Contractor issued one month advance termination letters to all his contract workers, though his contract is about to conclude in a month. Is it necessary? Is it in order? What is intention behind the letter of Contractor.
From India, Nellore

Look at this way,at least the contractor is giving you notice of one month so that you can look for other jobs.
This is also a kind of advance notification/reminder about end of contract date is approaching.

From India, Pune
Dear friend,
The notice is the declaration by the contractor that the employee's service would not be required by him after the expiry of the notice period for the reasons stated therein. It is necessary in the interest of both the contractor and the employees.

From India, Salem
So what is your actual problem ?
If his contract is expiring, he needs to terminate workers. You expect him to pay workers one month notice pay after work finishes ? Are you willing to pay him that differential ?
Aren't his intentions clear enough ?
I don't understand what your actual problem is.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr. Samba,
This is a legal requirement, if any contractor engaged contractual menpower at any site. At the time of closure of contract, he is supposed to give one month notice to the employees. Bcoz removing the contractual employees all of a sudden (on ending of the contract) will be wrong decision from legal and ethical point of view.
You have not specified that you are from PE (Principal Employer) or a contractual menpower also specify the nature of contract.
If the contract is ending from contractor's point of view only, but the contract work will be continue with some other contractor.
In that case the contractual menpower can be enrolled by the new contractor (depend upon the nature of work, nature of the contract etc).
But keeping himself safe the contractor has taken right decision on his part.

From India, Delhi
Thanq. for the response. I am neither Contractor, nor PE or worker. I am voluntarily working for the welfare of the contract workers. I might have failed to put my question in right way. As I know, Any time bound contract automatically comes to an end, as soon period is completed. It goes with the contract terms and conditions. If Contractor conveys advance one month termination notice, this is creating fear in the mind of the workers. What I have observed that in the Ist instance there is no need of notice by anybody. Even if notice is issued "One month Notice conveying that service are terminated and their F and F would be settled". I fear by issuing termination notice alone (though there is no need), Is there any thing that goes against the interest of the worker and or bar him to claim anything due after the contract period. Pl. respond.
From India, Nellore
The contractor runs a business and not a charity, why will he pay many thing to the contract workers after the contract work is over. Where will the money come from to pay them ?
And if he does not give their termination notice with a months notice pay, people like you will come hounding him for unfair termination.

From India, Mumbai

When one starts working for a cause,he/she should first learn/read about the laws/conditions governing the same.
Visit the areas where they work,join some NGO working for welfare.
I off course appreciate your willingness to work for welfare of workers,but pcik up lot of knowledge about laws,social conditions etc to be of real use to those you want to help.
Query was not well formulated and resulted in getting the answers as posted above.
The action of contractor in forewarning his contract employees is correct to that extent.
One month hence the contract concludes-idea being look around for alternate employment.

From India, Pune

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