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Respected Seniors,
I am looking forward to an elaborated answer of a basic question about HR, Iíve done enough research before posting this question to ensure that I am not wasting valuable time of seniors in the forum.
Kindly reply,
1). What is the purpose of initial interaction of recruiter with candidate and how does it differs from the final interaction with the senior HR person by the end of recruitment process.
For example, Mr. A took my first round, he was a recruiter and after few technical rounds Ms. B took my HR round, she was HR manager.
2). What was the purpose of talking to two different people from same department working on different levels?
3). On what all parameters was I being judged by Mr. A and Ms. B?
Looking forward to your valuable inputs

From India, Gurgaon

Scalper :-)
The first interviewer may check on the CV, communication skills, compensation etc. and make an assesment per his/ her skills. In case not upto the mark the candidate gets screened out there itself.

Subsequent interviews may check on pretty much the same things, but with the experience of a more senior person as the interviewer. It could serve as a re validation of the junior's assesment . OTOH it could add/subtract from the same.

Recruitment is not an objective science, howsoever may one try to make it. It is, in most cases, a " buy in " by a group of people starting from the person who just screens out the paper cv without any interaction at all with the candidate and ending with the final decision maker presented with a panel of candidates all of whom may have already " approved " the candidate per their assessments .

Each situation varies. There could also be borderline cases or where the candidate has already been rejected but could be suitable for other / future positions and so the HR head - with a broader perspective - is brought in.

From United States, New York

Hi Jordan,

Let me answer you in simple words -

Purpose of initial interaction with Mr.A : Basic purpose of this interaction is to check weather the candidate is fulfilling the basic criterion/eligibility of the position or not, so as to save the time of further interviewers.

Purpose of final interaction with Ms.B : Generally this interaction is done to ensure the behavioral/moral attributes of the candidate are at par with the said position/company. This round is also done to close the offer which include joining time, salary negotiation etc.

2). What was the purpose of talking to two different people from same department working on different levels?

Ans : Generally recruiters are on a junior level wherein they may not be able to judge the candidate perfectly over all the HR aspects, and even the offer negotiation cannot be done at the initial stage itself, so a final HR round with the manager is been done, so that a smooth selection can be done.

I hope above explanation suffices your queries.

From India, Kollam
Hi Janardan,
Basic purpose of interview of a candidate at two levels in the same department is as under:
1. The Junior Officer verifies the contents of the resume and also finds out about the communication skills, reasons for leaving the previous organisation etc.
2. The senior executive assesses the relevance of the experience and suitability of the person for the particular job in his organisation.
I am sure this simple clarification will meet your anxiety.

From India, Delhi

Asso.Prof.(Commerce & Management)

Dear Mr.Jordan,

If I understood correctly from what you posted here, (I visualise like this based on your post) was this recruiter 'A' an external Agency(?) and the 'B' from the HR of a firm who the ultimate employer ? If so, Mr.A who works for B screened all the responses received, short listed them and conducted the preliminary assessment of whether or not the applicants short listed fulfill, prima facie, selection criteria given to them and then pass on those found fit in to the HR after 'a few technical rounds' by the employer team. 'B' had her task on hand with you after the essential rounds, viz., filteration on the basis of essentials-Academic, experience and technical, what was left ? fixation of Remuneration and other matters like place of postings, work responsibilities, joining time etc. Many firms finish these rounds in one or two in person, one to one/team, and rest over phone as well. It's depend on the company's policies/procedures, convenience of interview panelists/availability & suitability of the candidates etc. Some firms finish the process in maximum of two rounds-one by a team consists of both initial verification and technical suitability in one round and other admin/HR matters in the second round and take it to 'offer' stage. Some others might finish it all at one round itself depending on the exigencies and status/criticality of the post. The process will differ from firm to firm depending on various factors. We cannot perceive all would follow one and the same methodology.

From India, Bangalore

Scalper :-)
I thought the confusion of OP was since both interviewers - apparently - covered same ground.
If they asked different questions they obviously were covering different aspects as elaborated in answers above.

From United States, New York

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Hello Jordan,
While your query raises a very pertinent....though not often spoken about.......issue, pl elaborate on the request for more inputs by the members.
There are very valid reasons for the situation you described....but the reasons vary depending on the details of the situation.

From India, Hyderabad
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