Dear Shoeb,

I do not wish to prove you are wrong. But the issue you are discussing and the subject you have mentioned misleads the discussion.

Firstly let me make my perception of term Team - Its a group of individuals who have their own set of competencies who work both individually and in team to achiever the goals. They carry out tasks assigned to them and help others achieve their tasks through cooperation.

Team obviously consists of more than one individual and its composition varies from organisation, place, type of tasks and many other ways.

To have a good team does not necessarily mean they should be from same geographical location. The membership in team has to be goal / objective specific. One who has got the competence to contribute towards the goal / objectives of the team is eligible for membership. Infact it is the essential requirement.

One cant have selection / membership criteria such as being from a particular geographical area. In such a condition one cant have a competent and inturn successful team.

Building a team is a very broad term and involves aspects like individuals cooperating with each other irrespective of their religion, domicile, personal and social customs.

People leaving a team is a common phenomena in todays industrial world but it cannot be coorelated with cases of boss favouring long staying migrants and scolding time punctual locals. A team is far beyond all such things.

If you want to discss the issue of employees misusing the internet / phone facilities provided by company (irrespective of during office hours or after office hours, by localites or migrants), you can discuss it. But please dont relate it to team building or retention in team or lateral thinking.

Hope you have got the point I want to make. I again let you know my views in one sentence: Team building and Retention in team is irrespective of members being localites and migrants. The issue of misuse of office phone, internet can and should be discussed separately.



From India, New Delhi
Hi Shoeb
Thanks for posting, But can you pls tell me if the Candidate taken
Is local & the Manager is good, then also employee leaves the Org,
Why ????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Hiten,

Friend please read my first posting on the caption subject. It is not misleading it is about team retention and I am focused on it and not about misuse of office resources. The comments you are referring to , I used that para to explain my point.

Team is what you get it is easy to build a team. But to keep that team and its moral high and keep them motivated is the real challenge.

I repeated several times do not take this as discrimination against anyone geographical location does matter.Take it in the true spirit.Do not take it personal.

When someone in your team leaves a very close one ask them the real reason. If you follow my advice maybe you can retain your team for a longer period.If you are handling a team discuss my article with your team and try to get their honest opinion about it and I am sure majority of them will be on my side.

"People do not leave companies, they leave Managers/Bosses". It is not the company is bad or exploiting it is the Managers and their behavior which gives the company bad name.

So friend chilled down and please do not divert me by posting misleading post on subject not related to my topic."How to Prevent your Team member from Leaving Team"

From India, Mumbai
What I am addressing over here is the reason which is 75 % responsible for any employee to leave the company.
There are other factors like better salary,better positions,closeness to residence etc. It is human tendency that if the environment is healthy, equal opportunity is given to all,work is appreciated,boss favours and supports the person who work and not his favorite chosen ones during promotions and bonus then no one human will think of leaving such company even if he is paid less.
No human likes a Golden cage without freedom,appreciation and motivation.Meaning good salary but no time left for personal life,no appreciation of work and no motivation given by boss.Some people do take this route but they regret and change later when their personal life suffers.
To decide something like leaving a job 25% reason is not enough.For the rest 75% read my artcile.

From India, Mumbai
It has been proved that productivity is more in a company where there is work force diversity.If u want only local memebers then u can never think about being or becoming global Mr.Hakim. U work only for local not for global.Think with a global perspective.
Ravikumar J

From India, Madras
Thanks for the advise. 8)
But Mr Ravi you must read my comments carefully and with a concentrated frame of mind and not in perspective what some users are reading it thinking it is a bias against non local.
Let me repeat I said "Friend the other side is migrated members should be put in one team. This team should be only of migrated team members only, no local members. "
I hope this answers you. Friend a good manger must have ability to balanced between the management and his team.He should work towards keeping the moral of his team and high and keep them motivated.
If you see in global perspective "Team retention" is the issue, I am discussing over here and in local perspective it is about the reason which contribute for breaking of team. I am not having any reservations towards anyone.
So my dear friend please read in Global perspective and try to understand the global subject of the discussion rather than thinking local.

From India, Mumbai
Although I respect your thought on the way a team is to be built, I feel that the soul of HR is supposed to be unbiased and non-discriminating.
Yes, the performers and the non-performers can be categorized.
This particular situation has a lot to do with the culture of the organization, the maturity of the leadership and the managers.

From India, Bangalore
Madam shanti.sekhar
Thanks for your valuable input.
But in real world HR plays no role, it is a firewall between the company and Employee.
They are just for Formality sake. All the decision are taken by the Management and Managers. HR is there to execute those orders.
Most of the company are outsourcing their Salary processing process,Search and Shortlisting of candidate are done by outside HR Firms,Training and development are done by professional consultants who are not part of Hr team.
The only work left for HR these days are making appointment and Experience letter.

From India, Mumbai
my Dear friend

we must lookforward in a corporate way, if we worked out a yearly leave record most the percentage of taking leave or holidays will same or more or less. here it is what happend that non-local person takes a leave in bulk so it is in picture. we should not think on this point.

further to that non-local using internet, phone calls how are we going to judge that the local employees do not use this facility during their work hrs. do you keep any track on that.

their are many times local employees try to put their local influence by Politics or other sources.

in short a compnay or managers must see how much output the employee has given out of his task or assingment wether it is local or non-local.

for your knowledge now a days as i said many companies are providing phone, internet, all sort of facilities to their employees for their perosnal use too afterall they are also a human being, they have come from very far distance leaving their family behind.

no offence, we must think like a pure HR person.

you are right to correct me for any wrong statement.


Prashant More

From India
Welcome friend in the band wagon of the others.You also have taken this personally and it seems like you yourself are working away from your hometown. So much emotion and sympathy in your words.

Even I am working away from my hometown.So I can understand your feelings and emotions expressed.

I had work many years for Corporate Surveillance and what I am saying is out of experience.

Let me clarify in big cities like Mumbai,Chennai,Pune etc people hardly knew any policticans,they are so busy in their own life that they hardly get time for politics etc, it is the habit of people from small town to do so as they are close to policticans. I observed this in delhi when people break signal and say to cops that do you know my uncle is a minister or IAS so that the copy will let them go.In cities you will hardly find such answers when a cop stops you.

By the way friend you are diverting and misleading from my real subject."How to Prevent your Team member from Leaving Team"

Please take it in corporate way rather then taking it personally and being emotional. I am not in favour or against any one my concern is team retention and I will be happy if you discussed on those line rather then taking about politics and misleading issues.

It seems that you agree to what, I had said about misuse of resources etc.

Thanks again for your valuable inputs.

From India, Mumbai

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