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I am Lathashree working in a software company as a HR Executive.
The management wants me to make changes in the HR department, as of now the company had not followed the HR policies fully and they want me to implement the change.So can you please guide me with :
1.What are the HR Policies i should implement?
2.What are the HR Documents i should maintain i.e from Recruitment to till the Exit of an employee.?
3.what are the Other general things i should do for the HR Department?
I am a fresher so please guide me.
1st December 2014 From India, Bangalore
Dear Lathashree,
You have to keep the record of employees personal files with these documents.
2.Offer Letter
3.Appointment Letter
4.Address Prof
5.Educational Certificates
6.Previous Employment records (Eg.Offer letter/Appointment Letter/Salary Slip/Increment Letters ett)
7.PAN Card/ Passport/Adhaar Card/License
8.Light Bill/Telephone Bill
9.Passport Size Photographs
10.Your Company's Employment for etc
1.Recruitment Policy
2.Separation Policy
3.Performance Appraisal Policy
4.Leave Policy
5.Attendance Policy
6.Uniform Policy
7.Reimbursement Policy
8.Grievance & General Behavior Policy
9.Incentive Policy
Almas Shaikh
1st December 2014 From India, Mumbai
Dear Latha, I’d like to add on Exit and relieving policy Regards, Bharghavi D
1st December 2014 From India, Bangalore
Hallo Mrs. Lathashree

Sub: Framing/Developing of Policies for HR Management / to set up HR Dept.

I thank you for your query regarding the above subject.

In my last two Organisations ( labour intensive Mfg.Cos.), I have followed/developed following Policies/Steps with all Rules, Procedures & Formats to Manage/Set up HR Dept., Hope; it will be useful to u/ur Co.,

I am based near Bangaluru and will be happy to clarify all details. Please contact on 9535470460.

(Some of the Below Points are only to develop HR Policies. You may . .skip / ignore if not relevant /applicable to your Company).

1. What are the HR Policies currently introduced /

Implemented ?.

2. Which are the Policies Management wants to introduce ?

3. (Some of the Policies are furnished below for Ready Reference)

All POLICIES for Recruitment, T&D, Framing of Standing Orders, HR Manual, Leave Rules, Service Rules, Leave Encashment, MB Rules, C.A., LTA, Medical Reimbursement, Medical Treatment, Performance Appraisal, Performance Incentive, Production Incentive, Benevolent / Death /Accident Relief Fund / Adarshanidhi, Bonus, Gratuity, Superannuation Scheme, Advances for Medical Treatment, Marriage, Education, Purchase of House, Vehicles etc.,

M.P./HRIS Reports, Man-power Planning, Succession Planning, Salary Admn., EPF,ESI, all Statutory Licence, Returns, Compliances, Contractors & Contract Labourers, Transport, Canteen, Security, Insurance, WC, Wage Settlement, Disciplinary Procedures for Absenteeism, Issue Show Cause Notice, Conduct Enquiry for various Misconducts as per Certified Standing Orders & Service Rules, Lay-Off, Retrenchment, Strike, Dismissal, all types of Terminations, V.R.S., Superannuation, Exit Formalities, etc.,

4. Attendance/Punching System, Out/OOD/Visitor Pass

5. Absent Reporting Form/Monitoring/Disciplinary Measures to control

Absenteeism- Memo, SC Notice, Enquiry, Termination under A.O.S.

6. Do you have a Standing Orders ? / Certified ?

Compliance with Certified STANDING ORDERS,

Do’s & Don’ts / Duties, Obligations of employees,

. What employees Supposed to do & what NOT to do-120 Points.

Mis-conducts for which employees


(Kindly check No.of Duties & Misconducts included in the existing SO)

Effect of Non-Compliance/inclusion

7. Do you have Leave Rules framed for the employees ?

8. Details of SL/CL/PL+PL Encashment,Leave Card/Register+MB

9. Recruitment / Appointment Procedures / Policies

10. Man Power Indent Form

11. Company Application / Bio Data Form to collect full details.

12. Screening Applications for Interview / Selection Form

13. Check-list for Interview- Form

14. Interview Assessment & Approval for Recruitment Form

15. Check-list for Appointment - Form

16. Offer Letter / Appointment Advice

17. Medical Examination for Fitness

18. Joining Report, Induction Process

19. Personal Files with all Certificates - Contents Form.

20. Rules & Regulations relating to Appointment.

21. Terms and Conditions, Salary Fixing in Appointment Orders

22. Service Rules -All Circular, Office Orders, Rules,

Systems, Procedures, Practices etc. framed for Compliance.

23. O.T., Extra Work - Co-Off Application/Register

24. MP Monthly Reports, MIS

25. Statutory Reports / Returns / Compliance

26. RIGHTS of Employer on Employees

Employees are appointed & paid not only to be present but also

to do assigned job, Actions for Negligence / Neglect of work,

27. Work Execution, Job Description, Daily Duty Chart

28. Disciplinary Procedures for Mis-Conduct

29. Constitution of various Committees

30. Welfare Activities/Policies for the Benefit of employees

31. Transport, Canteen & Medical Provision

32. EPF & ESI, All ACTS, LAWS, Welfare Schemes/Measures.

33. ISO Certification, T&D

34. Employees Turnover per month,

35. Resignation/Terminations/Exiting Procedures, Notice Period etc.,

36. Exit Interview Form to get feedback from Leaving employees.

37. Whether Company has a Salary/Pay Scale/Grading/Categorising

of employees based on Qlfcn. Exp.,Designation, Salary etc.,

38. Performance Appraisal/Assessment for Regularisation of Trainees,

Confirmation, Promotion, Special Increment, T&D etc.,

39. Contract Labour Registration with LO, Registers, Licences

40. Factories Act/Shops & Estt.Act, Records, Registers

In addition to the above 40 Points, the Steps mentioned in the Main Letter i.e., STEPS FOLLOWED TO SET UP H.R. Dept. for Mfg.Cos. / Estt., together will give full inputs required to setup a HR Dept.

(I have all Policies on HR Matters in Soft-Copy. The List with Rules, Procedures & Formats will be provided as per your needs).

Charges could be negotiated.

All these POLICIES are made with supporting Formats, Rules, in simple terms with my long(30) years of exp. in various Mfg.Cos. in Soft Copy (in Pendrive) for easy adoption and implementation.

I request you kindly to Identify your Specific Subjects/ Policies to frame HR Rules and inform me; for further needful action.

I am grateful to you for sparing your valuable time to look into our Proposal and I now request you to give me an opportunity to train & implement HR Policies in your Organisation.

Thanks and Regards.


H.R. Consultant & Advocate,

AGM (HR&A), #.FS 478, Dr.Ambedkar High School, CM Lay Out , Hiriyur, Chitradurga /

# Rahaman Bldg., Chikkamaranahalli, Devasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka, S.India. /

Mobile No. 9535470460 Email:

Email: , Qualification: BA,LLB, PGDPM, (MBA-HR),

Ex-Member, NIPM, Calcutta, Ex- Trainee-Member, Indian Institute of Management, B;lore.

Languages Known: All South Indian Languages + English & Hindi
2nd December 2014 From India, Bangalore
Dear Lathashree,

Ofcourse you have to have so many updated. Apart from what have been stated by other members take care of these -

- Every HR generalist and specialists are expected to know thoroughly Labour Laws of the Central and State Govts. applicable. May be it's appropriate what are all relevant to your Estt. This will help you to have a comprehensive knowledge of the LL and what are all you should comply with and records are to be maintained.

- If you have Conduct and Discipline Rules (to deal with Industrial Relations, inter-personal relationships, domestic inquiry, penalties etc.) it's fine and if don't have then you have to draft it and get the competent authority's approval for implementation.

- Then comes the "Sexual Harassment in work place" guidelines/rules.

I presume you have the Registration under Shops & Commercial Estt. Act and go thru' those provisions and comply with them. Similarly EPF/Gratuity/ESIC rules if they are applicable.

All the best.
2nd December 2014 From India, Bangalore
More often than not the interview candidates give false information about their personal or professional details (like address, qualifications, past experience, designation or the salary last drawn etc.) There should be a thorough verification at your end, either directly or through independent agencies doing such verification professionally. This system of verification after an employee joins, is already prevalent in most software companies and large industrial houses. You may consider this aspect also.
3rd December 2014 From India, Pune
I want to make rules for sales team... as some employees are not following the rules directed by their boss... i have to make some strick rules so that he starts following the rules made by mgt. and does not make bad impacts on his team and other employees also.
My main query is ... all employees has to submit travel expenses by every month to HR dept. after verified by their reporting mgr. the problem is one manager is not verify the same and send it without signatures to HR dept. which is not correct. and his behaviour is very causal , always hide the mistakes of his team in front of mgt.
please suggest what should i do...
4th December 2014 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Lathashree.
Am great full explain some of few points about your clarification I know what is the problem for fresher candidate .
First you have to maintain proper file name and u know that what are all the job description and your management support so once you found it easily you will do it.
I think your confusion of all your records .when the employee join in your organation you have to collet all the preperbly documents keep it each name separate file what are all appriasl up to exit policy reports .
Satutuory compliance reports are doing depends upon labour law just u know that about ESI ,PF ,PT salary sheet, Bound register and make it separate.
And also some compliance register also you have maintain like salary with wages form.nouns fform.leavform .compliant register. And related satutoury returns also you have to do like esi pf yearly returns half yearly returns
So I think.based on this you will learn if u want any quirey plz contact my cell
4th December 2014
Dear Prasad, I have called you for discussion, please let me know the suitable time to call u. I hope our discussion will help a lot in my career. please help me and guide me
5th December 2014 From India, Gurgaon
Dear jyothi. I don’t have any problems any discussion just do callcall evening time. Regards.... Prasad
5th December 2014
Dear Ms. Jyoti
Even am facing the same issues, but what diplomatically we can do is being a HR we need not to do any police job but we can regret the claims with good grounds,saying no sigh or approval, throw the ball in the sales head court , say diplomatically .Drag the claim as much u can ,so he will respond to u . I can strongly no companies will support HR than the sales team,since they are front to the company. Many times i got stressed thinking the same as a HR.
Many thanks
8th December 2014 From India, Madras
Hi Ms. 9.12.2014


================================================== =

This has ref. to your query reg. non-compliance of Dept.Rules by Sales Team people with the connivance of their Manager. I cannot suggest a definite solution without knowing the actual situation there; more so it is inter-Dept. issue not directly under HR. Every Co. will have Dept. & Functional Reporting.

However, Management expects HR Dept. to monitor, control Attendance, Salary, Wasteful Expenses, theft, mis-use, dishonesty, negligence etc. & to ensure Discipline in all HR&Admn.Works. (Hope; you have Standing Orders (SO)/ Service & Leave Rules which are the main Instruments for HR Dept. to ensure Discipline in a Co.) Security is made to Report to HR to give Intelligence & Vigilance Report, Group activities. HR Also gets grape-wine activities Reports so that HR can appraise Sr. Management of all activities going on in the Co. to take remedial steps. But you can take action only if you have SO & other Rules or else; employees can say; they have not been informed.

The Appt.Order is a binding Document & must be drafted with all essential points,(30 points) given to all employees & Every Personal File must contain Acknowledgement.

Besides Attendance controlling, when employee goes out; OD Pass must be approved. If employee doesnot perform, OD, Tour Report & TA Bill to be rejected. All Forms like OOD, Tour Diary, Advance Request Slip, TA Bill, Expenses Bill must be printed with proper CHECKS & BALANCE to create awareness & Duty consciousness & accountability which is lacking in some Cos.

HR Head can be a Sr.person from Production, Commercial, Marketing or any Director itself; but they must take steps to maintain Discipline. HR Manager should tactfully appraise Seniors to enforce discipline in case of non-compliance by any employee to get Management support and that is the role of HR. Though automation has increased production, efficiency etc., it also lead to lose connection in Human Relation/Values since everything is in MAIL (some donot tak it seriously as in case of Document). S.O., LEAVE/SERVICE RULES MUST BE PRINTED, EXHIBITED & CIRCULATED TO ALL TO EDUCATE THEM & FOR COMPLIANCE. IT CANNOT BE LIKE TV NEWS & MUST BE DOCUMENTED AS PROOF.

Hope the above may be useful to you. I can assist to setup HR Dept. / frame various rules for your Co. Please call me on 9535470460 for any details.

H.R. Consultant & Advocate,
9th December 2014 From India, Bangalore
Hi latha,
Believe you got cleared about your query like to setup with the norms and other things.
Let me share you about how to frame the policy and how all to build up things and make it effective.
<link no longer exists - removed>
Human Resource Policies - Encyclopedia - Business Terms |
Policies & Regulations - Office of Human Resources - Policies & Regulations
Hope its useful..!!
15th December 2014 From India, Chennai
Dear Ms. Malik Jyothi 6.1.2015



================================================== ==========

I thank you for your query reg. HR Policies, Rules, Procedures & Formats.

I am sure; you would have gone thru’ my Proposal Letter wherein I have given some of the imp. Policies, Rules, Procedures etc., and requested you to identify Specific Subjects / Policies you needed so that I can compile them into a Folder. Some of them are in MS Word & some in Excel in my PC.

I shall send u more details of Policies etc., to frame Specific Rules / Setup HR Dept. on hearing from u.

C.Neyim Khan,

HR Consultant & Advocate, Ex- AGM (HR&A),

#.FS 478, Dr.Ambedkar High School, CM Lay Out , Hiriyur, Chitradurga /

# Rahaman Bldg., Chikkamaranahalli, Devasandra, Bangalore, Karnataka, S.India. /

Mobile No. 9535470460 Email:

Email: , Qualification: BA,LLB, PGDPM, (MBA-HR),

Ex-Member, NIPM, Calcutta, Ex- Trainee-Member, Indian Institute of Management, B;lore.

Languages Known: All South Indian Languages + English & Hindi
6th January 2015 From India, Bangalore
Dear Jyothi,
Now that you have clear idea about what all HR documents are required, you can get various such
documents from StartupHR Toolkit which even I'm using currently.
You may refer to the link:
25th April 2019 From India, Ahmedabad
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