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You appear to be biased against HCL and are simply wasting your energy, spoiling your mood and thinking of a some thing uncalled for. This is not a fit case to be filed anywhere else in any court of law. If you think of filing a case in US simply to satisfy your ego, you will be financially ruined. Anyway, it is your judgement and wisdom which would prevail in the end.

Dear all,
All contributors to the thread have explained rightly and in well manners about the non applicability of RTI for private sector but even he is not ready to hear anything so let him do as he wish.
P K Sharma

You are the person who seems to be biased with HCL or probably someone talking from HCL. Remember one thing mate ...I will not get financially ruined ... I know from where to take help.5 Lakhs is enough in New Zealand.I am looking to file a case in New Zealand which will be enough to put dent on HCL reputation in World with virtue of your surveillance.I know many community lawyers and I have done education from New Zealand,We will see what happens.But one thing,HCL,you guys are pretty disgusting.Remember one thing,I will not file case against HCL in USA after going there straight a way.US is completely a different scenario.HERE WE ARE TALKING. HCL is my major enemy and HCL will lose case against me in 3-5 hearings easily because you are completely seen by police through surveillance.Nobody is mugs man.Every corner of police is dedicated for this work.Every part of the world is watching very carefully through your surveillance and police is having enough good access that they are watching same things as you.If you are watching my whole body parts by 24 hour surveillance then police is watching also and I know that.There is something known as security also in World.Have you heard about it.That can be applied.In first hearing,my lawyer will show everything,I will gather the information by searching with my lawyer. Neha HR's for you right and simran and hardeep talk and some odd 10 more surveillance stuff which police will give to my lawyer.Remember,then many other things,just have to collect it that's it which will be done in maximum 2 hearings against you.Police is watching everything carefully and observing and knowing who is criminal even court.They do not need any investigation. US or New Zealand is not like India where money talks, over there justice and judiciary talks.Tell me how will HCL be able to survive for longer period...Even when everything is in front of you through your surveillance,how you can deny your surveillance and for how many hearings you will make truth in front of you,a lie which will be caught.For how long you will make your lie in front of videos of truth a lie which police is watching on the other hand.Are you threatening here.

Not for you mate.I am thinking you as HCL.

It's not only about career,it's a fight for a life and freedom,lets see what happens.I am going there in a year or so.We will see.Well Well !! one thing,how good is my life already which will get even spoiled in New Zealand then all for one shot.Good !! for one shot,It is better and I already has a lawyer and he already has taken 70 thousand and for that 70 thousand,he will survive of at least couple of hearing and I am not idiot either.I am estimating about 5 lakhs only which sums up around 8 hearing and a case for about 6 months which is enough.
life is full of such incidents. any confrontation with authorities would have costs for you. I am sure you don't have a strong case to support your claim. perceptions about your contribution can not be forced upon others. think you should not waste your time and mental peace by taking on such industries as the management has nothing to loose.

I think moderator need to end the discussion as not at all it is fruitful. Further, the person posting query is not ready to accept that the he has decided to terminate the contract. The case does not stand anywhere in the court of law.
If case increased then reputation of media will get involved then any young lawyer can change it into company like any young IPS like to clean up the system.If media involved which is quite evident then there are many kiwi lawyers also and have you heard of Sikh Coalition in US even,brave community lawyers,hardly have to pay money and please don't feel offended,life is just like that,what we can do.
Mr. Gurwinkle,
I think your misd is occupied with certail presumptions. You are not ready to digest the rightly quoted suggestions of the respected members. Better to take your action at your end insteed of discussing in this forum.
Once again, I would like to confirm that any such case is being analysed with respect to certain set of law. Your case doesn't stand anywhere.

somebody wants to threaten HCL and this forum is not meant for that. I strongly believe that if you have a strong case by all means go ahead and Sue insead of venting out your steam which doesn't help anybody.
Mr. Gurwinkle,
You seems a over confident and over qualified person..You have knowledge but I think you are not mature enough for Corporate world.
Conspiracy and politics are the part of corporate world,it depends on us how we deal with these things.
You have invested 2 days but you seems to gain nothing useful because you have closed your senses to suggestions.
You are just frustrated and dont know what to do..If you have decided that you want to file case then move ahead na..why are you waiting for suggestions.
I am sorry but i think "" JO GARAJTE HAIN WO BARASTE NAHI""...I know I am sounding rude but I really dont like when people just think they are right,they have been exploited and ignore good suggestions.We have a very senior and well qualified members who tried to suggest you.But you are not ready to listen,
Go Ahead..and keep us updated with your case status.

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