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We understand that a LOT of our members are consultants and we are now going to focus on trying to help them gain more business.

To do this we would first require to gain the confidence of the corporates by highlighting the specialties of the consultants and consulting firms.

From the beginning, we always knew that the core of this knowledge-base is going to be the knowledge that our consulting members will share and in the initial days we had a feature called the CBOX - which highlighted the user's special interests and area of work.

That feature kind of got dropped when we moved to a different software and was never redeveloped.

The segregation of "Market threads" is a start and will allow people to keep updated on various requests. However, we do not really have a deep understanding of how this consulting market works - so I request all members to put in their thoughts.

Like for example what information do corporates look for when they are looking for independent or small consulting firms? What helps them choose? How do they find them? How do consultants find work? etc etc...



From India, Gurgaon
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Sid,

The heading of the post is "CiteHR - Push to create more business for consulting firms / consultants". However, my eight years of association with this forum show that two types of consultants use this forum. The vast majority that uses this forum only to promote their business and nothing else. In return they do not share their any knowledge or experience for the benefit of the members this forum. Though they crow lot on their knowledge or achievements, they think that the members of this forum do not deserve iota of their knowledge.

Opposite of this category are the few consultant who form miniscule percentage. They help the members of this forum selflessly. There are large number of HR professionals who work all alone and they do not have anyone to guide or help them. Consultants of this second category come forward and try solving their problems. Obviously this is done without any pecuniary gains in mind. Not that consultant from this category do not promote their business. They do it but their altruistic side cannot be overlooked. Occasionally, there were healthy debates because of the divergent views. Through their quality replies, they have left intellectual imprints on the citehr's sands of time!

Now whether to put both the categories at par with each other or give push only to those who enriched this forum by their replies is your call. I request you take this call judiciously.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Dinesh,

We have always been very strict with users who just promote without providing any value. Entire accounts are removed, at least 3-4 accounts are removed almost everyday.

The concept has always been - people who add valuable replies gather more enquirers and as a result more business. Many don't seem to understand that and go about posting their profile text everywhere. We are hoping that if we are able to streamline the process of gathering business the incidents of user accounts making repeated promotions will reduce. So, in effect, this will be more about bringing the rogue users into this concept of getting noticed by virtue of actual useful conversations. Which the nicer consultants are already doing.

I feel there are a lot of small companies who need consulting but are weary of getting into any sort of agreement with anyone. Maybe the cost is prohibitive. Maybe they are not even sure about the costs involved.

There may be so many things we aren't even considering right now and maybe we are just completely wrong about our assumption that this, in fact, is a requirement.

So do share your views about how the consulting area works - when people inquire about the costs? What are the general segregations of consulting work? Do consultants carry rate charts of things they offer? How do they decide these rates?

If we were to create a platform to allow users to showcase what they offer, what would be the best way to make it appealing to the buyer of these services.



From India, Gurgaon

One must share his knowledge with a view to being helpful.
The more you share,the more you learn.
I have learnt a lot from the erudite posting of some members who liberally quote case law,Sections of various acts and their own knowledge.
The forum has really got an extensive database of knowledge which should be enriched and added to for benefit of the users.
But I also note some members are posting threads earn 95000 PM join Amigosoutsourcing.There are multiple posters abut the same company.
I really wonder whether such threads have value or even how genuine they are.
As far as those who try to promote only their business,I am sure users will be able to notice them and take appropriate cognisance of their posts.

From India, Pune

I am currently working on a script to weed out repeat posts in one go. The script will also keep a lookout for such kind of repeat posting in the future and immediately take action.
We have identified about 18000 accounts which have done this and you'll find the community much cleaner very soon. That said we do want to develop an interface which will allow consulting companies / consultants to push their profiles to users who request for such information. Do comment on the previously raised questions to help us understand how things work.

From India, Gurgaon

Many small businesses are unaware of all the legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements of various inputs to Government,Municipality,IT ,ESIC,PF etc.
Good consultants are there who would help out in managing their businesses.
Probably there could be a drop down menu for every user where in he can post his requirement for consultation and the website can let him have access to consultants who are members of this learned forum.
Suitable disclaimers can be framed, so that user cross checks suitability,rates and then can decide about whom to consult.
Random posts of data entry -make easy money-all such posts can be avoided or rejected if script is worded appropriately.
This forum should be a base for HR people to be able to browse and learn from others experiences,member advice etc.
HR staff should always think of Citehr as the first place to go for HR related info.

From India, Pune

1. How does the consulting business work?

It is not a very structured field in terms of accreditation, certification and fraternity. First of all, there is no central agency that has become a must for consultants. We do have CDC (Consultancy Development Center) and ISTD but not many consultants are liked with them. It is all about who does good work and BD and get clients. The market is also very different in terms of working from region to region. Delhi NCR is 90% relationship selling where as Bangalore and Mumbai are very different.

2. What information do corporates look for when they are looking for independent or small consulting firms?

Corporate companies ask for consultant’s profile or company profile to begin with. This is followed by a meeting and rates negotiation and then presentation of Approach Note and then contract is signed.

3. What helps them choose?

There are a lot of factors:

 Experience of the consultant in the domain

 Certifications

 Place of operation

 Word of mouth or some reference

 What solution the consultant comes up with?

4. How do they (Corporates) find them?

Some of the sources could be:

 Job sites

 Social media

 CiteHR

 References

5. How do consultants find work?

 Personal contacts

 Business development via mails, calling, meeting

 Cold calling

 Job sites

 Social media

 CiteHR

 Association with an agency like CDC (Consultancy Development Center)

 Member of some organization like ISTD

6. What are the general segregations of consulting work?

 Training consulting

 HR consulting

 Management Consulting (Strategic, Ops, Business)

 Engineering Consulting

 Technical Consulting (IT, Hardware, Technology based)

7. Do consultants carry rate charts of things they offer? How do they decide these rates?

Yes. They have a range of rates. They decide it depending upon the experience they carry, type of client, scope of work, duration of work. For example, a fresh trainer might charge 3-5 K per day for facilitation and an experienced trainer might charge 12-15 K per day.

8. If we were to create a platform to allow users to showcase what they offer, what would be the best way to make it appealing to the buyer of these services?

Based on my personal observation, a portal or some features like would be great.

We can also have different categories like, experience, certification, and competencies for the corporates to choose from.

From India, Delhi
gopinath varahamurthi

Dear Friends,

In the virtual world let me give my heartiest and pleasant greetings,

All the issues when clubbed together we find a beautiful solution, with one more agenda of discussion, like that I do entered in Cite HR some times earlier I did give some comments etc., yet, cite HR should evolve to a high grade in a particular way of going a head ..

1) a lot of questions are employee based PF, ESI, wrong submission of accounts, service problems(related to HR, retirement, pension etc.,) really pathetic and poor is one Doctor did not know about service rules..and exploited is the real world exist ..

2) our employer is also a fact of concern without giving proper appointment order, confirmation, PF deducting/undeducting ..some highly rich cases do have the problems of employer recruiting without proper knowledge of recruitment rules is not only a concern it reflects the bad elements in the society...with this what citeHR is going to do?

3) Whether the cite HR is going to help the scholars for employer/employee related problems in the society in their doing Phd etc.,

4) As regard consultant .. a lot of consultants can be segregated .. like motivators of employee, financial consultant, establishing organisations in a particular field, helping the entrepreneurs, others as deemed fit..

5) Advising and questions raised by the members are diligently replied..

In all the above Cite HR is a fantastic place and beautiful to be here is a good thing ... most of the best is In the present day situation ..all other sites when interested in employee based.(1) .this cite certainly a way head of giving the right person to any organisation by its insights, a panel will drawn the chart where the recruiting agents can visit here for the right candidate, the candidate so selected can be supported at all points (2) Consultants of various categories pool together and form to segregate the right way of getting the works done/services rendered with cost effective way (3) Consultant fee can be fixed as a pool in one place (4) This is the cite can make impressions at all places ... So, the consultants of varied nature stay here for better opportunity ...

best of luck ...

From India, Arcot

Wonderful suggestions have come up in this forum. At this stage, I am also fumbling with ideas.
One thing would like to suggest, if appropriate.
From the list of clients provided by the consultant, the admin can select randomly any client to verify the association and level of sophistication of the consultant's work.

From India, Delhi

A great discussion over this topic. Every consultancy use th edifferent strategies to grow up in their businees. some of the consultants use the services which are paid and some uses their contacts to find the best candidate for their clients. Some of the gaint job postals gives the services to access the uploaded profiles of the candidates. By paying them you ca them and refine the actaual candidates from it.
T 7A solution is a job consultancy in bangalore offer you the commendable services to explore the right job ooprtunities.

From India, Ludhiana
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