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BPO Abscond Issue -- Need Help - IT company Background Verification issue

Dear friends ,
I am in a very need of help and very upset too .,
I was working with a well known BPO for 1 year and 2 months approx for my expense and study needs , and mean while with that money i did some course for IT since am graduated in Btech , while working in BPo itself i got a IT job which clearly fits my IT needs and the studies i did while working in BPO .,
The IT job i got is a world class company ( i dont wanna use the company name but well known to almost all IT guys ) ., so i asked for immediate releive from BPO and tried to negotiate to buy off where they did not accept too ., They forced me to work atleasst 1 month and no BUY OFFs . Iam very confused .

The hook is i need to join the IT company in 5 days of offerred date else they wil retrieve it . I was happy at that moment and join IT company too . Now its 3 years passed and trying to switch over to new company which again is a very big company , got offer also . Now when they do back ground verification seems that am getting on my past BPO experience as abscond . I dont know what to do . It almost stopped 4 more offers as of now because of this issue . Now am almost jobless though i have technical skills in acheived .

I checked with that BPO company again where they are again giving experience certificate as no due left off but a word with " ABSCOND " . They are still very strict and not ready to give me expereince letter without that hating word .

what can i do now . Does it mean i wont get job at all. I have a family to take care of too and am only the earning person now . unfortunately am married too . Am feeling like crying .

I need some help and advice on this problem i have . can any one advice ?

Kindly share me your contact numbers at " " since its pretty urgent to seek advice and i have very short time to fix . I will call you asap .

Thanks in advance for your responses .

From India, Bangalore
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Assuming that you have requested them to remove that word from the letter and from your records, how have they responded so far?
The only way out for you is to request them on humanitarian grounds , since you have cleared all your dues. Reach out for the senior most HR Leader in that organisation. Request and apologise till he/she listens.
If required offer them the buyout, if its still valid.
When you apply somewhere , share your situation with your prospective employer . Share the documents that shares you have cleared all your dues. Try and get some industry leader or your ex-bosses to vouch for you. Request them for a letter of recommendation.
The right employer will hire you for your skills. Stay in a very strong mindset for your next best role.
There is always a solution to every problem. Lets find the one for you.
Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai


There is no need to be worry about anything or no need to cry because i believe there is nothing like you cant handle or fight with your present situation.

You are educated, big boy and i believe can understand the decision of BPO authority but because you have to join new employer to seek better career opportunity which is your right too, and your present employer is not allowing you to go away, however, you are ready to buyout your notice period, I would suggest you to draft a letter with details and responses of your BOSS and need to meet the HR Head (or the any of Director if possible) directly. You just need to be polite and request them that you need this job as to grab good career opportunity.

Also you need to share these things with future employer (IT Company) and tell them that you talking to your HR/Employer to get you relieve as early as possible and required their help in extending your joining date.

Be honest, confident with your both employers and I am sure, you can make it.

But one thing is really important for you is to manage yourself first. Until you say yourself that you can handle your situation and convince both the employers, you cant do that, therefore, you first have to win yourself, have to convince yourself, have to motivate yourself first.

Best of Luck

From India, Gurgaon

Did you submit notice of resignation or resignation with immediate effect and do you have the copy and proof of delivery or acknowledgement?
If yes contest the charge.
The resignation can be without permission and notice...and the moment employee has resigned he has ended the employer employee relationships...
Did the company supply acceptance of resresignationFNF statement,FnF wages,PF number & a/c slips,ESIC CARD,service certificate,relieving letter, FORM 16...
If NO demand to supply these by Redg.Post..
If you are unable to handle it on your own entrust to your lawyer dealing in Labor Law matters and handling criminal cases..

From India, Chandigarh

It's a big dilemma since you have plenty offers but joining will not be confirmed. As said above in this chain, try to convince your past, BPO employer. If you done full and final settlement, they have to issue you Form 16 and FNF, experience letter. You will not relieving letter as you did not serve notice period. But after FNF they should clear your background check. You only request them. I have seen my friend had same problem and went through big pain but manage to find solution. He talked to his previous employer, made FNF and received experience and form 16 letters. Even he had resignation acceptance mail copy. But above all this, they should clear your bv check, which was passed for him.

You have several other options-

1. You tell the truth to your new employer and ask what other document they want to prove your experience with previous firm. For my friend, even big IT mnc gave him option to submit form 16 for that year and was ready to onboard him.

2. Since its your first job and non IT experience, you can eliminate it from your cv and easily get rid of it. You can convince employer for that period, your were doing technical course and searching job. You may have to compromise on salary as it takes off few years off experience. But that should be ok, as you have whole career ahead.

3. Generally IT companies does BV check only for prior 5 years. In your case if you stick to current employer this may work. Current firm should take you back. Try switch after 5 years of completion.

4. Finally, you can seek opportunity in small firms since they do not care about bv check.

From United States, Wheeling
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