Dear Seniors, I request your advice and suggestions on how to follow up with clients after a Vendor-ship Agreement is accepted.
Here is my question on how to discuss the terms and conditions and charges of our company to hire a candidate. Especially in a way that the client should be attracted to accept our offer. Please help me.
Thanks & Regards

From India, Hyderabad

Hello Lavanya

Negotiating a business deal is both an art and science and varies in specifics with each deal. Therefore only some general guidelines can be spoken about here. The qualitative hiring business is stiflingly competitive and there are no magic mantras or quick-fix formulae to attract the clients and it is only the evidence of impressive performance which comes by hard toil that can attract a client.

It needs no rocket science to understand the game of business negotiation in hiring. it is simple. The client wants service of higher QUALITY at low COST within the TIME stipulated. The possibility of agreement on terms and conditions will be greater if the recruiter comes close to the client’s expectations on the three aforesaid parameters. While quality and time may not be issues with many recruiters, cost is the subject of much wrangling between the parties as both of them want their way in respect of pricing. However everybody knows that no body can have his way and the cost goes to settle somewhere in the middle.

The factors that may help a recruiter to make his price sound reasonable will, in my view, be ---

a)The client looks at your brand - whether the recruiter is competent. If you have a list of clients to boast of, go and showcase them to demonstrate that you are not hired for nothing by the known brands. Normally a client forms an opinion about you on the basis of the clients you are serving. This is one count on which he may concede some ground to the recruiter.

b) he needs to be assured of quality of service. He wants to know whether you can pick that one right fit from the heap for him. If you are adept at this and have already done it for others, you can provide them a glimpse of your methods of spotting talent tailor made to the position so as to assure the client that he can trust you for quality. This is a potential area where he will be willing to be not so persistent on his price

c) he needs to be pretty sure that you can stick to the timelines set by him.

d) he wants to deal with honest recruiters who mean what they promise but not those who make tall promises but fall short when it comes to delivering them. So promise what you can.

This apart, be an effective communicator. Business negotiation is a tough game of wits and nerves as you need to prove to your client as to how you are better than others.


HR & Labour Law advisor

From India, Mumbai
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