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Musheedulla khan

If you are calculating salary for 26 days than we should not consider weekly off as leave and if the salary calculation is for 30 / 31 days than weekly off should be considered as leave days
From India, Bangalore

If any employee takes leave from Saturday to Monday then Sunday is automatically treated as leave.As the tenure of leave from Saturday to Monday.Either Govt. or Private firm the rules are the in that case all the leaves will be te deducted eith from CL./EL/PL or from Sick Leave if you applied for Sick leave.
From India, Calcutta
If employee is taking leave before and after the weekly off or holiday then the weekly off and paid holiday will also be count as leave.
Eg. 01. if A is on leave on Saturday and Monday then Sunday will also be count as leave and the total leave days will be 3 (Days)
02. If B is on leave on Saturday and rejoin on Monday then only one day leave will be count ie Saturday.
03. If C is on leave on Monday then also only one day leave will be count ie Monday
If this is not right then please tell me the right procedure.

From India, Mehsana
Adoni Suguresh

Normally the intervening Holiday during the leave period are exempted from the leave account and shall be considered as \holiday and not leave. This is in case of Earned \leave or \privileged leaves may be statutory or by Employment rules or Standing orders of the Company. In case of CL and S\l this will not applicable. These CL and SL can be prefix or suffix to the holiday but not both.
Adoni Suguresh
Labour \laws Consultant

From India, Bidar
1) as per shop and establishments of Maharashtra, If the Two weekly holiday falls in between the leave days, then the weekly holiday will also be considered as leave or what?
please brief me and give right suggestion.
Waiting for your kind reply.

From India, Mumbai
Until we donít leave this slave mentality this will continue to happen. World is moving towards 4 days working from 5 days. Leaves are earned ideally all employees come together and push govt to change the leave policy. Unnecessary we have CL, PL, SL.despite knowing most of employees just want break irrespective of the reason. Allow employees to take leave as and when they want depending upon their eligibility.
From India, Bengaluru
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