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I working in an organisation last two years. i was performing well. my image was good. but now from last 6 months. my boss is completely ignoring me..i have no work. no one talking to me about work and other things..i am a Manager -HR,
i am getting my salary on time , but this is not enough i mean without work how can i get salary..i mailed and personally talk to all my bosses about all this.. but no reply come..its indirectly saying that time to go home..
Kindly suggest me please...i want to change job ..but still not getting any....
Amit Jaiswal

From India, Delhi
Dear Amit,

What is the nature of your industry? How many employees are employed in your company? Overall what are the HR issues that your company faces? What is the employee attrition rate? In the HR field, what is your exact strength (like statutory activities, employee relations, talent management etc)? You have written that your "boss" is ignoring you. Who exactly is your boss? What is his designation?

If for the last six months if the boss is considering you as persona non grata then there must be some compelling reasons. Did you have affray with some fellow manager? What is your performance level? What are your KRAs and what is your score? When did you get your last salary increment and what was the percentage?

I can understand that what sense of guilt you need to carry when boss sends feelers of you being de trop. But then this is the challenge to your self-motivation. Do not get you down. This is the time to reaffirm your strengths.

Against this backdrop, find out what what are the most compelling HR issues that you need to address. Work on it and find out what change you can bring it to quote in your next quarterly report.

At the same time hedge your career by looking for a change. That anyway, you are doing it. Go little further and find out covertly whether the boss is also looking for your replacement. If yes, then be prepared for that contingency also.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
You were performing well?
Try and think what event/series of events could have lead to the ignore HR Manager attitude by your immediate boss and other employees.
Sometimes one does not recognise the hurt he has caused to others by some action.
Is there any action from your side which has put people against you??
Mr Divekar has given food for thought.
Meet your immediate boss when in a free time and happier frame of mind and try to find out from him what went wrong and what is needed to restore things to order.
If this meeting does not succeed-look around for another job.

From India, Pune
Hello Amit Jaiswal,
Pl give the detailed inputs as mentioned by Dinesh & Nathrao--they will be needed IF any member has to give you actionable suggestions.
However, I find your line "......i mailed and personally talk to all my bosses about all this.. but no reply come...." a bit confusing. Is it that they just cut-off the topic whenever you raise it OR they give evasive answers OR give outright 'don't-your-know' looks without any verbal communication? Pl elaborate on this aspect.
And I can clearly see one more aspect in the situation you mentioned. Whatever be the reason(s) for it, it SURELY IS NOT performance related. Else you wouldn't be getting your salary regularly & would have been thrown out by now.
I am not sure of this, but neverthless a thought......what's your boss's gender?
Pl give more details as suggested.

From India, Hyderabad
Respected Sir
Thanks....i talk to him my boss is company chairmen. i am in a construction sector.. ..He dont want to talk to me...and he is not throwing me out from the company....I am hopeless...
I want to change this job...but fail to get yet......

From India, Delhi
Hello Amit Jaiswal,
How did you get into this job--meaning thru some reference known to the Chairman OR are you the boss's relative OR thru general applying & getting selected?
And did you speak to anyone @ a senior level who has good rapport with the Chairman? Usually they know about the under-current situations.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Amit,

If you are from construction sector then you may be aware that "Thekedar-Munshiji" culture still exists in this industry. Construction is not just brick and mortar business. It is just tip of the iceberg. Acquisition of the land is a major challenge. After acquiring the land, getting the sanction for the plan is a herculean task. One has to wade through lot of government hurdles or regulations. Then comes the brick and mortar activities. There one has to beset with fraudulent contractors. Lastly, sale of the product. Piling inventory erodes the profitability.

If your company is itself into contracting then accounts receivables is a major challenge. All the major companies deal contractors or suppliers as their adversaries. Margins get wiped out because by some or other reason, real estate or infra companies impose penalty. It could be because of fake reasons as well.

This is not all. Occasionally there are fights at the construction site or safety issues. Last but not the least, there are site specific issues as well. Sometimes fallacious activities of the managers are discovered imposing one more challenge as to how to avoid fence eating the crop!

Against this backdrop, if your boss is turning cold shoulder to you then it could be because of the above reasons. He could be considering that HR is a secondary department therefore, it deserves a back seat. When he was talking to you what was the project status? Possibly project could be at ab initio phase. As the project progressed, his attention was diverted in too many other issues hence less time for you!

Your sector is famous for quixotic ways of the bosses. I know a boss of your industry who thinks everybody must work for 24 hours. Sometimes he calls his Managers for the meeting at 2200 or 2300 hours. By chance if you had worked under such boss, possibly you would have raised post in this forum on how to deal with quirky boss!

I have trained 200 procurement/store professionals of major infra company. I also have provided consulting services to establish Performance Management System (PMS) for one of the major real estate companies of Pune. Both the assignments have given me insight on the construction or real estate industry's working style.

Nevertheless, human resources in the company need to be developed irrespective of the HR's affiliation with the boss. To know how to do that, call me on my mobile and I will suggest a remedy. Let us see whether that remedy works.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Factors which learned member Shri Dinesh mentioned are quite true.
Many factors arise in RE business.
Analyse all factors which you would be knowing and then try and correlate sudden ignore mode which is presently going on.
Look out for alternatives on the side.
If no clear factor can be deciphered,then as Shri Dinesh pointed out HR is secondary concern in RE industry and many construction bosses are reluctant to invest in HR resources.
Either way one needs to look out for better opportunities.

From India, Pune
Respected Sir
TS Sir- I am getting my salary...on time..my boss is male...when i started talk to him..he just said..do your work...what i do...there is no task given by any one........a new Sr.Manager HR has joined..he is also reacting me like i am nobody in the organisation..i tried lot ...but.......

From India, Delhi
Dear Amit, Signs are clear. Look around for another job. But you need to honestly and deeply analyse, why the change in attitude? But again these things happen and one must move on.
From India, Pune

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