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Hi, I believe a person who joined my team doesn’t having any IT experience. Please let me know how can I inform the same to HR. Thanks.
From Denmark, Taastrup

Appreciate your effort to inform your HR timely. However, before proceeding would want to understand that your doubt is based on facts which will remain unchallenged no matter how deeply it is examined.

Hence, please allow me to begin by asking your role in the team. Are you the reporting manager to the new hire ? If not are you a team member and how is your team structured? What is the role in which this person is hired?

A little background on your role would help us guide your correctly .

About your doubt to the experience claimed by the new hire, how did you detect his or her incompetence ? From your statement it sounds as if the new hire have the education in place but not the practical experience . How did you arrive at it?

Is your doubt based on a factual incident where a work was allocated to the new hire and he or she couldn't deliver? Are you sure there was a conducive environment for performance? How close is the skill required to deliver the job from what any other new hire may have? Have you tested this person on the basic skills? At times, basic skills differ from that required in the delivery phase. Such as a programmer may know a computing language very well. However , developing a product would still remain light years away. Product knowledge often requires many more addendum on the threshold skills.

Given the fact that every new hire will bring his or her own learning curve , did you count that in? Are you sure the learning support is in place to bring a new hire up to a speed?

Every answer to these questions , will help building your case stronger.

Please keep in mind that the new hire have gone through the same interview procedure that every other employee working in the role went through. Hence the opportunity for error would be minimal.

When you claim the fraudulent , please be assured that you might ruffle a lot of feathers. The new hire might not be anyone's favourite , but the fact that you would prove a gap in the hiring system might back fire . Hence please pre-wire that first. Talk to your superiors to understand how such cases were handled earlier .

You effort to save your team from a bad hire must not be misconstrued . Hence make sure you are rightly understood by your reporting managers.

Please keep none of your personal agendas around it. In no case you should try to get any limelight or credit out of this situation. Stay focussed on serving your organisation and none of your personal gains.

Raising a red flag during the probationary period would help your team. Wishing you all the best in your effort to save your firm !

From India, Mumbai
Maheshram4: Really?
Then all you need to do is speak to the HR Team, who will then decide on next steps.
The appointment letter usually has a clause or clauses that state that the offer is being made on the basis of information provided by the candidate and any incorrect information can lead to termination, etc. If they have a similar clause, then you should have no problems at all.

From India, Mumbai

Irrespective of the clauses, which state that offer/ appointment will be revoked, if incorrect information is provided by candidate. Action of termination cant be taken until & unless, domestic inquiry is conducted.

Here, I would like to explain, that candidate shall have right to bring a lawyer for his/her defense. Moreover, Appointment is a kind of Contract between employee & employer, as per Indian Contract Act,1872. Hence, detailed investigation within the boundaries of LAW is required. Thus question asked by (Cite Contribution) is very much important & relevant.

Thus, HR can be informed but HR have to be very careful while taking actions. Mare fact of claiming, that a candidate don't possess sufficient IT experience cannot be considered as sufficient evidence for termination. Again if any suppression of facts has happened, for relevant experience, by the candidate during interview then entire procedure/ process of Hiring has to be checked first within the boundaries of LAW.

Hence, detailed facts within the light of very strong & proper evidences, must be examined within the boundaries of LAWS. And only after that, something concrete can be suggested for future line of action.

Thanks & Regards

Sovik B

From India, Mumbai
Dear Maheshram,
Ms.(Cite Contribution) has advised you perfectly.
Its good to caution your HR ..however take care that your judgement is sound and based on facts and figures and not purely on gut instincts.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Maheshram,
(Cite Contribution) has raised very pertinent questions and given you sound advice like others. so, let me make a point or two before making a general request to our members.
In law, just your belief is not enough. You have to state facts and based on that evidence investigations should be conducted. I know for a fact that sometimes people are appointed based on other considerations; for example, people belonging to the same club like Free Masons, a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK), etc.
I take this opportunity to appeal to members to give details of the scenario by answering questions that (Cite Contribution) has expressed. This will save a lot of time for members that respond and motivate others to give precise answers.
Many a time, people will not respond to questions which do not give enough information.

From United Kingdom
Thank you so much. Thanks All for your replies. Excuse me for giving late reply.
This is just for clarification. Is this fair if i complain about my colleague to a HR(Candidate is for sure fake). Do HR have a bad impression on me?
Please let me know on this. Will proceed further based on your reviews.

From Denmark, Taastrup
You should not complain without any evidence. You can speak with your immediate supervisor about it & can sent an e-mail or letter sharing you views. That is also in 'FYI' form. Means, you are sharing your perceptions with them & kind of problems you are facing. And remember something perception is always not correct with reality.
Rest, let them decide based on facts, evidences & circumstances.
May god bless you & take care.
Thanks & Regards
Sovik B

From India, Mumbai
The courts have upheld that any information provided by the candidate, if found incorrect or exaggerated, can lead to fair termination by an employer specially when the employer has stated it in the 'Employment Contract'.
Flagging an employee concern to HR is right - it's the HR's responsibility to verify and determine action. And if you are castigated for it, then you should just bring in a new HR team.
Lawyers? :gasps: Needless complication.

From India, Mumbai
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