I have a situation where a vehicle of our employee parked in precincts of our office got damaged on windscreen.
1) Does or should the company takes responsibility of vehicles of employees parked in office premises?, If any damages happens to the vehicles who should be accountable for same.
2) Can a company notify employees parking at your own risk.

From India, Pune
As per my opinion company will not be liable for such type of damage. Various companies are providing the place of parking but not liable for damage, wherever its not mention on their company norms.
From India, Lucknow
The company cannot take responsibility for the safety of the employees' vehicles.
From India, Bengaluru
Dear Sams
If the company have arranged its parking either in premises through its third party contract, you can find a solution to get it compensated if damaged knowingly. If not try to display a caution regarding such.
Suppose there are no any such arrangement , the company should pay its lumsum amount only in case of deduction of parking charges

From India
Dear Team,
You are provided a parking facility of your staff vehicles to safe guard their vehicle. Also it is required to provide an indication like " Parking at Owners Risk" . If not, the company is responsible.

From India, Ernakulam

Parking space is provided as a convenience,but the owner always remains responsible. Company does not take responsibility for vehicles parked in their premises.
From India, Pune
Dear All
All concern person have given several views but no body thinks about the person whose material has been lost. Please give some specific views as Mr Mahesh,
Why should not be compensated if some one works for you in your premises , its vicarious liablity on the employer to safeguard him and his belongings also if any caution not made.
Waiting for early response.

From India
Dear Friend,
The vehicle was parked at the precincts, the transportation was used and specifically related for company services, in fact, the organisation should provide and protect the vehicle, and should not throw the responsibility, the specific reason squarely rest with the company as it extract services from the employee/workman. One should not throw that is not the responsibility of the organisation, the employee, as he/the employee in faith parks near the premises. If the company is not having any parking facility the situation alters, however, we should not go to the olden days of saying it is the responsibility of the employee, we are creating a stress backdoor which will result in deter in work efficiency. In case there is no parking facility we should hire a security services or find out the place where the vehicle can be parked, this is the responsibility of the organisation...
An employee should mention his organisation in pride.......

From India, Arcot
Was this an attended parking facility provided by the Company OR is it normal for employees to park their vehicles @ whatever parking slot is available in the premises?
What do you mean by 'office premises/precincts of our office'?
Many offices situated in multi-storied commercial complexes do not necessarily have clearly identified & earmarked parking slots for a specific office. People just go about parking in common parking slots, since invariably the number of vehicles far outnumber the slots.
Now, pl give the FULL & COMPLETE picture of the situation......most of the members above have presumed many aspects in giving their suggestions/opinions, which may OR may NOT be right.

From India, Hyderabad
Keeping aside the legality of the claim in favour of the employee. Going by common sense, who can prove beyond doubt, where and when did the damage to the vehicle occur. For eg. some one complains "my music system fitted inside the car is stolen". How the employer can establish that there was the car parked during the office hours and that there was a music system actually fitted therein and the condition and worth of it. For this purposes only a comprehensive insurance is insisted legally which should be adequate. Arguing that whatever damages noticed within the precincts has to be compensated where is the end ? one can easily claim compensation like that for every part of the car or a two wheeler and convert it as new. May be by outside chance if the car got damaged due to accident, either by natural events like heavy rain/storm/lightening or dashing against premises or vehicle or persons, within the precincts there is certain element of reasonableness for a claim but in this case where the cause of action occurs is the question. What if the employer ultimately decide not to provide parking space within the precincts or put up board saying "at owners' risk" , they are right in introducing such measures.
From India, Bangalore

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