Dear Members,
I am working in NBFC which has branches all over India. We start our day with morning meeting- the agenda of the meeting is moring pray and then we discuss the previous day business, important annoucement and in the end problems faced by different department lastday.
Now the problem is that. Earlier every employee came on time and attend the meeting. But since the last 3 months very few employee come on time at the time of meeting. They usually come in between meeting or at the end of meeting.
The result is that the employee who are coming on time feeling demotivating.
Now I have decided to do something to motivate the employee who are coming on time and to other employee to come on time.
So please suggest me how can I motivate them.
Our office time is from 9.00 a.m. We devote first 20 minutes of the office time in moring meeting.
19th October 2007 From India, Calcutta

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My contribution:
Its my suggestion..
Fix up a time say 9.30am Track the attendance timings using any effective means.
Send a circular stating that punctuality plays a major role in performance appraisal.
Stick to the policy for atleast 3months.
I believe this will help a lot...
20th October 2007 From India, Madras
Hi Sumit,

Sometimes daily meetings might turn out to be a monotonous activity and the true essence lost.

I am not sure how many members are attending the morning meetings. If it is more than 10 for a time of 20 min, the individual attention is lost.

We should understand what is the purpose of these meetings, Is to review everydays work and problems? If that is the case the charm would be lost. Make the business issues a weekly affair.

I understand the basic purpose of morning meetings is prayer and sharing. After your prayers, ask one department/ individual to share one innovative idea. Call these session hmmmm... probably 'Fresh Ideas' - document these ideas, it should be in a brainstorming mode - nothing critical - you moderate the session - just give 5 minutes for each to present ideas.

Award every month - 'Best Idea of the month', 'Einstein of the month' , 'Wonder Woman' , 'SuperMan' .....

5 min - prayer

5 min - idea

10 min - quick review

Attach guidelines for the awards...

That is one way we can motivate employees at the same time the organization would have innovation flowing in....

20th October 2007
First u shud find y has this practise started i.e why hv ppl started cmg late as u hv mentioned dat earlier they used to come on time but since last three months they hv been disobeyg.May be whtevr is discussed in the meetings doesnt hold much importance for them or another factor can b dat these meetings hv become monotonous..First find the reason and thn proceed further so that whtevr actions u tke they r effective and u acn easily hit the bulls eye.
FOR MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES-u can start with a star of the month award in each functional unit and the person who comes on time the max no of days in a month will b awarded.
20th October 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Mr. Sumit,
Just be strict, be strict, be strict on the timings ! This is from my experience I am telling you ! Just be strict on the timings, but first of all, you have to be in office before time ! Be a model to them and then you have the right to ask them.
In my company, many used to come late that too when the timing was 9.30. Now we have changed the timings to 9.00 a.m. and now all are coming before 9.00. Again, three late arrivals will be considered as one half day leave. Along with that minor punishment to the late comers, you can reqrd the person/s who are on time every day !
Try these please...
22nd October 2007 From India, Bangalore

'Late attendance' is a disease which needs to be taken with all seriousness, and tackled with strictness. Not that the company suffers in terms of loss of production in all cases, but it reflects on the discipline of the organisation.

One method is, to permit entry of late comers after 2 hours of the normal reporting time, and to deduct proportianate wages for the day. This should be enforced without exception. In this system,once a person knows that he will not be reaching before the appointed time, he will try to reach before the next dead line. In case he happens to reach just after the appointed time, and wants to enter the plant, he, in any case, loses proportionate attendance of two hours. This should be strictly enforced and should become the policy of the company.

Unless "Cause and effect" relationship of late attendance is established, it will not bring about the desired discipline.

It has been our experience that those who are punctual, continue to be punctual, no matter whether you give incentive or not, and those who are late comers, continue to be late comers irrespective of incentives.

If they are tackled strictly, things definetly change.

22nd October 2007 From India, Nagpur
Everything is right. I am working in an IT firm. Here people use to work till night and come late in the morning.So... what disciplinary action shall I take.
Waiting for valuable suggessions
22nd January 2008 From India, Bangalore
I am not very clear about the question. If I have understood you correctly, the emploees are working late till night and reporting late the next morning. If this is the case, I think you should not take any disciplianary action as persons working late in the night are bound to come late the next day. In fact, depending upon the extra hours put in by the employee on the previous night, he should be given relaxation for reporting on duty the next day. This is the normal practice.
If a person is asked to work till late in the day and not given any consideration to the extra hours put in, and asked to come in time the next day, it will be very unfair.
22nd January 2008 From India, Nagpur
Dear Sumit
I agree with Melvin
Whaty purpose does it serve?? DEven idea generfation becomes reduntaabt if ideas are not converted into action.
What is the purpose of Prayer? Prayer is always connected with school and noone in employemnt like to start the day with prayer in the organisation They feel it is little regimental
Anyway you must address the question... What is the purpose????
If this is answered, then we can suggest more ideas
22nd January 2008 From India, Chennai
I feel its a bad idea to have meeting on daily basis that to in the morning, which actually demotivates the employee as well as waste of time.
Its better if you can have meeting on every saturday from afternoon with some fun programs added.
23rd January 2008 From India, Mumbai

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