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Dear HR ppl,


I am Meenakshi and I am working a HR executive for a small IT company. I need your guidance on an issue our HR team facing recently.
Some of our ex-employees ( emp. those who where asked to leave because of bad performance or bad attitude) spreading negativity about our company. They are talking bad about company to current employees of our company as they know some of them. Also, to their friends (which makes hiring process tough, I guess).

Some example we came to know are, they lie about their current company working timings or work culture etc. (like how their current company is offering better than what we are offering) or they miss guide especially junior by saying bad about our company (like this company is not fair in emp. dealing or they are paying you less and you deserve more etc....)

Even if sincere and mature employees usually have no effect of such acts but juniors usually get affected and become negative.
As we are a small organization, It is already tough to hire good talent and such ex-employees are really making things worst.

I will really appreciate if you can help me on this.


From India, Mohali

Your concern is genuine one. but in all companies these type of gossips always mongers. what you need to do is to shy off and frequently meet your employees and engage them in group activities which will change their attitude.
there are lot of things you need to do to build confidence of your employees. but certainly this can be tide over to the best of your efforts.
keep posting your requirements.
by the way, it is not miss guide as you written, it is misguide.

From India, New Delhi

HR Executive
Dear Jagat, Thanks for your valuable response. and sorry for spelling mistake.
As you said, engaging employees can help us.
Here are few tasks we are doing to improve employee engagement.
1) Monthly celebration. - Include fun activities, game and snacks.
2) Recognizing Star performer of the quarter.
3) Festival celebration in office.
4) Team outings.
We also tried having one to one meeting with HR and ask for employees feedback. But, we find emp. don't really interested in sharing their issues or feedback.
Can you please suggest some steps to increase/build employee trust on the company.
Thanks in advance!

From India, Mohali

on the whole, I doubt your fears are imaginary one. what you do on the employee engagement activities is as good as else where. always you need to speak truth to employees and show results of the management in the area like performance management, traning & development, welfare activities. one company welfare aspects differ from your company. in big multinational companies they allot shares of the company on ESOP basis which your company cannot do.
But my wish is you try to invent/discover your own way of keeping your employee happy with in your resources/ambit

From India, New Delhi
Asha Xavier

Asst Manager HR
As an HR , you can celebrate employee Birth day in each month
If any one trying to develop any bad impression about company means simply call & warn them....just say to them if you are still continuing the same means we wont provide experience certificate & you may get memo too

From India

Manager HR
Dear Meenakshi :
In first instance only, employee may not be open with you but you need to continue such meeting for longer time for them to be confident in you. Meanwhile you can start suggestion box conecpt, wherein employees' can put their suggestions/ concerns.

From India, Mumbai

HR Executive
Thanks @Pranali, very helpful response.
We are panning to have one-to-one monthly meeting with employees or small interaction session of HRs with team.
I will really appreciate if you people can help me in how can we make such meeting more successful.
Topics/Agenda we have chosen so far are like employee experience with company, their suggestions and any issues they are facing, making them aware of current policies or awards etc.. .....
Please keep on adding your suggestions it really helps!

From India, Mohali

Training Operations - CSR
Dear Meenkshi,
While your talking with employees please have concern about their salary level and experience.
I can say you that please have walk with employees and tells about how BEST you are.
All the best...

From India, Hyderabad

Accounts & HR
Hi Meenakshi,

Its very true that Negative Gossip is Harmful in many ways.It can create productivity issues, morale issues (because employees come to distrust each other and the management team), employee engagement and turnover issues (because high-performing employees will look for jobs elsewhere).

5 Ways To Stop Negative Office Gossip.

Tip #1 – Address the specific perpetrators. Your first action should be to stop negative gossip on a personal level by directly addressing the key gossipers one-on-one. Do this in a confidential location and not where others can overhear the discussion, such as a conference room with a door you can shut. You goal is to help the person understand the impact of their behavior and the consequences of what will happen if their bad behavior continues (such as a written warning that will go into their personnel file, demotion, loss of job, etc.).

Tip #2 – Meet with your entire team. After addressing the specific perpetrators individually, the next step is to discuss the situation with your entire team. This can be done by including “gossip” as a topic for discussion in a staff meeting and helping the team understand the differences between negative gossip and positive gossip and the ramifications of each. Then, work with your team to change the department culture to one that encourages positive gossip.

Tip #3 – Encourage positive gossip. Positive gossip can actually be good for companies and employees. This is when managers and employees share positive stories. An example is a medical device company communicating personal stories of the lives saved by the automated external defibrillator the company makes – which can help employees feel proud of where they work, thus improving morale and helping reduce turnover. Positive gossip can also be about individual employees, such as sharing actions where employees went out of their way to help a customer or communicating (department-wide or even company-wide) when an employee comes up with a phenomenal product or product improvement idea that results in a patent. Take time at every staff meeting to share positive gossip stories to encourage positive behavior.

Tip #4 – Model the behavior you want to see. As a manager, if you previously gossiped in the break room with others, that behavior must stop. Employees will look to you for what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable, and you need to ensure you are “walking the talk” at all times and leading by example. Changing yours and others’ bad habits isn’t easy, but once you do so you may just find that your department becomes the role model for other departments throughout the company.

Tip #5 – this one is a “Don’t.” Something I don’t encourage is trying to stop negative office gossip at an all-employee level, such as by sending out an email blast to all employees that “office gossip won’t be tolerated” or trying to address the issue during an all company meeting. Doing so generally isn’t effective because it fails to address the specific offenders – and often causes good employees to shake their heads and wonder why the management team is conflict averse. Instead, provide managers with training on dealing with conflict and encourage all managers to address negative gossipers immediately and directly.

[email protected]
Executive HR & Administration
Hello Seniors! Can anyone share the Appraisal format for different categories like Top management , Middle management & for lower management?
From India, Pune

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