Hi All,

I am currently working in X foreign MNC.I joined there more than 4 months ago.

Before that I worked in Y MNC. But due to some family problem,I resigned and couldn't serve notice period and left the job and came to

hometown.I called my manager of Y MNC one day for experience and relieving documents and he fired me over the phone when I was at home and chapter ended there.

After that I gave high end training to some fresh resources at small scale organization for free of cost.

In return,small scale organization hr gave me certificates to search for job to fill the

gap.Now in X MNC,my bg was not cleared in pre employment verificatiojn.But due to my strong technical bakground,

I got project in the X mnc.After I allocated to project,their screening agency called the small sacle org. where i took experience.

They give good comments about me.After I complete 2 months with X MNC,I put down the papers.

They have accepted the resignation.Recently,I came to know that my project manager of X MNC doesn't want to issue relieving letter to me .

For blocking the relieving letter,they are going to terminate me before exit process for resignation initiated.

In this these events they have done some nasty things to me.I have heard some of their conversation.

I am sure my recruiter of X MNC has provided my home laptop's IP address where I got offer letter and all these (IP address of gmail sender ) to my office

persons.In that company,all gmai,fb is blocked.Also,they installed spyware on company's machine where I'm currently working by emailing spyware

attachment in the form of project documents doc file or defects excel sheet.I don't have issue with it because it's company's equipment.

They hacked my personal laptop using recruiter provided IP address .They downloaded all my personal,sensitive and confidential data for constructing evidence for termination.

They sent email spyware(keylogger or surveillance software ) attachments in the form of job emails in pdf and doc format to my new changed personal gmail

id which I put on my resume which was resided on my PC.This is in fact Employee monitoring or surveillance case .For me,it's like

http://wikipedia.org <link outdate - home link added> I don't evidence against them because they have done it from proxy servers.

This is clear violation of section 66A of IT amendment act.Uptill now,charges for misrepresentation of facts against me are not proved by them.

If they don't provide me relieving letter ,sould I escalate such nefarious activities to HEAD HR or is it common practice to doing to those whose

background is not cleared?

Thanks and Reards,

From India, Pune
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I didn't store any single personal confidential data on company's computer.I didn't misuse company resources.they did it to me home PC.Also,now a days,antispywares cannot detect spywares.You cannot see on computer running processes.They run invisibly in the background.
From India, Pune
the work machine(company’s equipment ) where I work is desktop computer.I’m having home PC that is my own laptop.
From India, Pune

""you cannot see on computer running processes.They run invisibly in the background.""
While in no way trying to disagree with this statement or find fualt
the three finger salute(Cmd+Alt +Del) or running the command netstat-an would bring out details which one could try to check out programs,listening ports etc.
I occasionally use https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 to probe my computer
I any way do not see much of hope in legally taking it up since you too have a weak point of a termination.
Try and sit across with HR and sort out the issue while you can politely let them know you are aware of your personal PC being monitored,invaded etc.
Cyber crimes are anyway difficult to prove and when proxy servers are involved it is almost impossible.
Best of luck in sorting out this problem.

From India, Pune

Hello Dnaneshwar,

You may not like this.

You are working in X MNC since 4 months & didn't complete your Notice Period in Y MNC.

You haven't mentioned how long you worked in Y MNC. How long did you work there before you resigned & left without completing the NP?

And now you resigned in X MNC also?

You mentioned 'I called my manager of Y MNC one day for experience and relieving documents.................'. What does 'one day' mean? When was this.....within a few days of reaching your home town OR later?

You gave a high end training to some fresh resources at small scale organization for free of cost....and you got your Exp Letter to cover the gap. Thereby handling YOUR interest.

And you THINK the MNCs shouldn't protect THEIR interest--as THEY view it?

Did it ever occur you that the MNCs X & Y MAY be thinking that that you worked as a mole for their competitors.....leading them to install Spyware in your computers to cross-check and/or build-up evidence? Now don't tell me that such things don't happen......being in the IT industry, you ought to know that they happen all the time--whether such acts get caught or not is another issue.

"I didn't store any single personal confidential data on company's computer.I didn't misuse company resources.they did it to me home PC"--That's YOUR side of the story. NOT THAT you can't be believed......but once mistrust begins, any Company covers the entire gamut of possibilities, which would include home PCs, etc too for the simple reason that many IT guys [OR should I say 'smart-elecs'?] whose INTENT is NOT above board use home PCs/Laptops for improper use knowing fully well that office equipment CAN be tracked.

Frankly, YOU gave the scope for this mistrust to develop in the first place by YOUR actions.....so it's YOUR step to resolve it.

I would second Nathrao's suggestions in this regard.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad

You have written a nice long story.

But it's a story. And it has a lot of holes in it.

Either you like stories or you are paranoid delusional.

Your recruiter gave your employer the IP address of your home computer.

Very interesting. How did he get it ?

What type of an Internet connection do you have at home that gives a static IP THAT IS PUBLIC ? Internet from any standard ISP in india comes with dynamic IP. in case of the remaining, a static IP will be behind NAT or will be a private IP. His firewall will prevent someone from coming through to your PC at home.

You were sent spyware through email and you installed it (even on your home PC). You didn't notice difference between executable files and project files ? You got spyware through excel ? Really ? I would definitely like to meet the guy who made an excel based spyware capable of extracting and mailing out your confidential information. I will pay him a good amount of money for it too. With a commission to you for introducing him to me.

But it appears basically either this is a pack of lies or that you know actually nothing of computers.

You are not able to see the spyware (or finding any processes by using the task manager). Everything is invisible but you know they are there (how ? You must be a master programmer to know that there are invivible programs running that you can't detect)

Anti-Spyware software are not capable of knowing there are spyware in your PC. Really ? Then why have you installed them at all ? And why would they exist if that were true.

If you don't have any proof that a cyber crime has been committed, then what do you expect to go to the police with ? And if that option is not there, I wonder what you are actually trying to get / clarify from the members of this forum ?

From India, Mumbai

Just re-read your post.
Key loggers and spyware sent to you in the form of Doc files, Excel sheets and PDF files !
My god !
You will create a sensation in the computer security world if you can show them such things. The security of the world as we know will collapse around us. Virus in pdf files ! Really
(I hope readers of this thread recognise sarcasm)

From India, Mumbai

You should make 2 to 3 times more request asking your boss and HR for required documents and in this you will hear from him that company rules were not observed as warranted in your case. Mention politely about the rule of law that there are situations and you had to leave suddenly to join a company and at same time you can mention that company is also not observing Law as you are mentioning in your post here above.Approach the HR manager over phone and involve him.Do this atleast 4-6 weeks seriously, possible good sense will prevail.
From India, Delhi
Dear All,

Thanks for your reply .I'm resolving my issue on my own.I agree with @TAJSATEESH.

Exit clearance for X MNC has started for me and some of the clearances completed for me,some major ones are remaining.

My boss is not releasing me from project.I have requested through email to release from project citing health

problem.For avoiding termination,for rest of days(around 10 plus days),I 'm

planning to go company for swap in and swap out and will be on bench and not doing work.In that case,what will

happen?Will my salary get cut or will I be treated as absconding?Pls help.

Sirji according to you,there is no concept of spyware remote install.The fact is one can embed that

program in JPEG,DOC,mp3,RAR, and ZIP and send as an email attachment to target.

In Western countries,a lot of people especially spouses,parents,people in love relationship do that on target's PC and smartphones.

They use licensed programs like sniperspy,winspy etc..A lot of persons upload remote files to free hosting sites like

ripway.com and t35.com and ask the victim to download it.Once double clicked,it gets installed and runs in stealth mode

remaining undetactable in most of cases.Some of spywares easily bybass Windows firewalls.

If one's computer is running under Wi-Fi ,one may access the PC remotely provided one of the ports should be open.

As far as I'm concerned ,a good Psychiatrist will tell me whether I have any of mental disorders :mood disorders (like

bipolar,clinical depression) or personality disorders(like BPD,PPD,OCPD,NPD etc.) or any childhood ADHD.

He will tell me whether I have distorted thinking or I'm gaslighting. Sorry if you get angry.Thanks for your suggestion.

Thanks and Regards,

From India, Pune

Frankly, neither me nor most on this forum really care for your psychiatric profile.

We care about problems posted and solutions and learning from the points posted. The rest is immaterial to me atleast. I still don't believe most of what your wrote about the wrong things done by your company to you.

I don't know what your technical skills are. But I run an organisation that is pretty strong on tech. So when I see a story listed that is technically impossible, I reply as such.

Whether people in western countries use licensed or unlicensed spyware is immaterial to the post you have made. You put a lot of things that was about how they have invaded your PC. For one I know very clearly, you can not put a spyware or any executable inside a pdf file. The embedded JavaScript to load a virus / spyware from excel or doc into and core operating system and make it invisible, would be stopped by the basic security and in fact even macros are disabled by default. If you clicked on an executable and that installed the spyware they why blame the other party ?

I am glad you figured out how to settle your problems with the company. I hope it was through posts my colleagues in the forum made. But there was no point actually in putting in a lot of tech garbage (for most of us here who don't understand tech, it's Greek and latin anyway). Just explaining the real problem would be enough.

So let's focus now on the solution. If there is something missing there, please state it and members of the forum will suggest you the relevant / possible solutions

From India, Mumbai

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