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Hi all I want to ask what if a company is asking for failed mark sheet inspite of producing 3 years marks sheet they want that mark sheet along with passed ones where as I dont have the failed ones. In first place why they are asking for failed mark sheets.
From India, Pune
Hi Krishna,

What does it mean by "I do not have the failed ones"?

Does that mean you have lost the marksheet? or you have not failed (ATKT) in any of semisters?

If you have not failed, then just respond that you have passed all semisters without ATKT, & would provide all relevant passing marksheets accordingly.

If you have lost the marksheet, then you can obtain the duplicate one from the institute.

If you had ATKT in any semister, then they can easily identify it from the date on the marksheet.

Since they specifically ask for the failed marksheet, then have shown a 'tolerance to accept' the fact that you were "allowed to keep term". There is nothing wrong in it. Also, I don't think there would be any specific agenda to rule you out based on this. They could have done it already, if that was the intention....... So, Do not try to un-necessorily hide the failed marksheet.

A new start with a company can only be based on mutual understanding & clarity. Company might be trying to evaluate you on your honesty with this request. Please provide the marksheet, if you have it.

Best Regards,

Amod Bobade.

I do not have any failed marksheets with me it was long before in 2001 i passed, i dont even remember i have thorwn those failed mark sheets or they were taken back by my college while filling form for new exam, I have already intimated the company about the fact i dont have any of them they can check my passed mark sheet it have the dates and seat numbers which they can confirm with board it is not me it is for them to show faith in me, as you know now a days verification is very common criteria so why will i hide any thing with authenticity of marks what I feel is any company needs information whether the person have passed the degree he is claiming for, apart form this why to go into some thing that is not their domain.
From India, Pune
Hello Krishnaxyz,

This is further to what Amod Bobade suggested/mentioned.

Frankly, your attitude vis-a-vis some of the aspects is surprising/worrying.

Firstly, if you DON'T have some of the Certificates, then YOU have to get them--for the simple reason that one never knows when ANY of your academic track record will be needed IN LIFE.

WHY SHOULD THE COMPANY CHECK with the University/BOARD....when, indirectly, you have shown your carelessness to them by your remark " i dont even remember i have thorwn those failed mark sheets or they were taken back by my college...". You may not have passed this remark with the Company during your interaction, but I am quite sure you body language WOULD have conveyed almost the same message to the HR there too.

Another reason why the Company WILL NOT check reg YOUR Docs: YOU are not the only one candidate available to them. I am sure there would be MANY others desperate for this such a scenario, why should they take this trouble? The Background Verification you refer to has different purposes & processes.

Incidentally no University/Board takes back the Marks the extent I know. You are putting the onus on the Company when it's been YOUR fault/carelessness.

Coming to your view "now a days verification is very common criteria so why will i hide any thing with authenticity of marks....", if you can recollect the incident of the Delhi Law Minister's case that's been in the recent news, you can get some idea of 'why' the Company MAY be asking for your failed marks sheets.

Suggest keep ALL your Academic Docs in proper order, as this is a lifelong record. One never knows 'when' & 'why' one would need 'what' certificate at any point in life. If there are any missing ones, get Duplicates ASAP. If you prefer to wait for some situation to crop-up before applying for a Duplicate, also pl be ready to loose some opportunities.....getting Duplicate Education Certificates takes time.

It's in YOUR interest.....rather than the Company's [this or any other in future too].

And 2001 is NOT that long time back....

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
But isnt this demand some thing new this is the first time I came across some one asking for failed mark sheet, u all should have screwed me up if I would have said dont ask me for my passed mark sheet or degree certificate but ur unnecessary becoming serious for un passed academic year today it s failed marks sheet tomorow some other company will ask if y ur marriage failed or N number of things if u failed why u failed see the query is simple why not stick to mandatory requirements and not deal with things which are not require for eg if rule says home addres u can provide adhar card or landline bill after providing landline bill if some one says y u dont provide adhar card did u get what im saying. Talking or delhi minister it was simple forgery wher he got a duplicate degree made and not about a failed marksheet. hope u r not working in hr dept or else people will face unnecessary difficulty and let me tell you all when company provide me a job they r providing a job and not buying my life for the salary they r paying me not even american embassy ask for failed marksheet.
From India, Pune
Dear Krishnaxyz,
Fake degrees and faker experience is common in our nation.
Look at Tomar case.(Being AAP minister his case is being hyped and is used a weapon,that is another thing)
Companies will want to check very carefully.
If the have asked for failed mark sheets,it must be with a purpose,as sequence of passing subject wise and year wise can be linked.
Point is the company wants it-you have choice-exit the company tell them that you are asking for too much verification.that is the only way out.
The company is your employer and you have to play by their rules or let me tell you bluntly-look for a more amenable employer who does not carry out total verifications.

From India, Pune
Hi Krishna,

The company wants to verify that even though you failed, you have participated with your best efforts in the exams. Failed mark sheet is an indication of your attendance to the exam.

It also is an indication of your sincerity to attend the curriculum, & that you were not banned or something from the university for that particular exam.

It is understandable that in frustration of failure in exam, or otherwise in happiness of passing on next semester, you might have thrown away the failed mark sheet; but that mark sheet defines one year/semester in your educational life. Losing that would mean losing that semester officially from your life.

This might be the first time, but surely will not be the last time you will be asked for that mark sheet. Please try to obtain a duplicate from the university.

University provided original mark sheet is your property & no college would ask you to submit it for any reason. They only ask for submission of original, if they are going to replace it with the reverification of marks. If there was a re-exam, then they do not take it back. Also, they could not deny, if you ask for the duplicate of the same.

On other note, my sincere request to you is not to become hyper/cynical for this matter. Nobody would ask you for failed marriage, as that is not the criteria for obtaining your job (unless you apply to work with a marriage bureau, or a marriage counselor). You employer hires your services on basis of your academics & if they are interested to know about the missing semester results in your academics, then there is nothing wrong in it. As I said before, this is not a conspiracy to frame you like the Delhi minister example you have given.

Also FYI.. American embassy is not the standard for Indian organizations to set their rules. (e.g.: American embassy asks for a birth certificate with proper 'name' mentioned on it for work permit applications, while Indian organisations accept the ones with just mention as "Boy/Girl". These are different local rules. You cannot judge these organisations by comparing them like this.)

If your anger is temporary, then it is ok.... but if you continue this tone/attitude towards the suggestions, then I doubt anybody on this forum would be able to help you further (They will respond, but would not be able to help!)

Best Regards,

Amod Bobade.

Also, If possible, I would like to request you to slow down while writing in the forum, to focus on using proper grammar; as it is very difficult to make out full sentences from your responses. We understand your emotions from these posts, but it is difficult to understand the facts properly....
Please don't blame us to be "too demanding" on this forum as well.... :-)
Best Regards,

Dear Amod Bobade,
You have given good advice.
The poster should read the post on Emotional Intelligence.
The way a person reacts on facing a situation is a part of emotional Intelligence.
The demand for a document may be justified from company POV as per their thought process,the potential employee cannot question that in any way.
Quote by a learned person onreactions;
“We cannot control other people and their actions but we can control how we act and react to them.”
So the poster should react by obtaining failed mark sheets and submit it to the company or withdraw his candidature if he feels strongly about this demand of mark sheets.

From India, Pune
Hello Krishnaxyz,

Without going into ANY of the aspects/remarks that you responded to my posting, I think it would JUST suffice to address this line you mentioned: "hope u r not working in hr dept or else people will face unnecessary difficulty".

FYI, I am NOT a the sense that YOU understand it as. I am a Consultant & have seen many many scenarios / situations emerge in the hiring/recruitment processes of different Companies & across sectors. So I guess that cuts-out the 'conclusion' you came to ["or else people will face unnecessary difficulty"].

Everyone--including myself--in this Forum TRY to pass-on OUR Collective experiences AS WELL AS the lessons learnt to newbies like you with just ONE motive in mind--that you don't make the same mistakes we or those whom we may have observed have made in their careers or life.

I recollect a Quote here that just about sums-up: " A Wise man learns from other's experiences, a normal man learns from only his experiences & a fool never ever learns".

Like Nathrao mentioned, the choice is YOUR'S.......with the added corollary that the experience of facing the consequences--whatever they might turn-out to be--too would be YOUR'S.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad

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