Amrita Tiwary
How Relevant is Emotional Intelligence for People Management? Does it provide an extra edge or is it just another buzz word for the corporate world?
From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar
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Amrita Tiwary
From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Amrita,

There are nine types of intelligence. Of these nine, one is "Interpersonal Intelligence" which is nothing but emotional intelligence. It would be unfair to single out one of the types and say that is only the important.

Americans have great penchant for creating a hype of something and then sell it to the world. Daniel Goldman wrote his book on Emotional Intelligence and sold the idea that this intelligence is the very important. Since what white skin says is accepted in toto, large number of management professionals are falling prey to their marketing blitzkrieg. Had Daniel Goldman not been from America, his book would have far lesser acceptance value.

For each job, we have to find out which intelligence is required. Possibly interpersonal intelligence could be common across any type of job hence its importance but that does not mean we should give lopsided importance to this intelligence. This intelligence is equivalent to O+ blood group. But then medical professional do not underestimate importance of A or B blood group!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Dear Amrita I am attaching two files for your reference. If you have time, please do read them. Hope these articles will help you in understanding more about Emotional Intelligence. Regards
From India, Delhi

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Hello Amrita Tiwary,
The five elements of Emotional Intelligence as described by
Daniel Goleman in his article WHAT MAKES A LEADER
published in HBR are
1) Self Awareness
2) Self Control
3) Motivation
4) Empathy and
5) Socializing
If you carefully look at all the five, these are otherwise well known
In Indian context also. These attributes can also be explained as
observed by different Management experts. As is evident the first
three are about self improvement and the last two are of interpersonal nature.
In his book Daniel Goleman has given a very good account
of the studies he has made. He has observed closely many people for
about more than 15 years starting from childhood.
He also met many criminals to understand why and how they
committed a criminal act. He has conducted many interviews
and explained them in detail case to case.
Emotional Intelligence is certainly a self improvement concept
call it by any name.

From India

"Emotional Intelligence" is the ability to manage ones emotions in a positive way. Naturally, when we are more emotional, we fail to be rational. Our experiences in life mould our character and attitudes. They in turn determine our adaptability to different situations in our life. Simply put, it is nothing but "maturity".
From India, Salem
priyanki desai
Dear Amrita,
You raised a very good topic.Emotional Intelligence is actually not newer topic any body has around,but yes Daniel Goleman has given a focus on it.Otherwise we can see many enterapreneurs and businessman having a very good EQ and running successful business with help of EQ.EI concept is all about MANAGING OWN EMOTIONS ANY CONDITION OR SITUATION OF LIFE and also TO THE SAME WAY UNDERSTANDING THE PEOPLE AROUND US.Until we are not able to understand and manage our own emotions we will never able to understand others. Understanding and implementing the five factors of EI can help us in many ways.
Priyanki Desai
HR Consultant & Trainer

From India, Jalalpur

Emotional intelligence in simple terms can be understood as our ability to control and manage our emotions,reactions and responses.

Our ability to recognise and understand our own emotions and reactions.

Motivation,social skills and empathy are part of the concept of emotional intelligence.

Your IQ may be high but EQ is more important.

How you react to work,personal situations,how you respond to events is dependent on your EQ.

An employee with high emotional intelligence can manage his or her own impulses, communicate

with others effectively, manage change well, solve problems, and use humour to build rapport in

tense work situations. These employees also have empathy, remain optimistic even in the face of

adversity, and are gifted at educating and persuading in a sales situation and resolving customer

complaints in a customer service role. This "clarity" in thinking and "composure" in stressful and

chaotic situations is what separates top performers from weak performers in the workplace.

In our work life we have demanding and unsympathetic bosses or unionised and uncooperative subordinates.

we do need a level of maturity to deal with stressful situations.A person with higher EQ will have it him to deal with such situations to emerge winner.

This quote byWarren Bennis (Organisational consultant)

“Emotional intelligence, more than any other factor, more than I.Q. or expertise, accounts for 85% to 90% of success at work... I.Q. is a threshold competence. You need it, but it doesn't make you a star. Emotional intelligence can.”

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Mr Nathrao,

You have given insightful comments, however, I would like to offer my comments on the following statement:

"Emotional intelligence, more than any other factor, more than I.Q. or expertise, accounts for 85% to 90% of success at work"

This statement has appeared anywhere and everywhere. However, nobody has come up with proper research study to back the above statement. In my earlier post, I have written that there are nine types of intelligence. If interpersonal intelligence which is nothing but emotional intelligence accounts for 80-85% then does it mean that other 8 types account for just 15-20%? Will society progress or has humanity developed because of the miniscule allotment to other types of intelligence? The design of the computers, satellites or any other machines is a result of high-level IQ. If everybody to have 80-85% EQ then the harmony in the world will increase but it will become dull because of complacency.

I have checked article on Emotional Intelligence in Wikipedia. There is no reference on allotment of such hefty percentage to EI. There is lot of criticism on EI or EQ in this article however, I am not getting merits of it as it would be out of purview of discussion.

After Daniel Goleman published book on EQ, lot of psychometric tests have been made to measure EQ. They wanted to sell their product hence the claim that 80-85% of success accounts for EQ. As written in my earlier post, world takes at its face value what Americans say and soothe acceptance of this claim. Was the allotment of high percentage to EQ a boon to morons to camouflage their intellectual weakness?

For social harmony, interpersonal intelligence is absolutely essential. But if Emotional Intelligence were to take 80-85% success then in the schools of Japan or Russia or even Europe, they would have taught EQ and nothing else. Education in these countries is absolutely respective country’s need oriented and nothing else.

Yes, Americans need to be told that EQ accounts for 80-85% of their success. This is because of two reasons. Though America has just 5% world's population, 50% registered firearms the world over are alone in this country. Secondly, 25% of American population is in jail. The society that is victims of the emotions has created lot of social vulnerabilities. One way to calm down them is to sell this idea 80-85% EI. We need not buy this idea unnecessarily!

Notwithstanding, the high level of violence in the country, President of USA, Mr Barack Obama has been promoting education of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. He has been promoting this acronym STEM for the last couple of years. President's claim speaks volumes!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Mr Nathrao,

I had accepted pre-eminence of EQ in my very first post. However, what I am against is the allotment 80-85% to this intelligence only leaving crumbs to other eight. I am ready to accept this percentage if sufficient and credible research data is provided.

I am not against EQ as such. I am only against marketing EQ for the monetary gains. More than psychologist, it is marketers who are brainwashing us about EQ.

What marketers did about EQ same thing they did about instant noodles also. For the last thirty years we all of us accepted that instant noodles that can be prepared in just 2-minutes was a healthy breakfast. How many nutritionist agreed for this claim? But then we all of us fell prey to the marketers' misguiding. When the excess lead and MSG was found in the noodles, all of a sudden we woke up and within two minutes the instant noodles became bad.

Therefore, let us wait for sometime till some American comes forward to displace the theory of EQ.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

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