Dear Sir, You are requested to clarify the matter What is the difference of HR, IR, Administration and Personnel Department. With Thanks & Regards, (S.K. Singh)
From India, Delhi
Dear SKS,
Personnel Department is an outdated word today replaced by HR. HR is wholesome and the gamut. It includes IR, increments,promotions,recruitment,welfare,transpor t,wage and salary admin, Compliance of labor law etc.
IR is essentially dealing employees and unions to maintain industrial peace and the role include attending Courts/conciliation etc

From India, Madras
Hello S. K Singh
HR - Human resource who is take care of company resources respect to people who take care their employee and his welfare
IR - Industrial relation who take care mostly legal department respect to people - all related to labor law
Administrator - who take care the facilities of employee like canteen , transportation, ID card etc
Personal Manager - this is synonymous of HR generally used in government department hope this help you,

From India, New Delhi
Dear SKS,
Greetings for the day,
In addition to above cited view i also quote
1) Human Resource: Recruitment, Training, Performance appraisal & Compensation Designing .
2) Personnel & IR : Maintenance of cordial relationship among workman-Management, Managing various committees (Works committee, Health & Safety Committee, Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee & Canteen Committee etc) , Upkeep king of statutory records (licences & Personnel files), montoring of personnel activities of each & every department , Timely disbursement of compensation.
3) Administration : Maintenance of utilities, Housekeeping, P entry etc.
Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Kumar Saxena

From India, Ghaziabad

Many followers have given their valuable feedback. I would like to add as below.

In "Personnel Deptt." days, the department used to take care of salary/wage administration, terminal benefits, some recruitment and welfare activities and Industrial relation maintenance exercise. "Man" was also considered as one of the 3 Ms (Men, Machine, Money), i.e. a commodity.

Now-a-days, man is no longer considered a commodity. Organizations take care of their welfare needs, cultural needs, recreation needs, health program, social needs (through Welfare Committee), skill development needs (through operation of separate HRD or Training department), Industrial relation machinery has also transformed. Earlier it used to come in picture in crisis. Now-a-days it is a continuous process to maintain IR through various committees functioning at floor, plant, region, central level or alike depending upon size of the organization.

Placement of right person on right job and re-adjustment of available resources from time to time is also an important job of HR department.

Hope things might have been made more clear. However there are many more learned followers who may contribute more. Welcome theirs.

AK Jain

From India, Jabalpur
Dear SKS
HR is one of the Departments with-in the Personal Management.
Personal Management is Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Induction, Training, Placement, Promotion and Termination/Retirement
In short
The function of Personal Management starts from the point of planning to start a business.
The function of HR starts after recruitment whereas

From India, Gurgaon

Now-a-days, the term "personnel" is replaced with "HR" So also the term "Personnel Manager".
HR is "macro level" and IR is "micro level". IR is generally operated only in a factory and deals with
"employees' at "works". This deals with factory labour compliance, labour relations, welfare activities
and disciplinary functions, collective bargaining, wage negotiations & settlements (both bi-partite and
tri-partite settlements).
HR is both in Factories (Factory HR) as well as Corporate office (Corporate HR).
Trust, this clarifies your doubts.
Thanks, R K Nair

From India, Aizawl
Personnel Management is basically an operational function, concerned primarily with carrying out the day-to day people management activities. While on the other hand, HRM is strategic in nature, that is, being concerned with directly assisting an organisation to gain sustained competitive advantage.
HRM is more proactive than Personnel Management. Whereas personnel management is about the maintenance of personnel and administrative systems, HRM is about the forecasting of organisational needs, the continual monitoring and adjustment of personnel systems to meet current and future requirements, and the management of change.
The concept of IR sounds in Factories, is concerned with the relationship between management and workers and the role of regulatory mechanism is resolving any industrial dispute

From India, Visakhapatnam

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