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What are the process for identifying the talent practically?


Talent is key to success of any it gives an organisation a cutting edge to be competitive in the market.I understand the query in the context of identifying talent within the organisationFor identifying talent, we need to know what kind of talent we require. For this, you need to have fair understanding of business goals in precise terms for the present and for the future. After understanding them, you need to identify what are the specific abilities and skills that can add value to the core need to zero in on specific attributes required for various tasks that contribute to business goals.For example, you are looking for singing talent for film songs, you need to identify what kind of knowledge of music,voice, tone and modulations suit film singing. Probably a singer of classical music may not suit for singing filmy songs.After identifying the core skills, you need to hunt for talent within.

One way is to gather feed back from the immediate supervisors about the various skills possessed by his team. However such feed back may be subjective. Care must be taken to confirm the validity of the feed back by other means which may include conducting some aptitude test for the employee to understand as to what kind of jobs for which they have natural flair for.Conducting talent spotting work shopss where employees can be given challenging situations and be asked to come out solutions. Then going through the records to identify who won rewards and recognition and for what and then keeping alist of them.The performance appraisal system gives lot of data about skills and abilities of the employees.


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give me also some different process using in different companies.

what the process using to identifying the talent in your company? I am doing my project, so I need this information. I also my final report after my project is over.

I also share my final report after my project is final. I am collecting this details from different companies HR people. so if you need those details I will share you. thank you....

To identify talent, you have to see who is running extra miles. Find out how much he loves the institute. What is attitude towards superiors. How he guides the juniors. How he is safe keeping the property of the company. How much wastage he is saving. What is his participation in a group. How much innovative he is. Further , what is his behaviour outside the office. In France, the candidate is followed by the employer after the interview when he goes out of the office after the interview. This is to know his manners. Give a higher post and find out if he is coming out unscathed.
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Dear Devika,
From your initial question and further posts, it appears that you have not done enough literature search and formalised the aim and objectives of your project. More the information that you can give the better; then you will get precise answers. For example, are you trying to find out how organisations manage their internally available talent or are you trying to find out how organisations manage talent acquisition from outside.
Your note about sharing the project's findings is a positive set, as it may get more responses. Kindly see I found it at by searching the web.

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