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Open defecation by around 600 million people has been called our biggest national shame. The latest Census data (2011) reveals that the percentage of households having access to television and telephones in rural India exceeds the percentage of households with access to toilet facilities. India has a massive problem of open defecation. The World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) estimate that there are more than 620 million people practicing open defecation in the country, or half the population. Open defecation is prevalent among all socio-economic groups in rural India; however, the poorest section of the society has to suffer the most.

This well-established traditional behavior is deeply ingrained through practice from early childhood; it is taught.

Other reasons cited for its persistence in India include poverty (the inability to afford toilets), landlessness, tenants in housing without toilets (usually urban), and deep-rooted cultural and social norms that have established open defecation as an acceptable practice.

Corporates can play a major role in it as a CSR activity and brand building.

From India, New Delhi

In the first place, the title is incorrect. A CSR activity can't be a profit making enterprise (of course, I am sure a zillion such schemes will crop up shortly) but ever discussing this is harmful to the CSR environment in this country.
And the subject is one topic, the summary has no relevance to the subject - I guess the count just went up from 620 million to 620 million and one!

From India, Mumbai

What exactly is the relevance of the post ?
What are you trying to say ?
You are quoting statistics that is lol over the net and news. Our prime minister said it too. So what next ?
What does profit have to do with this anyway ?

From India, Mumbai

The author's concern towards "open defecation" is understood & very relevant. The "corporates" can go a long way in addressing this shameful national problem But the post seems to have somehow meandered around the bush lost it's way. Request the learned forum to disuss on the very essence of CSR's constitution.

CSR can be deciphered in various way in various context , I believe , it is the viewpoint that matters & subsequent actions depending upon the genetic moral model , which is again intangible but enforceable with a definite political will . It is true that the society is always a partner for any profit generated by any corporate in any part of the country as none of us actually "owns" the natural resouces , it is the society which collectively owns this. Generally speaking , all of us are therefore accountable to the society for all our actions , counter-actions. Personally I feel , CSR is very correctly called "corporate conscience".

Quoting from Wikipedia :- "Proponents argue that corporations increase long term profits by operating with a CSR perspective, while critics argue that CSR distracts from business' economic role. A 2000 study compared existing econometric studies of the relationship between social and financial performance, concluding that the contradictory results of previous studies reporting positive, negative, and neutral financial impact. CSR is titled to aid an organization's mission as well as a guide to what the company stands for to its consumers. Business ethics is the part of applied ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that can arise in a business environment."

Request my learned friends to respond & take the discussions forward.

From India, Bangalore

Our Company, as a part of CSR activities, are undertaking the reduction of open defecation by helping the individuals to construct toilets and also community toilets. In India, we invest heavily on community toilets but little efforts are made by the local administration to maintain the toilets resulting such toilets are in disuse.
From India, Lucknow
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