Hello Freinds,
I feel , at the present date in Human Resources Management irresepective of the super-specialisations,"HANDWRITING ANALYSIS "has become a must for every HR professionals.
If anybody interested, it would be my pleasure to share the sources.
13th January 2006 From India, Mumbai

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Dear Saiprasad, I am eager to learn the Handwritting analysis skills as you rightly pointed out a must for all HR professionals today. Kindly let me the sources. Thanks in advance. bye, SS JOSEPHRAJ
13th January 2006
Hello Rohan, I’m working as a HR - Executive in a software concern and please let me know what is "HANDWRITTING ANALYSIS". Regards Subakarthikeyan
13th January 2006
Hi Rohan...
I also feel the same....many times you can judge the personality by his/her handwriting and actually saves a lot of recrutiment processing time....
I am also interested in learning HAND WRITING ANALYSIS....pls share you views with us...
Thanks & regards,
Shilpa Bhatnagar
13th January 2006 From India, Bangalore
Hi Sahaya,
Organisation for Graphology and Graphotherapy.
Mr.Vivek Phadke
Certified Handwriting Analyst(USA).

Add:Chintaman Soc,C Wing,1025/b,Nagnath Par,Sadashiv Peth,Pune.

13th January 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi Leena,
I have displayed the address of the instiute ON THE MAIN SHEET.if u still dont get it mail me back on .
Infact ur yahoo mail id is showing invalidity.
I am a fresher and planning for placements.
Pl guide me.


13th January 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi Rohan,

Thanks to you for evincing the member's interests in Handwriting Analysis..am happy to see the heartening response..i wholeheartedly advocate this great tool for all HR professionals..

Allow me to throw some light on this topic..

What is Graphology ?

Graphology or Handwriting Analysis is a science of interpreting a person's character from his/her personal handwriting.

What can Graphology be used for ?

Coupled with psychology and knowledge of human behaviour, it can be used for many varied purposes. For example, Recuitment, Marriage compatibility, Career Guidance, Motivate workers, Child developement... etc.

What competitive advantages does Graphology gives to a commercial organisation ?I

t is an invaluable aid to the Human Resource Department.

It's the people running the commercial organisation that determines the success or failure of an organisation. It is especially important for personnel in key appointments. To get the right person with the right 'mix' of knowledge and personality attribute for the right job is crucial to the success of the organisation. Graphology will be of great help in this area.

How many companies uses graphology for personnel selection?

7.9% of companies in England are using graphology in personnel screening. - according to a dissertation done in England by a graduate of the Faculty of Business Management and Administration at Leeds Polytechnic."Handwriting Analysis in Staff Selection" by Philip Sacks; The Graphological Magazine, No. 1, Spring 1995.

80% of French Businesses use graphology as a tool for evaluating applicant. - according to French Society of Graphology. Portion of translated letter from French Society of Graphology is listed below.

" It is, indeed, *correct* that those who are responsible for recruitment, in human resources and business journalists, report that approximately 80 percent of French businesses use graphology as a tool for evaluation of their applicants for various positions. This percentage is applicable not only to administrative positions but the mass of positions available in business." - Jul 1995.

Well in India..the information is not available..my experience in the Industry shows that it is not used at all..would be glad if the members can share their experience..

How does Graphology compares to other forms of personality Analysis tools ?

Graphology can analyse a person's personality without his knowledge that he is being analysed. (of course not without his consent.) Thus reducing the possibility of inaccuracies due to conscious or unconcious effort by the subject to affect the result. Distortion of the result due to the subject's knowledge that he/she is being analysed is common in most Question-&-Answer type of personality analysis tools. Some tools may claims to have better precision, but since a person is growing and changing dynamically every second, high precision is not really helpful. It's better to use graphology to analyse the handwriting of a pure untainted subject , rather than to put the subject under unnatural stress of a long questionaire.

Secondly, a single personality questionaire may reveal a single dimension of personality. But two handwriting samples of the same person at different occasion may reveals different behaviour characteristics.

Can Graphology tell Future ?

In a strict sense ... No, but in reality ... Not really No.

Graphology is an art/science of intepretating. It may associate a certain handwriting to a particular behavourial or personality traits eg. A Right slant implies extrovert. But it can't say any thing beyond that. Whether an extrovert may be successful in future is unknown.

But if someone is able to prove that an extrovert has a significantly better chance of being successful in future, then we may deduce from handwriting the potential of a person with a right slant. Usage of Graphology for recuitment of key personnel uses similar assumption.

My handwriting can changes very quickly, so how can graphology decipher my personality accurately ?

Our Handwriting is like our Face, our speech and action.

A stroke of writing that shows friendly traits is like a smile on the face.

A person who normally writes illegibly but writes clearly when he or she is aware that someone important is going to read it ; is like someone who is sloppy at home but dress nicely when going to a formal dinner.

Our handwriting , like our face or body language, changes with our mood. And some people are really too temperamental to be predictable. But every one has got some part of him or her that is hard to change, even if he is temperamental.

My handwriting changed drastically because of a conscious effort to make my illegible handwriting legible; is it possible ?

A conscious effort to make handwriting more legible is a sign of wanting to communicate. Legibility is about making sure people can read your writing . And you would be viewed as willing to make clear communication. People who communicate clearly would probably be honest. That's a positive side. On the other hand, the change for better legibility might be intepreted as a 'conforming' act. The society might encourage communication or nice looking, neat handwriting. There is nothing bad about conforming. But sometime it could be viewed as a loss of originality. The person who asked this question actually agrees that the change has resulted in better clarity in his communication.

Would request members to read the book on this by Cherio .


Rajat Joshi
14th January 2006 From India, Pune
Hi Rajat, Can you please tell us the name of the book? Is the author’s full name Cherio?
15th January 2006 From India, Madras
Hi Rohan,
Thanks for the information. About my yahoo id, its working just fine. Don't know why its shows invalidation. I've been receving mails on it from others. The address is
What sort of guaidance are you looking for with placements?
I guess at the entry level you will basically have to identify your core area of interest and settle for whatever you get in that area initially because HR is a very experience based field. If your institute is organizing a campus placement programme, you could identify your choice of organization by collecting details of the organization such as its history, background, culture, etc. You could probably even talk to the Executives of the organization regarding work culture, work profile etc. during the placement exercise or when they visit for pre-placement talks. With experience you'll know more about the field and will probably be able to chose from a wider range.
I hope this helps.
16th January 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Rohan,
Saw this post today itself, I am very much interested to know this analysis. I would highly appreciate if you can please forward the same at my e-mail id
Thanks for your efforts in advance.
16th January 2006 From India, Delhi


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