I am working for a Private Company.I have a confusion regarding their salary structure, Please help me getting it correctly.
For example 45k is mentioned in offer letter, when i get my monthly payslips something else is there. In payslip there are 2 boxes in which they described the salary structure and in another one they described the deduction amount. In first box they are showing my salary 42K which should be 45K then in second box they are showing deduction amount of rupees 3000 and finally they are paying me rupees 39,000.
Please help me getting this structure they are not showing the other 3000 amount anywhere and cutting rupees 6000 from my salary.

From India, Hyderabad
In your Total CTC structure, the Company's Contribution to PF has been added. Your Monthly Gross Salary is Rs. 42000 + Company's Contribution of PF Rs. 3000 = Rs. 45000 your total CTC pm.
In your payslip,on the left hand side ,your total earnings are shown i.e Rs. 42000.
On right hand side , total deductions which include your share of PF i.e Rs. 3000 .
Please note that in PF there is a contribution from employee plus company . Both the amounts are deducted on monthly basis and deposited in PF Account.
Further there might be deduction of Professional Tax (State wise), Income Tax and miscellaneous deductions like canteen,transport (applicable if any).
So dont worry, what is deducted from your salary is not legal.
Please call me if you need any further clarification.

From India, Mumbai
I appreciate efforts of Sumit in trying to make sense of your salary slip by making assumptions. But really, how do you expect someone to give you an answer simply by seeing vague things in your post like - 2 boxes which are in my salary slip.
At least upload a copy of the appointment letter and salary slip !
If you seriously want to know, then you need to give the proper information

From India, Mumbai
When any company selects a candidate and offers after mutually agreed, CTC package and take home package, the candidate's responsibility is to clearly understand the structure offered.
In addition to Gross salary, there will be PF company contribution, Gratuity component, ESIC if any, (company contribution), After addiing this, Cost to Company CTC arrives. As per Gratuity Act, Company has to make provision after completion of one year to Gratuity Fund.
Candidate should understand that take home salary is based on Gross salary after deducting PF, ESIC (employee's contribution), PT, loan, advance etc.
Hope this is clear.

From India, Mumbai
Please refer offer of appointment letter. It is the responsible for an employee to discuss about the CTC per annum, per month, Total gross salary per month and is there any hidden deduction etc during the interview and finalisation of salary.
If they have given wrong salary, please have your discussion with employer and politely and diplomatically raise your claim and try to resolve the issue.
Otherwise please don't worry you claim the money from
the employer by raising a dispute before the concerned labour commissioner vide section 33 (c) 2 recovery of money due from the employer.

From India, Madras

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