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“The biggest problem that we face today is not UNEMPLOYMENT but UNEMPLOYABILITY”

What do employers look for in a candidate? What are those skills which make you employable? Apart from the technical skills and subject knowledge, employers expect their employees to have the following skills and attitude

· Language skills

· Communication skills

· Social and interpersonal skills

· Leadership and motivation

· Positive Attitude

In this scenario, I'm going to give you the secrets for becoming employable ! By practicing these tips while you are in the Campus, You are sure to be grabbed by the Best employers


  • 1.Set GOALS– Goals must be SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and Time bound) Dream about your Goal everyday!

    2.Read ENGLISH newspapers daily

    3.TALK in English to your classmates and to your faculty (don’t bother about your grammar and fluency

    4.WATCH quiz, news and informative programs in English media. Also watch how great people have become GREAT!

    5.PARTICIPATE in Extra curricular activities and management fests. (Just participate , don’t bother about the results)

    6.GIVE & GET Feedback about your performance and your personality from your peer group .Take Criticisms as a chance to improve. Ask for feedback immediately after any performance lest they may forget. Put in additional efforts to correct your mistakes

    7.Do Not COMPARE yourself with anybody else in the world! YOU ARE UNIQUE and You have to develop a unique identity of your Own

    8.STOP COMPLAINING about the external factors and Count your Blessings. This will help you develop a POSITIVE Attitude (instead start analyzing your internal factors- your capabilities , your weakness etc)

    9.Have a MENTOR who will guide you in difficult times and also motivate you in all aspects of your career and life (The difference between a role model and a mentor is that you aspire to be like your role model , and your mentor helps you in the process

    10.Use Positive SELF AFFIRMATION statements like “Yes, I Can Do it!”, “I am confident “,” I will be Successful”. Shed all negative thoughts and egos. Ignore unproductive negative comments and criticisms. Positive criticism gives you the platform for improvement whereas negative criticism pulls your legs down so that you will fall!

© CV, 2007
From India, Kochi
Thanx Peerji And THANK YOU CITEHR For having given me a SPECIAL RANK ! Now that’s a motivator (and also a responsibility) for writing more ! regs CV
From India, Kochi
Thanx to all who have sent their wonderful remarks,,,
infact your appreciation makes me more motivated to write more such articles
and thanx to citehr for develpoing and maintaining such a wonderful forum of great minds!
From India, Kochi
good one
Keep it up.
People will be highly motivated reading this post !!!!!
It really a fantastic contribution and found it a beautiful posting. i guess so as it motivates one person to think twice about knowing his performance( it could be in academics or job career), past performance and can also imagine as to how he or she can change self and can surely proof to be a better person in career life!!!!!!
From India, Bangalore

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