Anyone who aspires to become a human resource for a flourishing organization must enrol themselves in a short term HR trainee course from a training and development institute where he or she could learn the required skills and knowledge and enhance their expertise in the HR field. It is a fact that one of the most important jobs of any business organization is the job of an HR. An HR is responsible for almost everything that is going on the company, from hiring suitable candidates to training and rewarding them, from making necessary decisions to understanding and fulfilling the requirements of the employee, everything is done and mange by HR.

Thus, it is, by every means, necessary for the candidate who wish to become a professional HR to attend a suitable training course in order to hone the skills and knowledge and none can be better than HR trainee. HR Trainee is a specific and special course designed for aspiring HR candidates where they are given specialised training sessions on how to handle several job responsibilities of an HR with utmost accuracy.

Who are eligible for the HR Trainee course?

First of all, the candidate must be a graduate in BBA or hold a post graduation degree in MBA HR as the course will only teach the candidates the job responsibilities of an HR. Any additional skills such as computers, accounting, business or MS Excel would be recommended, but it is not mandatory to have.

Duration and fee structure of the course

The course is only 3-4 months of duration, which can also vary from one institution to another as so does the course fee. However, it is always advisable to pursue the course from a highly standardised and recognized training institute and not just a regular one with little or no prior experience of providing such intense training.

What are the things the student will learn from the training?
  1. The student will be trained on how to prepare and update employment records in the database management system.
  2. Using advanced MS Excel and Tally ERP 9 tools to easily evaluate, store, analyze and maintain important data of the company.
  3. Identifying the areas where manpower is required and posting for jobs on online job portals.
  4. Recognizing the most suitable candidates for the job profile and scheduling their interviews in the company.
  5. Taking interviews and finding out the most appropriate candidate for the profile out of many and discussing salary along with completing documentation required for a new employee.
  6. Training and rewarding the employees in order to motivate them to perform better for the company.
  7. Maintaining a healthy relationship between the company and employees.
  8. Resolving any kind of conflict that one may have for other in the company.
  9. Keeping records of employee performance and leaves taken.
  10. Performance management system to help the employees enhance their skills and contribute more to the company.
  11. Calculating the income of the employees after deducting holidays, provident fund, income tax and others while adding dearness allowance, rent allowance, incentives and overtime.
  12. Operating SAP, which is an enterprise resource planning software that helps in organizational management, time management, personnel management and many other valuable processes.

These are a few of the things that the students will learn in a short period of time from an HR Trainee Course. It will surely help them to grab every lesson and sessions they have studied in their graduation in detail and give them an additional information on how to handle different job tasks without any difficulty.

What job profiles one can go after once the course is completed?

After the completion of the course, the candidates can give interviews for HR executive, HR administrator, HR Assistant, HR Generalist, etc.

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The success of any business organization is totally depends on how their Human resource Management operates during hard times. It is the job of the human resource of the company to lead and manage every department of the organization and look after the employee benefits, relations, performance, safety and staffing levels as long as they are in the company. They are also responsible to identify areas where the company is lacking and need improvement. And thus, make the necessary actions to fill those gaps with the help of talented and experienced staff. Since, the job of an HR is quite important for the organization, they do get a right amount of salary package which forecast their responsibilities.

And if you also wish to become a main part of the Human Resource Management of any successful organization, then it is necessary that you attend a human resources training courses from a quality training institute. The fact is candidates who aspire to become an HR professional believes all they require is an MBA degree in HR in order to land a promising job opportunity. However, this is certainly not the case these days as recruiters have now become extensively strict when it comes to choosing a desired candidate for their HRM. Surely, they also wish to hire someone who possess brilliant technical and analytical skills, outstanding communication and interactive expertise and of course the ability to manage every trivial operation that is happening in the organization with their great knowledge, which is not possible to grasp through a degree program.

This is where Human Resource training comes in. This course is a short term job oriented course designed to help the aspiring human recourse professional to learn and understand the jobs and responsibilities of an HR effectively and train them in tackling every possible interference and conflicts that may arise during their job term. Below are some of the things that you will learn from human resource training course:
  • Maintaining the work structure and updating the job descriptions and requirement at all posts.
  • Recruiting and selecting suitable candidates for the job profile by searching, evaluating, scheduling interviews, testing and conducting interviews.
  • Prepares the employee for new assignments and takes care of them until they are a part of the company.
  • Providing training to the new employees and meeting them with the complete team members.
  • Resolve any conflicts that may arise between two employees due to professional and personal differences.
  • Maintain payroll processing for the employees in a timely and proper manner.
  • Maintain employee benefit programs and ensuring legal compliances.
  • Motivating the employees to contribute more to the company.
  • Keep the technical and mechanical aspects of the company updated.
  • Giving regular reports of employees and assignments to the human resource management in order to make important decisions.

These are a few of the things that you will learn from a quality human resource training institute. In order to attend the course, the candidate must be graduated in any steam (BBA would be most preferred) and possess some remarkable interactive and communicating skills along with technical understanding of computer tools such as MS Excel, Tally, MS Access and SQL server.

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Pursuing MBA is a wise decision taken by a majority of the students. MBA is the best way to get prepared for extraordinary challenges and tasks that help your career to grow. If you want to equip yourself with the utmost managerial skills, then MBA HR fresher is the best thing you can do today. There are many institutes that are offering excellent MBA HR course for the students as well as professionals. But a majority of the MBA students are making silly mistakes that might decrease the chances of achieving success. If you are seeking an MBA in HR, then you must go through these common mistakes. Hereís the perfect guideline that might help you to avoid these mistakes for achieving success.

Get admitted into an unaccredited MBA institute

This is the foremost thing that you need to consider while searching the best MBA institute for conducting HR course. As the demand for MBA increases, so does the number of institutes. But you must be aware that with the authority of the institute. The institute should be accredited by the local, state or central government. You must ask for the authorized certificate of government before getting admission in the institute. If you failed to check out the credibility of the institute, then you might be trapped in a fake account. Furthermore, if you carried out this fake MBA HR fresher degree for applying or switching job, you have to suffer from many obstacles. Thus, it is important to enroll into the accredited MBA program.

Selecting the Wrong Specialization for the Program

You must need to identify your interest and skills in order to select the best subject for the MBA program. MBA covers a wide range of specializations including MBA HR fresher, accounting and many others. You must need to select a proper program which is concentrated with your career goals. There are numerous MBA students, who applied for MBA before realizing the specialization. There are many options to select in the MBA specialization. Most of the students commonly select finance, marketing, and management, but the program is not only related to these three subjects. You can conduct MBA in HR for standing you out of the box.

Not Focusing on the Study

There are many students who had taken MBA study as granted. They consider MBA program with their college studies. Thus, they ended up losing their money and precious time. There are many students who started MBA but didnít able to complete it because of last of focus and hard work. Although MBA program offers a flexibility of time to play your own studies, many students just neglect the assignments and attention in the class. Thus, they end up losing their time and money.

Spending huge amount for MBA

The most common mistake that students conduct is spending the huge amount of money for doing MBA. They didnít figure out institutes that are offering financial help for students to carry out MBA HR fresher degree. So, those who are paying their precious pocket money for doing MBA are making a huge mistake.

Thus, avoiding these mistakes can help you to reach career advancement.

Authorsí Bio

SLA Consultants India is a well known training and development consultancy firm located in New Delhi, who specializes in offering wide range of courses that include MBA HR Fresher to their candidates.

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Though the term hiring freeze has been gaining a lot of importance lately since the US President Donald Trump imposed it, this term is not new. Itís an old method that has been adopted by companies from all over the world to make the staff more efficient and control the costs. If you are working as the key human resource professional in a company or your have a vital HR Executive Job then you must know what are the benefits of hiring freeze and why HR must consider it. We have listed all the benefits over here:
  • Get Rid of Unnecessary Job Positions: The first benefit of freezing new recruitments is that you get rid of all the unnecessary job roles you thought were important when your company had more revenues coming in. These job roles may include recruiting a specialized recruiter for separate departments to appointing more sales people than you actually need. When you let go the people working in the unnecessary job roles, you will end up saving some money for the company. Who doesnít want that?
  • Hire only Revenue Generating Employees: The second benefit of implementing the hiring freeze is that you get to hire only those employees who generate revenues. Sometimes, when the hiring freeze is not there, the recruiters make the mistake of focusing too much on recruiting for not so urgent positions that they negate the value of recruiting employees for vital roles. During a hiring freeze, all your focus would be on ensuring that the revenue generating employees are hired. More revenue generating employees means better profitability for your company. You want that too, right?
  • Multi-Tasking Employees: When you opt for implementing a hiring freeze, you get the benefit of expanding the abilities of your employees. Usually, when the employees of a company realize that there is a hiring freeze going on and there is a possibility of firing the workers, they will be more eager to work extra and learn new job skills. As a wise HR, you can easily make them multi-tasking employees by imparting regular training and offering incentives.
  • Lots of Low-Cost Workers: During a hiring freeze, companies often hire part-timers, freelancers or interns. They are cheap human resources who would nearly do enough work like a regular employee but will be happy in getting paid a bit less. They will often not expect any extra benefits like healthcare benefits, paid leaves, etc. You can literally hire two part-time employees at the cost of one regular employee and save tons of money.

So, it can be seen that there are a lot of benefits of freezing new recruitment's and everyone from a seasoned HR person to an MBA HR fresher should be aware of it. Two things that the HR must remember while reaping the benefits of a hiring freeze is that the morale of every employee should be boosted regularly so that you donít lose precious employees and the customers are not impacted by it at all. When you do these two things, you will see that freezing new recruitment's is not a bad thing, itís a good thing that helps every company no matter how small or big it is.

Have you implemented a hiring freeze ever? How did it benefit you? Do share your comments below. You are also welcome to check out our website for more useful blogs on real time HR issues. After all, we at SLA Consultants believe in sharing the knowledge with everyone, be it our trainees or the professionals working in the corporate world.

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Human Resources, otherwise known as the HR, is the base of any organisation, they are oneís who develop the foundation and make the organisation grow in peace and harmony. The Human Resource as we all must have heard somewhere or the other is the backbone of an organisation and builds a very strong connection between the employees and the organisation. They make the employees aware of any new policy that the organisation has offered or is about is introduce to them and also let the organisation know about the feedback of the employees of the organisation. In very simple words they bridge the gap between the organisation and the employees.

Human Resource team takes care of the throughout journey of the candidate in an organisation like from the stage of hiring to training till they are productively working in the organisation and also after they depart themselves from the organisation. Every organisation is incomplete without the Human resources making the work easier for them. Human Resources has many responsibilities and becoming a Human Resource officer is not a childís play but is a very difficult task indeed, they need to take care of a lot of on-job circumstances. Anyone who is interested in making themselves excel as a Human Resource officer needs to prepare themselves to take up such challenging job profile.

As we discussed that there are many job roles of a Human Resource officer, let us take a look at the few things that a Human Resource team looks after. These job roles are as follows:-
  • Hiring the candidates who are fit for a particular job profile.
  • Training the candidates according to the requirement of the job and duties that they would be performing during their association with the organisation.
  • Informing the employees about any new policy that the management has introduced.
  • To provide the candidates an equal, non-biased workplace, where they are appreciated and applauded for the work that they do in the organisation.
  • Human Resources takes in the record any appraisals or deductions or additions that are supposed to made in the working professionalís salary.
  • Human resource is the department that can be contacted if a person feels humiliated or harassed in an organisation, they can walk up to the Human Resources team and share their sorrows with them and they would definitely take action against it and provide justice.

These are some of the responsibilities that a Human Resource officer or team has taken care of and if they fail in any one of them, it would harm the organisationís image and the workplace harmony of the employees. Any errors on the part of Human Resources would make the employees feel insecure and unsafe in the organisation. The Certification Course in Human Resources is the ideal course for you if you feel you can take care of such situations swiftly. These courses are available in many institutes and they make the candidate capable of handling workplace responsibilities. They help the candidates understand the work process and role within the organisation. They are trained on many laws like Labour laws, leave policies and Harassment laws to make the workplace fit and healthy for all those who are working in it.

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Have you completed your MBA as an HR and now looking for an MBA HR Fresher job profile? If yes, then you are in the same situation as most of the MBA Freshers, whose numbers are increasing rapidly on a daily basis. This means getting a job as an MBA HR fresher would be very difficult for you as for one vacancy in any business enterprise for the same profile, there would a great number of candidates who will apply. And you need to be both technically and theoretically advanced enough and much better that your competitors in order to grab that opportunity.

If you are eager enough for the job, it is recommended that you take MBA HR fresher training course from a suitable institute. There are several training and development institutes in Delhi and NCR region who offer best training courses for Freshers in MBA (HR) and help them understand the basics and advanced concept of being an HR.

What you will learn from MBA HR Fresher training course?
  1. Learning all the laws and ethics of business: It is mandatory for an aspiring HR to be aware of every code of conduct regarding the business. These include learning Statutory and Legal compliances, EPF and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, ESI Act 1948, Payment of Bonus Act 1965, Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 and many other Company Acts.
  2. Understanding payroll system: A main responsibility of an HR is to calculate and process the salaries of the employees. It must be accurate after the deduction of taxes, holidays and adding overtime and other compensations. It is a very complex procedure which can be done by using accounting tools such as MS Excel and Tally, in which the candidate must be an expert.
  3. Recruitment and selection procedure: The candidate will learn how to understand the capabilities of the candidates who have applied for a proposed job profile. He must be able to select the most prominent one from them and negotiate the salary package. He or she is also required to search for the desired candidate over Internet profiles and schedule interviews with the capable candidates.
  4. Seeing the journey of the employees: It is the duty of an HR to see if the newly recruited employee is satisfied with the working environment and if he or she is not facing any troubles such as technical issues or difficulty with other employees. The HR must also praise and motivate the person to perform better than expected and contribute more to the welfare of the company.
  5. Using technical tools: As mentioned above, an HR must be technically advanced and an expert in using several tools related to the work. These include using MS Access and SQL for maintaining databases, Tally for accounting and bookkeeping and MS Excel for creating customized programs to help operators to perform tasks more quickly.

These are the things you will learn from a reliable MBA HR Fresher training course. The knowledge does not come to an end here. Apart from only learning the practical and theoretical means of the job, the course will also increase the communicating skills and logical skills of the candidate which is very necessary for the job profile.

After the completion of the course, the candidate will be able to:

Build strong relationship between the employee and the organization and enhance communication for better productivity.

Track regional manpower headcount

Follow recruitment process and ensure effectiveness

Work fluently with management to identify and resolve issues and make necessary decisions

Co ordinate with the management team to implement necessary training for particular employees

Provide guidance to HR Manager based on the requirements of personnel's and technology

Keep records of employees attendance and take essential actions to stop irregularly

Course duration and eligibility

The duration of the course is hardly 4-5 months. The student can either join the course during their MBA degree or after completing it. It would be suggestible to attend the course before graduating the course. The candidates who have a BBA degree can join the course.

However, the aspiring candidate also required to attend a trustworthy and well established training institute as only a reliable candidate who offer a Government recognized certificate after the completion of the course. Unlike an amateur institution, these institutes possess worthy and trained instructors and teach the students with updated and competitive study material. Thus, do not wait more and join the best MBA HR fresher course to kick start your career in the field of HR. Get yourself a high paying job and enhance your career at a very reasonable price.

SLA Consultants India offer recognized MBA HR Fresher Course to candidates who have completed their MBA (HR) and wants to lead a career as a professional HR.

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If you wish to end your employment agreement with your company who has initiated a 3 month notice period for you, you need to be very careful in your proceedings. Any inappropriate or disapproved steps can cause you more trouble.
Below are some effective ideas on terminating employment agreement by breaking 3 month notice period:
  1. Understand your contract well: it is important to know your contract with the employer, which is provided during the interview. It states all the necessary agreements between you and the company.
  2. Perform your duties as long as you can with efficiency until you are excused.
  3. Ask your manager for help. Do it by writing and mention your planned leaving date.
  4. Identify the holidays you have left to reduce the notice period.
  5. Be straightforward and professional during your conversation with the employer and donít nod on all his/her talks. Communicate your reasons for leaving well with the employer.
  6. Provide detailed notes on your work and project and hand it to the right person.

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Absenteeism and low punctuality are one of the most serious problems an employer faces in the everyday situation at their workplace. A few misses on the workdays are expected by the employees when an excess of it can cause a serious damage to the reputation and productivity of the company. There are various legitimate and otherwise reasons why employees tend to stay home rather than coming to the work. Below are mentioned some of the major causes of absenteeism and attendance of employees:
  1. Harrassment and bullying: Employees avoid the situation to confront co-workers or superiors who bully or harass them in one way or other, thus calls in sick.
  2. Childcare and Eldercare: There are times when employees just couldnít attend office due to his/her responsibility to their children or elders.
  3. Illness and injuries: The most common reason of low punctuality where the employees feel sick or get injured and unable to perform their duties.
  4. Burnout and stress: Extra workload, stressful meetings and not appreciated can lead the employee to take a day off to reduce their stress level.

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What is the future of Digital marketing in India?
Is it a fad or the sunrise field?
What is the career prospect and growth prospect in the Industry?
What kind of pay scale can be expected if a person is creative and holds certifications from e.g Digital Vidya or foreign schools like IESEG (MSc in digital marketing and CRM?

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