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15 days got over from this organization. no one advice me to do anything still i am trying to do something and this people are not allowing me. i have don all the letter formats offer letters manual as my knowledge but this people trying to stop me. help me out of this. as an hr i cant fight with employees i know they don want to be controlled by fresher i ignore them or should i listen to them? please advice me how will i handle..
From India, Bangalore
I am glad that you could understand what he is saying, as I have no idea what he means or wants from the forum.
From India, Mumbai
You identify someone senior in your department, if there is anybody. When he or she is free, sit with him / her and ask what is your role and what are the responsibilities identified when you were hired. Seek his or her help.. convey to them that you are keen on making a career for yourself with their guidance. Be soft and kind. Do not take any decision without the senior's guidance. Initial skepticism will always there. Dont lose heart. It happens to many youngsters who want to prove their skill knowledge from day one. You may be over-enthusiaistic but others may not. Go slow and steady. Just start with your routine jobs.. When an opportunity arises, ask for guidance and clarity.
From India
Please let me take this opportunity to appeal to members t post clear messages, giving complete details about the questioner's background and the scenario in question. Otherwise, as Saswata Banerjee says, we may not get the complete picture and give suggestion based on our perceptions.
Let me raise a few question that arose in my mind when reading the post by Abhashetty.
Is the questioner a man or woman? Is (s)he a graduate or postgraduate with a background in HR?
Did (s)he join the firm straight after qualifying or has (s)he worked before?
What is the size of the organisation and what is its structure?
What's meant by " i have don all the letter formats offer letters manual as my knowledge".
Who are "this people" trying to stop him/her?
Should a HR person even think of "controlling" people who work in other functional areas?

From United Kingdom
Hello Abhashetty,
Can you give more details as the other members have suggested?
Actionable suggestions can be given ONLY after you give the FULL details of the situation......NOT just what others are doing to you.
Apparently & unknowingly, you seem to have created an impression that you are 'trying to control others'. So you also have a bit of 'against-the-tide' situation.
Suggest go point-by-point of what Nathrao, Sundaram & Simhan mentioned & respond......then all will get the facts right & clear to make suggestions.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad
What were you actually appointed to do ?

(And how large is your company ?)

15 days is hardly adequate to achieve some thing, or necessary to change everything unless the company is falling to pieces around you. So not having done anything critical is not a threat situation.

No one advises me. Ok, so is there and HR team (I don't think so, else you would not need to make the changes.). So if HR is not there, and you are appointed as HR, what advice do you expect ? From who ? Of they knew what to do, they would probably not need you.

You have made formats of letters and manuals. What exactly did you try to do afte that ? Who stopped you from issuing the offer letter to new employees (or did you try to issue to existing employees ?)

I do not think a fresher is qualified to make a HR handbook. Who approved the same ? Did you have an approval of your management / owner ? Have the policies and terms in the manual been approved by him ?

The last point I have (assuming Mr. Nathrao has correctly understood the post) - why are you trying to implement stuff and make changes that are hardly consequential to the company ? Have you even tried yet to understand what problems the company and the employees are facing ? What do they expect you to do ? What really needs to be streamlined ?

From India, Mumbai
Hi Shetty,
Congrats: I am happy to note that you got an opportunity to serve HR of a Mfg. Company. Mfg.Cos. offer ample scope for HR people to learn & grow; right from Recruitment to Separation. You can involve in every HR activities and win the confidence of employees, your Superiors, Top Management, Govt. officials/Inspectors & Public at large. As you have just joined, please study each aspect of HR role in the Co., discuss with Seniors of not only your Dept. but also other Dept. because they know the situation there better than new-comers could perceive. List out what are the Service Rules & Regulations, Policies, Whether Standing Order applies, Leave Rules tobe made, various Procedures tobe made, HR systems & Formats tobe made etc., You have to win their confidence to survive. “Slow and study win the race”.
As others mentioned; please do not over-react; give more details about yourself, your Co. & the problems; so that Members can offer good suggestions for your guidance.

You may contact me for any help. Please provide your mail id to send all details of Policies as I have 30+ yrs.exp. in HR,IR,Legal & Admn. Depts. of Mfg. Companies like Steel, Power, Chemical, Electronic & Mines.

All the best.
Yours Sincerely,
C.Neyim Khan, HRConsultant & Advocate, Ex- AGM (HR&A),
# Rahaman Bldg., Chikkamaranahalli,Devasandra, BENGALURU, Karnataka, S.India. /
#.FS 478, Dr.Ambedkar High School,CM Lay Out , HIRIYUR
Mobile No. 9535470460 Email:[email protected] -- 9.8.2015.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Abha Shetty ,
Mr Nathrao could perhaps read your mind and has given you a very appropriate advice.Mr Neyim Khan has added to it.But I don't know how he inferred that you are in a manufacturing company.The question that comes to my mind is , what exactly you wanted to do that your seniors opposed ? Also 'this people' ( it should be these people) are from HR or other departments ? Remember , if you want the best advise you have to give full details in unambiguous terms.It is like going to a doctor.Do not hide any thing , even the faintest symptoms , to get the best remedy.

From India, New Delhi
Hi, seniors..Thanks for your valuable suggestion. Few things I forgot to mention in 1st mail is that, our organization strength is 20 employees. when i came here there was no leave policy and all were getting 12 PL per year. i have one admin he use to take care of all this hr activity but when management appointed me for this job he is not talking with me much. if i ask any help he will rudely reply and he will say that you should see employee benefit not company. i got really confuse. i don know what wrong i have done. even i increased the PL from 12 to 21. and added SL AND CL also. trust me i have no complaint with my behavior.i am friendly with all but this situation disappointing me i don't even think about controlling anyone i believe in friendship and goodness. they all misunderstood me. i think my colleagues thinks that if an h.r comes then all there freedom will go and all. how will i make them trust that HR IS NOT FOR SPOILING THEIR HAPPINESS OR FREEDOM. PLEASE help me out of it. how will i mingle with them. i tried lot but i failed. i want to win their heart in a good way. how will i achieve this.
From India, Bangalore
*I mean controlling in a bad way.. i dont believe in this.. i don like fights and all. as i said our company is small and all the necessary freedom given by management, may be more than that. i feel like some people are misusing this. even management thought about this and told me to make policy. help me how will i handle this situation. i am loosing my hope.
From India, Bangalore

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