there is a reason LEADER rhymes with READER. no CEO alive is not an avid reader.

so...people at CITE HR..who love to list down some books that uve read or are reading and would recommend

Here's the list that i would recommend

1 monk who sold his ferrari - robin sharma

2 Who will cry when you die - robin sharma

3 you can win - shiv khera

4 what they dont teach you at harvard - mark McCormack

5 Gandhiji's autobiography

6 john fav

7 chicken soup

8 sidney sheldon..- doomsday conspiracy

- best laid plans

- the sky is falling

9 ayn rand's short stories

10 tuesdays with morrie

11 alchemist - paulo coelho

12 rich dad poor dad - (cant remember the name)

13 fountain head - ayn rand

14 one - richard bach

15 johnathan livingston seagull - richard bach

16 maverick - ricardo semeler

17 to kill a mocking bird - harper lee

more when i remember

here r some books that i havent read ..but am dying to

1 mandela's autobiography

2 ayn rand - atlas shrugged

3 blink

4 freakonmics

5 the world is flat

and some more

From India, Mumbai
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Hiten Parekh
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+1 Other

If you are truly serious about leadership at the workplace, here is one article you absolutely must read: "Why your boss is programmed to be a dictator" at It's free and you can read it right now. It will totally change the way you look at leadership...and I believe it's one of those articles that will change the way we all work (and a happy change it will be!!).
Some other books I would recommend:
Servant Leadership (Robert Greenleaf)
Blink (Malcolm Gladwell)
The McKinsey Way (Ethan Rasiel)
The World is Flat (Thomas Friedman)
A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson)


Hi Sunayna,

Blink is a must read. I just finished reading it. And it's mighty good!

For all members,

Other Recommended Books:

Absolutely Fabulous:

Ayn Rand - Fountainhead

I am sure a lot of people have read this book. People either love it or hate it. Yes, she drags, but the best part of this book is you can deduce a different meaning every single time you pick up the book and read it again. And trust me! If you are in love with this book, you will read it again, regardless of the size. For those who haven't read, please do not read it around times when you may be prone to keeping breaks between 2 readings. If over a week, read it every day of the week.

Ayn Rand- Atlas Shrugged

Must read after Fountainhead. The ideologies are the same, but the description of the characters is much more deeper, which makes you fall in love, plus she has added to the number of characters.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Love in the time of Cholera

One of the classic love stories. A love story and not just another romantic tale. An old Caribbean setting follows through the entire book. The author is extremely focussed. At times, it may seem like he's drifting away from the topic, and he reverts back to the characters just when you start to expect a twist or a new introduction, perhaps a character or a situation. The description is nothing less than a marvel, and it's not just the description of love... it's about the living conditions of the people, the surroundings in which the main characters are present, their homes, the individuals etc etc etc. Each and every one of his descriptions... I fell in love with them. And a subtle humour follows throughout the book, which doesn't let you get too serious about the whole love part!

Malcolm Gladwell - Blink

The book is a tiny one. It took me close to 5 hours to finish, even though I couldn't sit with it continuously. The author tends to give a whole lot of examples, which is good, but at times might seem like drifting away from his point or rather a "blink lesson". It's very necessary to read this book continuously. It has interesting tid-bits about various researches, actual situations and their analysis which enables deeper understanding. I suggest, while reading it, do not lose track of the Chapter title, which happened many times with me.

Inspirational & to learn from books:

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari - Wings of Fire

I picked it up months back when I asked myself, " Do I know the President of my own Country?". The answer was obviously no. I had bits and pieces of information about his achievements but nothing concrete enough. I bought this book and I am glad I did. Our country has a great President, I can say this for sure now!

An interesting perspective was lent by my Professor for Market Research on Mr. Abdul Kalam. He said, "Mr. Kalam was blessed by some great gurus but why didn't his gurus go ahead to become the Presidents of India? The answer is: Because he grew beyond his gurus."

Malcolm Gladwell - Blink

Casual reads

Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things

It's based in Kerala, so I found it easier to relate. Though I found it a little sad, but it still qualifies as a good read.

Sidney Sheldon

Though I am not a very big fan, but yes, for people interested in fast reads and time pass, it's not bad

Dan Brown

He is "The Author" when it comes to action packed, fast paced reading. He's written four books till date. I have read 3 of them and the amount of research this guy does, is fantastic. The Da Vinci Code is the most popular one (it's about to release as a movie with Tom Hanks in the lead :D ), but some people are not aware that his first book was "Angels & Demons", which easily qualifies as being at par with The Da Vinci Code. Another book is Deception Point, a little technical, but a fast pace nevertheless and would be a fantastic book if you are familiar with the technical words and descriptions in his book. Digital Fortress is another book, but I havent read it as yet.

Reader's Digest Edited Novel Collections

Reader's Digest comes out with this edited collection of novels periodically. A casual read, if one doesn't want to read the entire book or rather read 4 short versions of the novel.

On my to-read list:

Albert Einstein Ideas & Opinions

Ronald W. Clark - Einstein The Life & Times

Jhumpa Lahiri - Interpreter of Maladies

Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf

Stephen R. Covey - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen R. Covey - The 8th Habit

Siddhartha Basu - MasterMind India ( read a part of it, a great book for General Knowledge Seekers)

Jack Welch with Suzy Welch - Winning

My to-read list carries a lot of inspirational well-acclaimed books. Of course, the book on Adolf Hitler is on the list out of sheer curiousity to know the Dictator, his strategies and what made millions become his followers despite his attrocities.



From India,

i forgot to mention dan browns "da vinci code"
i dont beleive this....its my fav book so far.n i forgot to mention it
if there is one book you ever read in your entire lifetime, da vinci code is the one you should.
believe me....i read it with my in we read seprate books but together..and we were almost at was great fun..we wld share the experience...and r feelings about the story..non-stop for 1 hour in the was fantastic.
i was soo psyched about reading this book... i remember telling everyone about it. of the previews say "if it doesnt get your pulse beating, u need to check your meds...." i showed this line to almost everyone...
its a wonderful book....u have to read this..beg borrow or steal.but read
i cant wait for the movie

From India, Mumbai

hi everybody,
Wish u All a Happy & Prosperous New Year.
Hey i recently read two gd inspirational books by Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist & The Fifth mountain.
Both these books are really good.

From India, Pune
Hello members' Don’t forget 'How to make Friends & Influence people' by Dale Carnegie. I love that book. Regards Pratik
From India, Calcutta

Thnx dear for naming some gr8 books.....its really going to be a great help for readers like us...... here i m suggesting some books , i hope you will enjoy reading these.....
1. "Made in Japan" - Akio Morita - autobiography.
2. "The GE way " - Writer "dont remeber"
3. "Marketing Warfare"
4. "Jonathan livingston seagull" - Richard Bach - My Fav auther
5. "doctors" - Eric sehgul
6. Books- stories by- Khalil Gibran ( if you love to read on revolutionary thoughts , introspection, meditation etc.)
HR Executive , Delhi

From India, Delhi

My cousin recently suggested a book called "The Art of War" by a Japanese Author, whose name I do not remember. Has someone read it? Please do give me your views on the book.

From India,
rajesh vaishnava

hiii Sunayna !!
great to see the list. we have a common choice on books.
here is my favorite list of books and hope everyone finds them enlightening and entertaining.
Jonathan livingston seagull- richard bach.
Notes to myself-Hugh Prather.
The alchemist-Paulo coelho
Tuesdays with Moorie-
The fountainhead-Ayn Rand
The road less travelled-M scott peck
Rich dad poor dad-Robert Kiyosaki.
hope u find them useful.
can anyone suggest me good titles on NLP?

From India

Hi Rajesh,
What's NLP?
I had read Tuesdays with Morrie for my book report about 2 years back. Morrie's spirit is awesome! And Rich Dad Poor Dad helped me a lot in handling my finances better, though my finances at this point of time is just my pocket money :) I have been spending a lot less lately and urging my parents to buy assets rather than liabilities :)
Can you tell me something more about Notes to myself by Hugh Prather? Dont tell me the story just give me a gist of the book. Also tell me what you really liked about the book.

From India,

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