I need a valuable help from anybody.

I was working with a multinational company at ahmedabad as excutie - hr. I was also handling administration also. one day one of the hr manager asked me to arrange a vehicle for a manager in accounts department for next day. i had a talk with company pool car driver and the driver had a talk with hr manager and also with the manager accounts. Next day the driver unable to reach the office and pick up the accounts manager. when I reached in the morning the hr manager shouted and sack me. I had a talk with accounts manager also and there was no complaint from his side and told me that there is no complaint.

The hr manager again shouted and told me that he would through me from the building etc. etc. When he was shouting one of the senior manager was present and he told me write a letter to m.d. about his way of talking etc. Accordingly I have made a letter and circulated to md, ceo, supply chain head etc. etc. But there was no response from MD at last they asked me to put my resignation and they transfered me to delhi.

In this regard I have made a written complaint to gujarat defence minister and other source at Delhi but till date there is no response. After my incident the HR manager resigned and joined some other place. Now i came to know that the HR manager again joined the company as a VP - HR. Can I file a FIR against him. All the correspondance I had with MD is with me.

awaiting your quick response.

From India, Ahmadabad

Partner - Risk Management
There are some inconsistencies in the narration

If you were in charge of admin, and asked a car pool driver to pick up the manager, why did he need to talk to HR manager ?

He could not reach the office to pick up the manager ?

You were not there in office ? The accounts manager didn't tell you driver is not there ?

Pick up from office does not need elaborate scheduling or arrangements.

The HR head sacked you (obviously someone who can't even arrange for a pick up what will he be good for, etc). There is some other matter you are not telling. Was there some critical meeting the manager missed because of you ?

If he sacked you, how were you still in the company ?

You have a complain against the HR head, you circulated that to all the HOD ? I understand CEO and MD. what does the supply chain have to do with it ? Etc means you sent it to many others. I am not surprised someone wanted you out of the company.

The MD didn't respond. Which is expected.

They asked you to resign and transferred you to Delhi.

Which was it ? Did you ask you to resign ? In that case where is the question of Delhi transfer ? If the MD wants your resignation, they will get it. Transfer would not be an option.

You took an internal matter and complained to the Gujarat defence minister (didn't know Gujarat was a separate country) and other "sources" at delhi. Which means politicians. Which company will want you in their office ? I don't know how long this is going on, but I am surprised you have retained your jib so long.

Incidentally, what is the basis of your FIR ?

Some manager shouted at me and said he will remove (throw out) from the office. That too because I failed in one of my basic duty, which was to arrange for a vehicle for a visiting manager. Is that a crime for a manager to get angry for an useless employee ? Did he use any derogatory words or something that is a crime actually (as compared to a misconduct of using swear words)

This matter has caught my curiosity. Please give the feedback on the above. I would like to know what actually happened.

From India, Mumbai

Insolvency n GST Professional
""Incidentally, what is the basis of your FIR ?""
Threatening language and threat to physical harm by throwing you from the building.
And as you say, there are several inconsistencies and gaps and unwanted over reactionsby the poster.

From India, Pune
Totally agreed with Mr. Banerjeee.
Please be clear and straight that will help going a long way in your career, whether you are in the same company or a different company.
As it is almost all companies are going to contract employment and permanent job / permanent employment has vanished from many private companies.
Don't simply keep complaining and telling to others. They will simply listen and same may even go and tell the said person.
If it needs action do it straight (if possible) or go in the proper legal way
Take care & all the best.
V.S. Anil Kumar

From India, Bangalore

General Manager-HR & Admin
Hi Mukundan,
As others viewers informs that there shortcomings in your version and there some ambiguities in it.
However, you may please note that filling a FIR against a serving HR does not serve any purpose, since management will stand besides him/her.
Therefore, you may please speak to the concerned HR and properly preset your view point in a calm and polite manner, I hope there could be some way out.
Legal proceedings will take some time and it is not sure it will go in your favor,hence comprise is the bet way to resolved the issues.

From India, Bangalore

Partner - Risk Management
I still don't understand how it helps.
I can envisage th conversation :
OP : I want to file a FIR
Police : ok, what is the crime ?
OP : my HR manager threatened to throw me from the building. And he also used threatening language,and he use unparliamentary language.
Police (confused) : he actually said he will throw you physical from the top floor of the office building ?
OP : no, no, he said he will remove me from the building with help of security and not let me come back.
Police : (more confused) why is that a crime for which filing FIR is needed ? Anyway, when did this happen ? And what did he do after threatening ?
OP : that was 6 months (or may be 2 years) ago. After saying that he walked off. And hasn't taken action. I am not able to sleep waiting for him to throw me ....

From India, Mumbai
I am sorry, but why dont you just leave the job and try to get other? They are not going to sack HR Manager for HR Executive. This is corporate world and its politics.
From India, Mumbai

finance head, chartered accountant (retired)
Dear Queriest,
You should provide the entire set of facts leading to your problem; and also should behave in a professional manner irrespective of the provocation from the other side. Relax ! Chill !! these are the terms my generation (in its sixties) learns from the younger generation (your generation, I presume.) You joined the company, accepted an assignment without hesitation which could not get successfully completed. Why did you not check what is happening on the next day in time? Also get acquainted with Murphy's Law.
Otherwise such queries only provide free entertainment at your cost to all the readers ....Do not do that.
A S Bhat

From India, Pune
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