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Dear Sir,

I had joined a well-known group two years back. Before joining this group I had an experience of 15 years in Hotel Industry. I had joined the catering division of this group in April 2013 in the position of Manager –HR and was handling all the units in the country and was doing really good and was reporting to the General Manager of the catering division. In July 2015 the catering division got integrated with the parent company were in my report ability changed and I had to report to GM – HR of the parent company. Were in my trouble started GM - HR got me transferred to a smaller town in the position of Operation Manger of facilities, which was not my core area but still accepted the challenge and started reporting to the Regional General Manger Operations and things were fine and used to get lot of appreciation from the Principle Employer. On March 31, 2015 Regional General Manger Operations resigned due to his personal reasons. A new Individual joined has his replacement and within two months he along with GM-HR asks me to resign without stating any reasons. There were no harsh mails saying that I am not performing, no memos, not even once they called me to say you are not performing, there were no complaints otherwise.

They were not ready to give my notice period also and wanted me to resign and go for which I refused and asked them to give it in writing. Absolutely no clue why they asked me to resign.

Please advise how to handle the situation.


From India, Manipal

""was doing really good and was reporting to the General Manager of the catering division. ""

How do you know you were doing well?

Any confirmation from company side in any manner??

""A new Individual joined has his replacement and within two months he along with GM-HR asks me to resign without stating any reasons. ""

Probably the new person wants to get his man in your place.

In your place I would not resign voluntarily.

I would step up job search in full force.

i would talk to the new person and ask him frankly where he wants improvement and where he feels I am falling short in performance.

This personal interaction will help me judge the reasoning,reading between lines and unstated reasons asking me to leave.All this is basically judgemental as per my abilities.

A company can make you quit if they want you out.

Top directors have been shunted out overnight in corporate world.

What does your offer letter speak about exit/termination?

You can contest termination legally but there can be no real relief.

The fat is clearly in the fire-look out for another job.

From India, Pune

Hello Sachin,
Like Nathrao mentioned, it's better to to look for another job ASAP.
Going by what you mentioned, I am sure you would have built-up some amount of good reputation in the industry you are in.
Also, suggest contact your earlier bosses with whom you had good rapport & who now work elsewhere. They should be able to help you out.
However, ensure you get ALL your dues here as well as the Relieving Docs. Given that it's more of a foregone conclusion that the GM-HR wants you out.....right or wrong doesn't come here now......get the best deal possible before getting out.
Another aspect: I am not sure IF Background Checks are prevalent in the Hospitality industry like it's in IT. If it's almost the same, then it becomes all the more necessary that you get out of here smoothly.......especially given your seniority.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad

I echo the excellent opinion presented by learned professionals above.
These days, candidates join in the morning and quit in the evening, saying they do not like the environment. Those days are gone when people talk about loyalty to organisation, stability and what not. Therefore, you have put in good number of years of experience in your chosen field. Hotel / hospitality industry is growing every day and opportunities are all over the world, where they have opened up beach resorts, spa, etc. Therefore, instead of sitting in a corner and cursing your bad luck, as opined above, quickly look for a challenging role to suit your expectations. Take up the job, switch over in no time and quit the present company with full and final settlements. You can challenge their decision in relevant courts of law, if you still feel your position has been vindicated.
Best wishes

From India

This is the part & parcel of private industry jobs and after working for a long period of 15 years these type of cases is also a part of experience. Be prepared
certain methodology of such working can not be change . Have to face as a part of LUCK ! or just prove yourself suitable for next promotion so that on leaving the alternative replacement is none other than you! Where you might be lacking that you can find out
wishing you all the best .

From India, Ahmedabad

Hi Sachin,

Usually the employees are terminated on immediate grounds without giving notice or salalry in lieu of it only in the case of gross misconduct.

I am assuming that this was not the reason and hence a proper termination was to be initiated.

It is your right to ask for the reason for terminating and ask them to give the same in writing.

Have they given your relieving letter and asked you not to come henceforth?

What reason have they shown on the letter about terminating your services?

If the reason mentioned is okay to deal with you can leave the matter and look out for job. Being into a recruitment consulting job currently, I find an employment gap of 3-6 months a a usual trend these days and there are many reasons for this.

Fortunately you too have a reason that you have been transferred to Operations which is basically not your core competency and you wish to pursue your interest area. This wasn't possible with the former employment and so you resigned.

Again remember one thing always, never bad mouth your previous employers ever in an interview.... It gives a very negative impression of the interviewee.

From India, Mumbai
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