Dear expert, as we all know that accidents are a serious issue in the factories of the manufacturing sectors. I have interned in a Manufacturing sector company recently which dealt with many such cases on a daily basis. Even though there is a standard system present in the Company to deal with such occurrences, the workers are often not satisfied with the way these issues are dealt with. how do you propose these accidents can be dealt with in a better way in the Companies so that the workers find the factories safer to work in?
From India, Bengaluru
HI Nidhi
Accidents do occur in manufacturing sectors, but preventive maintenance has to be taken care such as providing
PPEs (Preventive Personal Equipment) like
Hand glouse
Glasses suitable meant for welders
Gum Boots
Fire fighting equipment has to be installed in strategic locations
Personnel needs to be trained in fire fighting
First AId to be provided
If more than 500 workmen are there has to qualified nurse and for more than 1000 workers there will be qualified Doctor.
In case of accidents the companies should have tie up with local hospitals for treatment
ESIC has to be informed within 2224 hours for workers availing ESIC facility wherein ESIC compensates to some amount of pay loss and provide medical bneifts
These are some of the measures to be taken in case of accidents

From India, Bangalore
The manufacturing sector follows the laws and procedures to handle accidents very seriously. Apart from this, here are some suggestions to make the safety of the workers more effective:
1. Have safety meetings either weekly or monthly to help educate your employees about the proper procedures for the manufacturing plant.
2. Keep all of the work areas clean and organized.
3. Reward the workers for behaving safely. This will encourage such behaviour in the organization.

From India, Pune
Miss Nidhi, yes you are right accidents are a serious issue in factories where manufacturing is concerned. As mentioned in the earlier comments, promoting safe working ethics will work. Also, rewarding the employees will encourage them to take extra precautions while working. However, it is a two way street .. it is the company's responsibility as well to take care of the safety of the workers.
From India, Pune
There are a number of Acts viz- the factories Act, 1948 or the Employees Compensation Act etc which deals with situations and issues relating to accidents in connection with or in course of employment.
In addition some cases may also attain the position of medico-legal classes involving the actions the actions under criminal law viz fatal accidents etc.
Accident classes under any section are required to be handled by the rules and regulation assigned therein.

From India, Mumbai
Hello Nidhi!
I would like to being it to your concern that the safety guidelines for the manufacturing sector are more or less the same as the other industries. I would like to stress on a few though:
1. Safety clothing like safety gloves, helmets, gears, glasses, etc should be provided and made sure to be worn by them.
2. All equipments, tools and machinery to be regularly serviced and maintained.
3. Hair should be tied for employees working near the machine area so that the hair doesn't get pulled or stuck in the machinery.
4. Similarly loose clothing and jewelry to be prohibited near the machine work area.
5. Safety manuals to be easily accessible to the workers for review at any time.
6. Proper training as they say, a stitch in time saves nine.
I hope I could have helped you. Warm wishes for your endeavors.

From India, Bengaluru
Ms Nidhi, With any action you take post accident, workers will always tend to express their dissatisfaction. I suggest following-.Increase workers participation in safety management program by forming safety committee. hold safety committee meetings at a regular interval say once in a month. the meeting must be attended by worker's representatives and also the plant head. let suggestions come from workers. accept good suggestions implement them & reward the concerned employee in a big celebration. conduct safety competition among workers, reward the winner.Involve workers in accident investigation work.Regularly conduct safety awareness training for workers. Display safety MIS accessible to all employees. After every accident brief all the workers about the root cause of accident & the corrective action implemented.In short create an awareness among workers about serious concern your management has about safety of employees.This will certainly help you in creating good atmosphere with in the factory as far as safety is concerned. workers should get a feeling that day by day the safety condition in factory is improving & the senior management is very serious about safety of workers.I wish you success in your efforts.
From India, Pune

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