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Mohammed Junaid Mirza
Had a very bad day with an interview with a arrogant HR Miss XXX of YYY company here in Nashik Maharashtra. She is not only Arrogant but also a bad manners lady, Really a bad day it was.
From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Mohammed,
We emphathise with you. Life is made up of good and bad experiences. One should not expect to come across with good experiences forever. But then what has happened that you have not mentioned. Why you say that the interviewer was arrogant and also has bad manners? Did you reach in time for the interview? Was there some flaw in the documents that you had carried with you? Inadvertently, did you pass some negative remark?
You could have written little elaborate post.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Dear Mohammed,
Mr Divekar has asked very pertinent questions so that he could help you. I am sure the purpose of your post is, not only to just vent out your affected feelings and pent-up anger, but also to get some useful input from others.
People like the person who took your interview, do teach us in a different way. It is ‘HOW NOT TO BEHAVE’ with others.
As you calm down, jot down what all you want to share, one by one. What were the questions asked and the answers given /not given? What is the specific bad behaviour you wanted to bring to the attention of the forum members?

From India

Dear Mohammed ji,
Do not feel broken with such small things in life. You are the master of your own self. Never give up.Make yourself strong enough to cross over all odds.Corporate world needs you.Why worry on one such failure.I am not interested what exactly has happened with you.I am interested in your potential to win the world.pull up and head on to strike again.And you will always win.
Thanks regards

From India, Vadodara

we learn from our failure rather from success. Do control your anger. Do go through my link and relax.
Anger Management
capt Rajeshwar Singh

From India, Thana

Heard some cases of overbearing attitude of HR Personnel,in Interviews.Without taking sides,will only state that HR needs to facilitate;not intimidate.
Take a deep breadth and move on Mirza,tomorrow is another day.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Mohammed,
There is a saying that " you need two hands to clap."
Also it is better to see "half glass full rather than half glass empty"
Life is full of experiences and every experience teaches us something for our betterment.
May be this experience will help you in shaping your future.
p agrawal

From India, Delhi

Hi Mirza,

All of us do come across odd interview scenarios. A couple of experiences of my own,about a decade back would probably make an interesting reading!! All you need to do is - stay confident and get on with life.

Fag end of 2005. He- one of the Personnel Managers with an IT giant. He had a sheet in his hand to fill up the blanks. There he goes after the customary pleasantries. The first question:

What is your father? Where? Which branch?


What does your mother do? Where? Which subject?

Sister? Which co.? her qualification? subject?

My date of birth…

When am I planning to get married? In the next 1 year perhaps, I said. I wasn't sure; but it would be after my sister's wedding-when he persisted with the query. Again- will you get married in 2006????

Why did I shift so many jobs? I said I was always looking for better prospects; but since I never had the opportunity to work with a reputed cmm level company where I would get a learning experience I was still on the lookout- in the process gradually moving from a hospital to an IT company- and the compensation increasing from a meagre 3.5K to 25K per month over 6 years.... (Am I to be blamed?)

Again the same question- but why do you change jobs every year? Well, I said as already pointed out, I didn't shift from an Infosys or a TCS or an IBM or a … ….(that was where I was being interviewed). He was far from convinced!!! There he was- all the time dutifully filling up the blank spaces against each question. The guy would make a great data entry operator, I thought.

Just another of those farce!! But then on the positive side, this chap made me wait for just over half an hour after the scheduled time and duly apologized for the same before getting started with the data entry process. At least he was punctual when compared to an HR Manager at another IT major. Here the HR counterpart had made me wait for 3.5 hours from scheduled interview time and acted as if everything was perfect. I had reached the venue after a fifteen-hour journey and had booked the return ticket for the same evening with enough buffer time. The last thing I wanted was missing my work the following day. By the time the hero turned up, my return trip was already jeopardized. To me it was my chance to let him know how unprofessional he was (when you are young you do that!).

Then, after waiting for a month I had to send the first of nearly half a dozen follow up mails to get the travel re-imbursement that was promised to lure me into attending the interview! A wonderful weekly exercise to improve your business communication skills, if you haven't tried yet; that too for about 1,500/- bucks....May be there is something by name destiny or luck that takes people to heights! Who's wrong- the interviewer or the interviewee??? Unfortunately there's no room for such a question!


Robin Thomas

From India, Kochi

I agree With Dinesh D, As i am also from Nashik, As an HR she should have treated you fairly.. But take it with Pinch of Salt..
From India, Nagpur

Hi Robin Thomas,
You have nicely explained how people behave in a whimsical way
regardless of Professional ethics.
The painful aspect is that HR happens to be the custodian of "Human Behaviour" !!!
Bringing to light such acts of misdemeanour, will help the aspiring young professionals
to learn about bad examples in the society.

From India
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