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Hi all,

me is working in an IT distribution firm ... n i am faced with a big problem - how do i, as an HR, keep up the motivational level of the sales force??!

the hurdles in front of me are:

1) the targets of various products vary over a large scale, so the target acheievment is also different.

2) since the dynamics of every IT product is different, spectacular performance of one person in one product is equivalent to daily performance of another in some other product.

3) pressure being high, internal conflict are at an all time high

4) these situations are just cropping up. earlier the number of ppl was less n so were the problems. the motivation was high as there was a lot of internal bonding n team spirit.

the strenght of the organisation has increased in the recent past, n team sprit is taking a back seat, n the bonding is on down.

Pls someone advice wat steps shud be taken frm the HR part.

we have organised a 2 day picnic in Jan, so that some interaction will take place .... but don't think it will be sufficient ....

all the experienced ppl on Cite hr wud have faced such situation sometime or the other ... pls advice ... really urgent...



From India, Pune
Hi Pallavi:

I would like to have more details of your current set-up to help you out.

1. To start with in this festive season, play the game Chisma-Chris child. I hope you know the rules of the game. Just to make it more interesting add some fun to it, like asking the chris-child to do some task everyday.

2. Try to allocate time to each team a week and spend time with them, doing this would help you to know the team spirit level

3. Talk to the leaders of the team and ensure that they visit their collegues place every weekend, just a casual visit. They could carry some fruits or chocolates to their house. Doing this they will be able to understand their families much better and this would bring in a bonding among the members.

4. You will have to make sure, you have all the employees birthdays, Anniversary and their kids birthday list. Make sure you wish them and also try to send across some gift to their house.

5. Monthly once play the management games. It could be related to communication/sales/ Presentations/fungames/Hunting the treasure..ect.. but the bottomline of the meet is to have good team spirit.

6. Try to make sure that the work environment is more friendly environment. As a HR your role would be always to keep encouraging people.

7. Most importantly try to device a competetive incentive structure. Every monthly based on the market research/ keep changing the incentive structure

8. Cultivate lot of activities, like monthly internal newsletter, where in you could mention the names of the members outperformed and some interesting facts.

You will have to understand that Sales team is a high-performing team & backbone of your organization, so keep trying things new. What works for one team might not work for another, but you will have to play your role.

Motivation involves cost.. but you will have to use it wisely.

From India, Madras
hi Radhika,
Thanx for ur inputs ...
pls explain the game "Chisma-Chris child".
i don't know it at all... so wud like to know it in detail....
i have the birthday greetings n all...
the newsletter is underway, but somepeople want it on a larger scale, like hosted on the netetc., so have lot of hurdles to cross in that initiative...
are there any management games (related to sales) that can be played at the picnic??...
looking forward to ur hep..

From India, Pune
Hi Pallavi:

Its a simple game. This could be played for a week or less too. Its interesting to play for a week.

Make a lots of all the names, then each one needs to pick one. The name written on the slip is the Chris-Child & one who picks up is the Chris-Mon/Dad for that chris-child.

Eg: Pallavi has a slip with a name "Radhika" then Pallavi is the Chris-mon for Radhika or "Radhika is the Chris-child for Pallavi.

Simillary "Radhika" will aslo pick out a name and that would be "Renu" then Renu is the chris-child for "Radhika". Hope this is clear...

Rule 1. No one should reveal the names they gets till the end of the game. (1 week)

Everyday- secrectly for one week, the Chris-ma has to give gifts to its Chris-child and can also leave a note on their desk, asking them to do things funny, (Not to talk to someone for 1 hr, or wear a specific colour dress, or wear a hat in office), its based on each one immagination. The gift should be small ones, like chocolate, pens, flowers, keychain... (But there needs to be a gift everyday)

Everyday, people could make the guess and write in on a board whom they think is their Chris-ma.,,(On the board, they could leave a message/thank you note for their mon)

On the last day, they can make guess who is their chris-ma...?? and each one can exchange realy big gifts...

If you still have questions, let me know.

For picnic, play the game - parcing the parcel.

1. Parcing the parcel - Play it differently by adding the theme - Changing names.

Give the parcel to anyone and ask them to do whatever is written in it, now the box needs to be moved to another person by calling their name, the second person should do and then pass it to the next person by calling their name.

Rules: NO names should be repeated, also they should not call their friends names(people who sit the same cubical or bay).

(This game is just make sure everyone knows eachother)

Management Games for picnic..

1. Communication -split to teams. Have 2 or more teams, With 6 or more members but less than 10 members per team)

Make 2 seperate story not completely full but with lots of improper informations. one story for team A and another for Team B

The interesting fact of the game is the story.. (So try to confuss as much as you can, for instance: Story A name of the person - Ram & his friends name Shyam, whereas in the story B, name of the person Shaym and the friends name Ram..)

1. 2 teams - A & B

2. In A - 10 members & in B 10 members (All these members should be standing away or should not be able to hear the story) (Play some music for them so that they cannot hear the story)

3. Call one member from each team and ask them to read the story slowly, Give them 2 mins time.

4.Now ask them to call one of their team mate-1 from their respective teams and now let them narate the story, Now after he hears the story, The Team-mate-1 should call the team-mate-2 and narate the on till all are done

At last you will see the story totally changed..... (Power of communication)

Let me know if you have questions.

From India, Madras
Hi Radhika,
Thanx for the info...
the game really sounds interesting ... n i think it shud bring in th effect i want...
shall be starting the game in Jan n have the finale during the picnic. wat say u??
right now the target pressure is too much... so it won't really be useful...
shall keep u posted on the developments...
do let me know more about motivational practices...

From India, Pune
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