I registered myself recently on to this cite.It is excelent.
I am persuing my PGDHRM , presently doing a project on employee files. so wanted to know the difference between offer letter and an appointment letter.I also wanted to know the contents of an appointment letter.If anyone could send a format of an appointment letter it would be very helpfull.
Thank you.
13th December 2005 From India, Bangalore

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Hi sowmyavijay

Thanks for your encouraging compliments... :D

We look forward to your active participation in this forum as well...

Difference between offer letter & appointment letter:-

Offer letter is given when:-

Your are negotiating with the candidate & have finalised his salary & other details which he/she may agreed upon.

It's not a final document as she may or may not join your organization...there are instances when the candidate don't join the organization..here he/she is supposed to the accept the same by way of signing the same...here it's important to mention the clause if the candidate doesn't provide the copy of acceptance of his resignation letter then the offer letter stands null & void...

Offer letter entails the following-

1. Position offered.

2. Reporting structure

3. Date of joining

4. Salary in anual CTC

5. Location

Once the employee joins the organization on the basis of offer letter then he/she is given the eappointment letter after recieving the relevant docs like-

* degree certificates

* experience certificates of previous organizations

* Employee Information form

Appointment letter details the general terms & conditions..esp the services one..

Shall send the format..


14th December 2005 From India, Pune

Rajat's points ar accepted. Here's another bit of logic.

When we issue an "offer letter" it represents a stage that a recruitment decision has been made, all documents, certified copies, photographs etc. have been received. The date of joining is also settled. The appointment letter is not issued at this stage as often we have found that the candidate (mis)uses the letter to bargain with his enployer for a raise. He in fact may or may not have resigned.

It is to protect mutual interests and avoid probable misuse, that we issue the appointment letter ONLY after the candidate actually joins employment. And we do ensure that he receives the letter on THE first day he joins and makes a joining report in the standard format. We feel it is a cautious but safe approach.

The appointment letter is a contract of employment and therefore stipulates besides the essentials mentioned by Rajat, the terms & conditions of employment between the candidate and the employer. Since the employer is empowered to act only on the basis of the covenants stated in the said letter or the applicable law, it needs to be rather detailed and comprehensive. It should be drafted to suit each organization's needs.



December 14, 2005
14th December 2005 From India, Pune
Hi Friends,
Now I want to know that, if any company direct issue the appointment letter with out issuing the offer letter, which kind of problem will occur?
Another query:
when I will issue the confirmation letter? Please provide me the format of the same
23rd December 2013 From India, New Delhi
Dear sir(samdevan),
I couldn't get your logic. Can you please explain me in detail regarding this: "the candidate (mis)uses the letter to bargain with his employer for a raise. He in fact may or may not have resigned"
15th July 2014 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Jhansi,
Mr. samdevan simply say's that one could use given offer letter to bargain with their current employer.
'A' works in a company (x) and passed the interview of company 'z' and he is almost selected for the position what he applied.
if company (z) offers him 50k per annum and he is having 30k in his current company (z), once he get the offer letter he may show this letter to his current company (x) and starts bargaining for his package.
what if the current company (x) agrees for his demand. thus the most of the companies don't issue the offer letter before joining the company.
after all its not a good practice of HR
19th December 2014 From India, Gurgaon
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