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I have recently read 2 books by Robin Cook namely "CHROMOSOME6" & " MUTATION". Both these novels are scientific fiction at their best.... -SCare_crOW 8)
From India, Mumbai
Hi Sunayana,
I am new to this group. Found it very interesting. I am not an avid reader but i occasionally take some time off to read. "Straight from the Gut" by Jack one book i liked a lot which gives a lot of insight on various situation all of us would face or must have faced in our professional lives...
enjoy reading..

From India, Pune
hiiii Vinisha!!!!!

thanks for the complements.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. its the newest development (25 years old ) :D its about how we percieve the world and can make our lives better by changing the communication with ourselves and the outer world. if u r interested i suggest to read the book "Awaken the giant within" by Anthony Robbins.

Regarding "Notes to myself" i can just say its the ultimate book on self-discovery. its in a diary format and the writer Hugh Prather shares "his struggle to become a person". read this book as if u wrote it and use it as a road map of life then write your own notes and heal ur life.

just a jem of it ,see "There is a part of me that wants to write, a part that wants to theorize,a part that wants to scuplt, a part that wants to teach.....To force myself into a single role, to decide to be just one thing in life would kill off large parts of career will form BEHIND me."

i liked the frankness coupled with the lucid honesty of the writer.i relived my own life as i read it.

Hope u find it as awe-inspiring as i found it.


From India
hiii Manya
welcome to the group on the new year eve. i m just one day old in this group and i have already got replies from the friends here.
I would like to hear more from u regarding the best books u have read so far.

From India
hiii Chanchal,
Thanks indeed for the great books referred by you. i have read nealy all the books of Richard Bach and the ultimate inspires me day and nite to deliver my 100% and not to rest on the past laurels.
"Bridge across forever" is another great stuff from Richard Bach.
These days i m reading the books on NLP and emotionl intelligence. being a HR executive probably u can suggest me some good books on NLP n EI.
hope to hear from u .

From India

wonderful so is continue.

hi ashish,

i read the article and it got me thinking, i do agree with the would be wonderful to elect ur own Leader ...but tell me, is it really practical?

there are so many hindrances, like limited talent for one. and as one goes above the heirarchy, wont we be left with limited options?

do comment

hi cherry

is "one" written by richard bach? ive read it...and it was good.

n yaa..i ve read Doctor by erich segal..i want to read "love story"... never got a copy unfortunately.

im thankful to you for naming books too....u see its exactly the reason i started this post. we sailing in the same boat. :)

hi rajesh, welcome to citehr

great that we have a common choice in books.

i ve read notes to myself...

vini, ther is no story, its exactly what rajesh said..

there are some quotes i like from the book,

" my statements are requests,

my questions are statements"

"and my criticism informs you, you hurt my feelings a minute ago"

"next time i will..... from now on i will...... - what makes mw think i am wiser today than i will be tom"

you should read this book, good news - its available in our library.

he is very frank, and makes you question your life and behaviour.

im not a great fan of rich dad poor dad. all i got from that book was increase your assets and decrease your liablities. and i read more than 200 pages for this. :roll:

hi vishal, never read scientific fiction..

:shock: do u get scared when u read?

hi manya, one of the projects in college is to disect this book. i guess il be reading it sooon. will let you know how i like it soon

From India, Mumbai
hiii Rajesh
Even NLP is new to me also but I used to study stuff related to this cause I believe that introspection helps to let u kno- who u r? For this i read OSHOTIMES, Khalil Gibran, Deepak Chopra etc.
Specifically for NLP u can read an excellant book "Awaken the giant within - Anthony Prather" .

From India, Delhi
Hi Sunayna,

I know it sounds impractical to elect your own leader...but honestly, I believe it's more a matter of mindset.

I mean, if you talk to any dictator (like General Musharraf of Pakistan), he's very likely to say electing leaders is not practical. If you go back 200 or 300 years, imagine what a King would say to you, if you suggested elections - they would think you are mad. However we know today that not only is it practical, it is completely do-able and is being done. And it's the surest path to success. Dictatorships are usually failed states. Also, in the NASA example that the author gives, it's very clear that bosses didn't listen to their subordinates' warnings, hence the shuttles crashed. So I think that more than just a 'feel-good' factor, we need to elect leaders at work because it is too risky otherwise...we will end up with more shuttle crashes, more Enrons and other scams because bosses feel they can get away with anything.

Once we change our mindsets, it will become practical. Believe me, to an outsider, the fact that India holds elections must seem crazily impractical...but the fact is that we do it.

hi ashish...
hihihi, i liked the india holding elections part.
any company in india following this?
i still wonder how practical this concept is.. for an MNC
probably the team leader could (i am trying to put this in words) work in such a way that... if there were elections, then his subordinates would elect him?
hope i am making sense?

From India, Mumbai
Hi Sunayna,

Yes, the team leader could work like that, but the reality is that even though they want to work as good bosses, they end up being dictators. And that's because the system is like that...if you have power, you will turn into a dictator..fact of human nature.

Hence, it is imperative that subordinates get to vote. It sounds impractical, even crazy....but think about it. Hundreds of years back, when only kingdoms and dictators ruled, it would have been crazy and impractical to even suggest that millions of people should vote. That too in days when there was no internet, phone or airplane. But still they did it. They faced several issues along the way, and resolved those issues.

Likewise, I think think this can (and should) happen in companies. "It's impractical" is simply no fact, we are lucky that we live in countries where we choose our own leader..hence, we even know how the whole thing works (unlike those people hundreds of years ago...they simply made a statement: "all men are created equal" - and from that, the worked out everything. No worries about impracticalities or whatever. They just did it. We need the same attitude.

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