this stage, you have joined the company already and there is no going back. Therefore, your first priority is come out of PIP. For this make a list of your deliverables. Show it to your manager. Let him make corrections. Secondly, make analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. Find out which is the No 1 weakness that is hampering your job. Third is to do strength and weakness analysis for your entire team. Find out who is good in what and who is weak in what. Lastly, convince manager that you have learning attitude and if given a chance, you can be a asset to your organisation. Trust me working persons under high take-off is always a pleasure. Today, you are going away from him because of his behaviour. If he had shown his levelheadedness, you would have gone gaga over him!

Well friend, you could be thinking why did I join this company. But then there are illusions in life. Sometimes we walk gullibly into the trap but realise much later. Now you have to wriggle out of this situation. For this whatever you do make sure that you come out honourably.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
You have not mentioned, if there is any specific reason due to which you apprehend police complaint to be lodged against you, as PIP has no concern with the police report. Can you clarify that aspect? Only criminal activity on the part of an employee attracts police complaint by the employer.
From India, Delhi
another thing i forgot to mention is, i am being isolated in the office, after the incident much of my colleagues literally stopped talking to me. many times i have noticed that the HR person keeping tabs on me, watching me with whom i am talking.
Prevention of sexual harassment policy was not introduced in the organization until such incident happened. a female colleague quit the company as she was harassed by another manager, she complained about the manager to higher ups, HR and no action was taken on him as he is close to the manager who threatened me.
My question is how can i take this company to task, so that they do not do this to anybody.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear friend,
You are unravelling information about you or your tenure in company piece by piece. What type of incident happend in your company? Were you involved in Sexual harassment case? Is threat of police complaint by manager is linked to your involvement? Your colleagues have stopped talking to you. Certainly this cannot be because of your under-performance. Is it because they feel that you had finger in the pie in this case?
As of now your major worry is survival in the company. Therefore, do not link exit of some woman employee with your stay. Sexual harassment was her problem and not yours. Unless such charges are backed by concrete evidence, authorities cannot initiate any action.
On what grounds would you like to take your company to task? Am surprised that while on PIP, you allow such thoughts to creep in your mind. As wrote in my very first post, find out means to elevate your performance and nothing else.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
if you want proper advice give full details of the problem being faced by you.
Information should not be in bits and pieces.
Have trust that no one in the forum will try to find out who is anonymous??
Advice will be rendered free from bias and without any prejudice.

From India, Pune

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