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SLA Consultants is offering economical trainings in Delhi NCR like HR Generalist Training cum Placement Programme in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida NCR Online that will help you to have a shining career.
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SLA Consultants India

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SLA Consultants India : HR, MIS, Accounts, Taxation Practical Training Inst. in Delhi NCR

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Filing an income tax is vital for individuals and organizations both. Not doing so can lead to severe consequences. So this is the reason we at SLA consultants have developed the Advanced Income Tax Course that can be taken by anyone. This Course is delivered by qualified Charted Accountants who have through knowledge on dealing with every aspect of Income Tax. They would let you through the basics concepts of Income Tax Management so that even if you dont have any experience, you can still file your Income Tax with ease. They would also guide you on the paperwork that needs to be completed by you in a time bound manner so that you dont ever get late in filing your taxes.

SLA consultants have been delivering this training since over a year and we have a lot of satisfied customers that attest to the fact that they have benefitted from this course. This Advanced Income Tax Course is an initiate on our part to help people and organizations to reduce their dependency on Tax Experts. Even if you are in a full time job, you can still attend this course as this course is delivered only on weekends. Feel free to Contact us to know anything regarding this course.

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Income Tax Courses and Training - SLA Consultants India <link updated to site home>


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How to value your employees?

With the rising competition among the companies and lack of talented employees, every company is seeking a new way to keep its existing employees happy. If you are also looking for a way by which you would be able to keep your employees happy and thus retain them for a long period of time then here are some tips that can help you out.

Be Honest: Your first step should be to be honest with every employee. Never make promises like promotion in every 6 months if you cant fulfill them. You should also trust your employees to be there for you during tough times by telling them if and when the company is facing financial difficulties. Most employees would stick to an honest employer for a long period of time.

Be Trusting: Your next step should be to trust each and every employee. You should try to develop the skill level of every employee rather than firing them. You should also set the targets and leave it to the employees the methods of achieving the targets. If an employee has not performed well during a single month, you should motivate him to perform better the next month rather than scolding him.

Offer Rewards: Your next step should be to offer rewards to the best performers in front of everyone. This would keep the employees happy and even the non performers would start performing when they see that you reward good performance.

Now if you are an HR person or wish to be one who knows all the aforementioned tips and tricks to keep the employees happy then do enroll in HR Generalist Practical Training Institute in Delhi. It would teach you not only the theories of HR but would give you practical exposure as well which would certainly enhance your career progress.


SLA Consultants India

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VBA Experts are getting quite a good attention these days. If you own or run and organization then you must be wondering that why everyone is hiring them? Whats so special about them? If yes then you have come to the right place. Here we have explained that why VBA experts are getting so much attention these days and why even you should consider hiring one.
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How VBA can help the HR Department -

If you are thinking of undergoing VBA Macros Training Course in Delhi then you should know that its a perfect decision. As a VBA Expert you can help the organisation in a lot of ways. One of the most useful things you can do is to assist various departments in their smooth day to day functioning by using VBA. This would help you to be a useful tool in the organisation and no one would ever think of firing you. One of the most crucial departments you can help is the HR department. If you are wondering how you can do that then do have a look over here:

Employee roasters: You can create a macro for the HR personnel by which they can keep track of the shifts assigned to and the attendance of every employee of the organization. They can know which employee did overtime and which one took off early as it would help them to prepare the salaries accordingly. It would also save them a lot of legwork as they wont have to visit every department to see which employee is working on which shift.

Quiz development: HR department constantly needs to test the skills of the employees especially after the employees go through a training program. With the help of vba learnt in Excel vba Training Course Institute in Delhi, you can help them to develop a quiz to map the effectiveness of every training program given to employees.

Now if you want to learn vba without spending a lot of money and from the experts then contact SLA Consultants today. We can help you out in the nest possible manner. You can even attend a demo class to decide whether you are comfortable or not.

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hello friends, pls suggest me how to get better job in accounts & finance sector without experience...
From India, Mumbai

i think you should take a Practical Training Program in Accounts & Finance from SLA Consultants India. there have Course Duration: 70-75 HRS With Highly Skilled 3 - 4 Corporate Trainer For 10 Modules
E Accounts & E Taxation Training By Chartered Accountant
for more info click on link...Accounts ,Finance and Taxation Training Course Institute in Delhi, Accountancy Training, E-Accounting and E-Accounts Course Training, E-taxation course in delhi, Financial Accounting Courses Institute, Accountant Courses, Accounts & Taxation Practica

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Worried about how to accurately manage people and time in the organization system?

Checkout the below discussion: Time & Attendance Management

Over a period from the age of industrialization to today's Internet world,

Time & Attendance still remains a critical function & even concern for every HR.

1 What does Attendance for employees in an organization means?

-The average In & Out time for employees or the time of start and end of shifts is known as Attendance.

2 Now what exactly does Attendance and its management means?

-Attendance management is the act of managing presence in a work setting, which maximizes and motivates employee and thereby minimizing loss.

3 And if you are on loss due to employee downtime, then it is time to opt for a good time attendance managing system.

4 Attendance management encourages:

5 Saving lot of time and money

6 Promotes optimal and consistent attendance at work

7 Ensures proper utilization of the human resource capital

8 Ensures maximum productivity

Here are few examples of the effectively managed systems in our corporate world:

Average In & Out time for employees: this will help company set the time of start and

end of shifts or day's work as per employee satisfaction which will result in increased productivity.

Working hour's flexibility: there are many companies who mandates employee to complete 'X' hours of work during the day anytime. This system provides flexibility to employee to come anytime and leave office as per his / her convenience after stipulated time.

Automated Attendance: it enables an organization to automatically know if any employee has not reached office within stipulated time. So that they can immediately contact the employee to know his whereabouts & well-being and provide assistance if required.

"Managing time, people and keeping them productively active is the mandate of Attendance System"

We at SLA Consultants India, providing a comprehensive training in HR Generalist activity.

For detail information write us at or visit at HR Generalist Practical Training Course Institute in Delhi NCR Call- 9999491895, Internship Program, HR Training Companies, Human Resource Training, Best HR Generalist Training Institute, HR Generalist Training, HR Practical Training, HR Practical Co

**Waiting eagerly to hear from you with your comments, queries and suggestions?

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IntelliPayroll Prodigy Technologies

Benefits of implementing Payroll Software in an organization
Payroll software has taken burden off the HR shoulders and made payroll very easy task and “anybody can do” task. Payroll Software many times also referred as salary calculator not only helps in payroll related task but also assist the finance department of the organization with various reports. These reports help in determining the payroll outgo department wise/ branch wise/ employee type wise etc.
By saving time the HR is now more dedicated to other core areas of HR like recruitment, appraisal, employee motivation programs and other productive activities.
With the advent of SAAS based software online payroll software has made job of HR very simple. The employees now don’t have to necessarily depend on the HR for salary slips, form 16, leave balances and other reports. Employee himself can login to ESS (employee self service) portal and download all the related documents. Moreover employee can apply his leave application from the ESS itself. This has made organization agile and productive and decreased the friction between HR and employees.
With complex payroll software one can also generate provisioning reports on various factors like gratuity provisioning, on leave encashment, on salary increment etc.
Leave records are mandatory to be kept as per government regulation and for this employer needs to maintain leave records for each employee on annual basis and for each employee in the organization on monthly basis. On top of this leave encashment is to be done on the payable days monthly or annual. These activities drains out HR’s energy and the HR takes lot of time to do these non-intelligent and non-productive tasks manually. A good payroll software helps in all this, it will automatically leave record of each employee and generate monthly leave report as per rules and thus HR’s time is saved.
Human resource is important to any organization and to keep them happy and upbeat is the job of the HRD and if HR department is busy in calculating payroll, and salary related work then it takes a hit on the overall health of the organization.
One can also implement complex formulae in the payroll software including conditional formulae. Say for example if an organization wants to give attendance bonus to employees having no leave and a lesser bonus for say 1 leave then it can be implemented as conditional formula in the payroll software. Similarly if late coming charges are to be deducted from the employee salary then it can be done simple by providing late mark data from attendance and implementing conditional formula

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Conducting an interview is one of the easiest jobs an HR person has to do throughout his or her career. It is a job that can be done after just reading over a candidate profile through his or her resume and asking related questions. In most cases, the HR is saved from the hassle of asking technical questions as the management or Technical Expert has to ask them.

There have been a lot of content written on the topic of interview mistakes made by the candidates but here we are focusing on the interview mistakes made by the interviewers, especially the ones belonging to the HR department. Here's a list of such mistakes:
  • Being busy: The interviewer should never seem busy while conducting an interview. You should keep your mobile on silent, not let visitors in and never reply to your emails. If you seem to busy the applicant will feel neglected and he may think that you are not interested in hiring him.
  • Getting too personal: You should never dig too deep in the personal life of a candidate. Asking him about his marital status is fine but enquiring why he is not married yet would fall under the category of "rude."
  • Using a bored tone: You should never use a bored or monotonous tone or expression while interviewing someone. It makes them feel degraded and they think that you are not interested in who they are and what skills they possess.
  • Making promises:You should also refrain from making promises to a candidate. You should never tell him that his chances are good unless you get the confirmation from the management or the Technical Associates. Making statements like "I think you will get hired" may lead to severe disappointment to the candidate if he is not selected and he may never think of joining your company again.
  • Scaring the candidates: An interviewer should also try not to scare the candidate by making statements like "The Technical Manager is very knowledgeable and he will only hire the best candidate." Such statements may break the confidence of the candidate and he may give up even before he confronts the Technical Manager.

Do you wish to know about more interviewing mistakes? Join SLA Consultants <b>HR Executive Training</b> in which you will learn every technical and non technical aspect of the HR along with learning about latest HR trends. The training will help you get a good job at the company of your choice as you will become an expert in human resource management within a time span of few weeks only.

The cost of this course is not too high and so every person, even a housewife or a student can afford it which will help him or her to make his or her career. To know more about this amazing training and how you can get started with your <b>HR Executive Training</b>, please contact us and talk to our representatives for a few minutes. They will surely answer all your questions.

From India, Mumbai
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