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Hi to all Can anybody suggest who is eligble for bonus ? Whether a person who has joined the company 04 months back only is eligible for bonus ? Note:-company has employed more than 20 employees.
From India, Mumbai
Accprding to The Payment of Bonus Act ,1965
Every employee receiving salary or wages upto RS. 3,500 p.m. and engaged in any kind of work whether skilled, unskilled, managerial, supervisory etc. is entitled to bonus for every accounting year if he has worked for at least 30 working days in that year.
From India, Hyderabad
I Disagree, the ceiling has been raised from 3500 to 10000 with retrospective effect from April 2006. Pl clarify the same at your end Regards, Nilendra

Eligibility Ceiling is upto 10000,Effective from Apr1,2006
Bonus Paid on the Ceiling 3500 from 2500,effective from Aper1,2006
Eligibility:30 Working Days in an year starting from 1st Jan to 31st Dec
Ref: Indian Press bureau , Dated Octo 29th
From India, Hyderabad
Hi to all
Appreciate all of you for your response towards this question.
I agree that wage ceiling limits has been enhanced to Rs.10,000/- p.m.
However, my question is from a different perspective.
I repeat the question-
An employee who has joined the company four month back only (i.e. in the month of July,2007) is he entiled to bonus or not ?
Early response awaited.
From India, Mumbai
Hi Armaan !
The bonus which is paid during Diwali 2007 (actually it is six months from finalizing the balance sheet for fin year 2006-07) is for earnings of an employee in the year 2006-07 i.e. upto 31.03.2007.
If some one has joined in July 07 or 1.04.2007 onwards, he / she will not be eligible for payment of bonus in the year 2007 (say diwali)
Bonus is payable after completion of financial year. and after balance sheet is finalized
so in your case, the bonus will be payable in Oct 2008
Hope this brings clarity to you.
Do let me have feedback.
- Hiten
From India, New Delhi
Hi Armaan,
What Hiten Parekh mentioned in his reply is correct.
I think the bonus is paid before completing the 8 months,once balance sheet is finalised.
E.g: Balance sheet finalised in March 2006-07 , then bonus is paid in or before 30 th November 2007. In your mentioned case, the individual will be paid bonus nextyear.
Nimish Joshi
From India, Mumbai
Stick to the basics Men, First Let him Complete his Probation Period, Then he is Eligible.... Immediately After joining know one is eligible for bonus.
If your company is paying it on monthly bases. Even though he/she need to complete probation period.... ok
From India, Delhi
Hi All, I have joined a company on 15th April 2012, the bonus will be issued in this month (January 2013). could any one tell me am I eligible for bonus? Regards Vaishnavi
From India, Madras
Dear Vaishnavi,
By now am sure after reading the posts above you are aware about the eligibility. Any employee with Basic less then equal to Rs. 10000/- & served 30 days in the accounting year is eligible for Bonus on Rs. 3500/-
Can you pl mention what is your Basic & the Bonus being distributed in January is for which accounting year. You can rather speak to your HR department directly for the same.
From India, Ahmedabad
Respected all
I would like to give my clearance on this topic
The Bonus is eligible on any employee whose Basic + DA is Less Then 10000/-(Ten Thousand). He Will be entitled to get fix 3500/- p.m as he has completed 30 days .
HR Executive
From India, Delhi
In accordance with the provision of the Bonus Act, an employee who has worked for 30 working days in an accounting year in an establishment/company will be eligible for Bonus. There is an another provision that the monthly basic salary of an employee should be upto Rs. 10000/- per month. Obviously the person who has joined in July 2007 will be eligible for getting bonus.
R B Yadav
From India, Mumbai
Dear Armaan,
If the employee has completed only 4 months in organisation (i.e. from month of July) then he/she will not be eligible to receive bonus until or unless has completed such financial year (till 31st of March). Either has completed the probation period.
The policy of organisation to organisation it might be possible to vary.
Vikas Ranjan
From India, Bangalore
Can any body conclude the views put on this, As I could see these are major topics discussed with Various views.
what is the eligibility criteria,
what is the ceiling amount to be considered ( with respect to Basic or total earnings),
What amount has to give as a Bonus,
on which basis the bonus amount should get calculate and
the Eligibility of Bonus before April and After April joiner,
Please conclude a post, So that users can best use of it.
From India, Bangalore
sir, Please clerify that if an employee is getting morethan 10,000/- (Basic+DA) then he is eligible for bonus or not what is the provision for exgratia. Regards Harendra singh 8979178239
From India, Surat

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