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vijayendra HR

Would like to check on new and innovative ideas on to compensate the comp off ..
We are finding difficult to give comp off's for working on a national holiday/ festivals/ weekends, sometime we are not in a situation to provide comp off due to many circumstances for entry level employees.
Would request people to share ideas on we can tackle this situation.

From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Senior Officer - Hr
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As per Factories Act, an employee should not work continuously more than 10 days.. If any employee works on sunday or any national holidays, they are supposed to avail the comp off in next 3 days. Only this formula will work to follow the above act.
From India, Chennai
vijayendra HR

Thanks Stephen,
Also wanted to check apart from giving comp off, are there any innovative ideas on how to compensate comp off's, reason being when employee apply for an comp off the team manager is not able to approve it for various reasons and because of this the employees are missing out on availing the comp off's.
As a policy we have allowed employees to utilise the comp off within 90 days from the time of grant. ( Many Employees are accumulating these comp off's and taking them during festival Season, whn most of the orther team members would have applied for leaves.
We are facing a challenge in tackling this issue.

From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Vijayendra HR,

It appears that more than compensatory off, your problem is inadequate manpower. Therefore, I recommend you doing workload analysis.

"Inability to give comp off due to various reasons" is so easy to say for a Manager. But does it impact the motivation of the employees? Does it disengage them rather than engaging them to the organisation? Does it foster employee attrition? Have you studied the cost impact of not giving compensatory off within stipulated time period?

Today's entry level employees are your tomorrow's supervisors. Would you like to groom them or allow them to get away from your organisation?

The word innovation is catchy but you cannot give short shrift to the labour laws and call them as "Innovation". This term, if restricted in new product development, curtailing the operational expenditure etc. the better. Accumulation of compensatory offs strictly illegal.

Better ideas always generate from the employees who work at lower level. When you make them to overwork, they might work to protect their employment but they could be withholding their ideas sheer out of grudge. In that case, have you worked out the cost of lost opportunities?

My comments you may not like. Nevertheless, in forums like Citehr when queries are raised, we the members are supposed to give unbiased views. My above views are out of equanimity. Please do not take these personally.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
vijayendra HR

Hi Dinesh,
Thanks for your valuable insights on this topic, we will definitely look in to your suggestions.
I totally agree with you our entry level employees are our supervisors of tomorrow.
Our major concerns is in handling comp off''s, an employee is granted comp off, where in the employee is supposed to utilise it with 90 days from the grant, but most of our employees are pooling these comp off's and utilising them during festive times and that is when the work load is more our line managers are finding it difficult to handle these kind situations, so has part of HR team, we thought if the employee does not utilise the comp off we will en cash them, but the hind sight is that that will be taxed, which will be a loss for the employee, so we are in a process of identifying new ways of en cashing these comp off.

From India, Bangalore

Don't violate the rules as per enactments applicable to your establishment and do not let the managers violate these.
You should rather issue proper communication to declare the compensatory off as per rules..........
No innovative idea shall be sufficient to exempt from penalty due to violation......
Manager might be recommending authority for leave but is not any authority to decline compensatory off....

From India, Chandigarh

Hi Vijayendra, 15.2.2015

The normal practice (as per Factories Act also), the maximum period given to avail Co-off is 60 days. It is not clear whether yours is a factory or . .

If it is a Factory,

1. HODs of concerned Tech.Depts. have to make shift schedule to deploy their workers in such a way that they utilize the services of their workers for extra work on Sundays or Holidays only 2 3 days in a month without affecting essential work; to reduce accumulation of Co-off. In some Cos. 2-3 employees alone used to work on Sunday or holidays to accumulate Co-off & create monopoly . This practice tobe discouraged by job rotation and all available employees tobe trained todo all types of works to the extent possible. Similarly, Rules can be amended proposing employees to take Co-off within 60 days failing which; it will lapse. Rules can also be proposed to fix max. no. of Co-off tobe accumulated; beyond which it will lapse.

HR Should insist HODs to maintain Extra Work Register & Co-off Availed Regr. mentioning details of work done on Sundays or Holidays and are tobe checked by HR Dept. before sanction of Co-off. If there is abuse of working on Sundays or Holidays only to claim Co-off; the matter tobe referred to Senior Management for their infn. & guidance so that even if there is violation of Rule; HR will not be blamed. The understanding & Co-operation of Sr.Management is required to avoid blame for HR Dept. & to avoid violating Rules.

Further, as advised by Seniors, the MP work load analysis and need for extra work on Holidays/Sundays are tobe checked to reduce Co-off problem without violating Rules.

HR Consultant, Ex-AGM-HR&Admn. Bangaluru 15.2.15

From India, Bangalore
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