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Dear friend ,
i resigned my job without notice period and after two month i go to employer for pf withdraw employer are not signature on my pf withdraw form & Pension form please suggest me how can i withdraw my pf without knowledge of employer please help me plzzzzzzz.....

From India, Mumbai
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You must pay the notice period in lieu wages to the employer so that at least outstanding dues are not there against you. After that send by registered letter to the employer the PF form for withdrawal of dues. If after waiting for a week the employer does not sign, then send a letter to the EPF authorities to get it signed from employer and then process for withdrawal of PF dues. If that also does not materialize then put up.

From India, New Delhi

This type of question has come up so many times till now on this forum that I have lost count. Do a search of the forum and you will find the answer from previous threads
From India, Mumbai

dear friend
no issues if you have not paid the notice period, just download and fill up the pf form and get it sign by any gazetted officer and submit it in the pf office. but you must know the pf number of yours. it is always written on your salary slip.
if you don't have pf number please go to labour court as no company has rights to not allowing you to withdraw your pf.

From India, Delhi

PF cannot be withheld or adjusted against other dues by employer.
Employer can delay but not stop you from getting your PF in full.
But it is another thing that you left without notice and did not uphold your side of the contract which normally will be either giving notice or buying notice period.
Uphold your side of the contract fairly and move on with new job.

From India, Pune
thank to given me a very valuable suggetion but employeer had not given appoiment latter at the time of joining one more think i go to the p.f office regarding this issued they told me send pf & pension from by regiresterd post to P.F Commissioner with attached vailid proff of demandig P.F to employer then P.F commisioner send autorised officer to employer and asked why not authorised P.F Form withdraw form....
this is happing or not?

From India, Mumbai
Abikesh Khajuria


You can directly submit the withdrawal form to the regional PF office. But Before accepting your direct application EPFO want to make sure that the right person is applying for PF. Therefore You have to attest your application form by any of these authorities.

Manager of a bank.

By any gazetted officer.

Member of the Central Board of Trustees./ committee/ Regional Committee (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization).

Magistrate/ Post/ Sub Post Master/ President of Village Panchayat/ Notary Public

As you can see, the list is long, who can attest the withdrawal form. But in practice attestation by the bank manager is preferable. Also Manager should be from the branch, where you maintain an account.

*Note that you have to take signature and stamp in every page of the application. Since this is bypass route, EPFO does not encourage this process. Also, there is more chance of fraud as well. Hence It asks for a letter which should state the reason of direct application for EPF withdrawal. It is advisable to attach evidence, if any, of non coöperation by the employer. This will give weight to your application.

*Try to correspond in writing with your employer, so that you have some evidence of non-cooperation Attach an indemnity bond (affidavit) in a 100 rupee stamp paper. Although it is not mandatory according to rules. But you should not take any chance. Also attach service proof.

Hence, you should attach copies of payslip, ID card, from a 16 or appointment letter from employer to substantiate.

Also attach copy of your identity proof as well as Address proof.

Other Points To Note For EPF Withdrawal Without Employer Signature:

If the bank account number would be same as with the EPF record then it will help. Try to give your salary account of the previous job. Also If the attesting bank manager will be from the branch of your salary account branch then it would be better.

PSU bank manager carries more weight.

From India, Srinagar
Hi In case terms of appointment are not expressed, the question to serve the notice pay or pay in lieu of notice period does not arise.
From India, Kanpur
To begin with, if you are employed, you can't withdraw your PF, you can only transfer it. If your employer isn't signing the form for PF release please lodge a complaint at Home Page and they will take care of the rest. However please ensure that you fulfill all necessary formalities on your end.

From India, Bengaluru
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