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Hello Senoirs,


I need a solution of my issue. I am working with a small company. Our offie timings is 10 to 6. We work monday to saturday. But from last 1 months i am facing this issue and i dont know how to handle this. Our office boy comes at 10 Am then he open office and make cleaning and all. Its all take 20 -25 mints more. We have to wait til 10.30 to start the work. I told him to many times to come on time as we all come before he comes. Our office boy is wotking at our boss home as a servent too. he is working from past 10 years. Yesterday when i again asked him to why you are so late he said that boss never told me anything he knows i open office by this time. I discussed with my employes to change the office timing by 1 one hour. But they said we are coming at time this is not our look out if office boy is comming late. I discussed with my Admin Manager as well he also said that he is the person who looks for office and Boss's house work. In this condition what sould i do? Do i need to my boss for time changing? As employees are not completing 8 hours. Please suggest.


Another solution:
Ask him to clean the office in evening..dusting mopping everything when the all employees have their shift off.
So in morning only basic things will be pending which can be done while employees are working on their seats.

@sethil Thanks for ur reply, I will write a mail to my boss and wait for his decision.
@Lavika Kindly note he is the only person who has to coolect the keys from my boss home in morning and then he comes to open office by his time.

Dear Supriya,
Did I say he doesnt have to do the cleaning in the morning.I simply said that finish the cleaning tasks to some extent in evening so that employees can start work in next morning and your office boy will open the office at 9-10 whatever timings you guys have.just the work will not suffer.

Dear Supriya

Do you know that the personal servent and personal driver of the boss always think that they are next to the boss ??? It's common in everywhere.....Also, in small companies , they are very faithful to the boss.....Boss came to know even small informations of the office through them......

You can write a mail to your boss as suggested by Lavika....I can tell you what can be the next scene after you sent a mail to your boss......Boss will call you or replied you to talk to the peon strictly to maintain the discipline of the office....that peon will come by 9.45 for the next 5-6 days and then he will start coming after 10 am. Situation will not going to change for him...but certainly your situation will change thereafter...That peon will start to harm your career...and he will easily do it......Please don't under estimate the power of a peon or driver who is directly related to the big boss....

What I usually post in this forum is purely practical experiance taken from my 20 years career in the industry....

Your co-staff can support you from the back...Write a joint application to your boss .. I can bet ,.90 % of your co-staff will not sign there. No body will come to support you in case you are in body will approach boss in your support.

So don't be a scape goat...let the things going on as alone can not change the culture of your company..

Dear Supriya.

Thank your for the query. It will also help us to suggest a solution if you kindly provide some more information. For example, how large/small is the orgnaisation and the nature of work that is carried out. Also, if you can state in which State it is located, it will help us to appreciate the culture there. It will also be useful to know how far does the boss live from the place of work.

Let me give some examples from my experience how things workout when a person is asked to work both in the office at at the boss' home. In the university I studied, the registrar and other top bosses were in the habit of asking the "Office boys" (For a better word) to do errands for them (Like, doing some shopping) when they went on official work to the bank, etc. The office boys would go home for their lunch, spend some time and then go to the banks, etc., and spend most of the afternoon and return to work.

In one extreme case, an office worker who used to do such errands was asked to wash some women's clothes by a Minister's wife, and the worker of abused too when he refused. The following day the worker took the load of washing and dumped at the feet of the minister when he was in a meeting.

I can keep giving examples, but I won't.

Finally, if you can put an estimate of the financial benefit that would accrue from people starting work on time, in the short term, and the customer dissatisfaction resulting in either no loss of existing business , the boss may be more amenable to your suggestions.

Thanks supriya......I can tell you one real story which happened in my previous company...In my previous company , one Bir Bahadur was workign as our Chairman's personal driver. In that company , driver related to our directors are entitled to the following benifits :

1) They will get overtine if they work after 7 pm.

2) They will get of Rs 150/- as a fooding allowance if they work after 10 p,m in addition to OT

3) They will get Rs 100/- if they come before 6.30 a.m in addition to OT.

4) They will get OT plus Rs 100/- if they work on sunday or holiday

We all knows that all the director's driver takes the previlage of being the driver of the Director/ MD/ CMD by submitting false vouchers. I usually passed all these bills..I never ever asked any question on that false vouchers. I never raise my fingure on any vouchers. I just closed my eyes and signed all these vouchers.

But that time we had one smart cashier...I have told him number of times not to raise any questions on their bills...But he thought that he can be the hero of the company if he can raise questions on these vouchers.

One day , before paying amount , he ask a question to Bir Bahadur that " where he had gone that XYZ day after 10 p.m ??" and " Why he came before 6.30 A.m on that XYZ day ? " Sher Bahadur replied that I am not ready to reply your question.

Then our smart cashier told him that I will not pay you a single amount if u can not reply me properly. That time every staff supported our cashier and praise him for doing a great job

Sher Bahadur , did not take the amount and left the place....

In the evening, while driving car on the way to CMD's residence.....he gently told CMD that our cashier wants to know where you have gone after 10 p.m on that ( XYZ) day ? And also want to know why I came to your residence early in the morning ??

After hearing these......CMD called me....and ordered me to make the Full & Final payment of that cashier withing 30 Mnts time...He just told me " it is 4.30 p.m ..I will give you 30 Mnts time.....our cashier should be out of our company forever withing 30 mnts with all full and final payments. "

Surprisingly , that time no body came forward in support of our cashier....instead of that all the staff started saying in support of that driver.......

This a small example of the power of a driver or a personal servent of Directors.

Sorry if I am wrong supriya....

Mr/ Ms Simhan
Please note that the person is just an office bookish theory can be worked here specially in that company where Ms Supriya works...
I am Mr. Please let me know where I have given "Bookish theory". I have given examples from my experience and not quoted any theories.
It would have been more appropriate, if you would have given some sound advice as to what would work in Supriya's situation.

Thanks for the reply @Nashbramhall. We are into logistics service in Mumbai. We are growing company with strength of 30-40 employess. And the dictance b/w office to home is hardly 10-15 minutes by two wheeler as he (office boy) has been provioded two wheeler for his outside work. The same problem is happneing with our company also. He has to do all the bank related work on daily basis at the same time he has to go to Boss's home if any he receive call from their. I alreday has discussion with my admin manager egarding his late comings on daily basis but he also told me that he has lots of work to do of boss house in morning or till late evening so this is fine if comes by 10-15 minutes late in morning and if boss is not saying if anything that what can we do.

Kindly put yourself in the office boy's shoe and tell me what you would do in his situation. As far as I am concerned, if I were in your position, I would not bother. How long have you been with the company and what's your role?
I can't see why people have to wait till he cleans the place. As long as he opens the office on time, you should be able to get in and get on with your work. "Where there is a will there is a way." Hence, if other workers want to do work and see that the young company grows, they will work. However, if people are their only to earn, then they may not be flexible. In a company that I worked, whenever the company Director was bringing customers around, my boss would start tidying the department; the engineers and technicians would say "It's ok Neil, we will tidy it." By starting to tidy himself, he made sure that the others cleaned the place. Instead of that, had he asked others to clean he may have not had that response.

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