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OK Great ! When I will stand in court against HCL in New Zealand,USA or Ireland than can you give information at that time.
Because getting hold of HCL or other companies is getting very difficult in India.There are laws you have made which are making very difficult to survive.
You are letting me make that mistake and removing me.
See ! Getting rid of you guys is my priority and main objective.
I know no company will make me manager and my objective remains to fight for justice against HCL and some other public figures.
That's it probably.

Still i will talk to lawyer,if on his behalf i got the information.then i will not stop myself from getting that !!
One thing HCL and other Indian public figures should remain informed that we will fight in court at some point. See you there !! We will have fun there in court. SWEET AND NO FURTHER COMMENTS.
I will ask HCL for information on Labour Court’s behalf.If I manage to do that.
Dear Friend gurwinkle,

Hope you are still with us.

I read all your comments very carefully. I understand under what circumstances you are going through. But you need to keep your mind cool and calm.

I am a member like you only with this forum but still I thought to interact with you here. I am not an expert but still I will support the learned members of the forum who said that RTI will not help you. Mr. Harsh Kumar ji is very right in telling you that you can get information from any Public Authority regarding HCL but this information may not be useful to you to contest your case. According to me you can not get any information under RTI about you and your resignation, your promotion etc. I don't feel that any international law also will come to your help. Any law is based on certain presumptions. How one can resign and then ask for promotion? On what ground any employer is wrong in accepting a letter of resignation tendered? Please think on those points in peaceful mind and take your decision. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

First I was looking for information which I can get.First and foremost thing,I do not think you are friend neither any Indian is friend of mine.I will get harassment and people will use me and you are saying me to remain calm.Step into my shoes then we will talk. I was treated very badly by HCL. Still that girl is taking my advantage and enjoying me.HCL sexually harassed me. They are responsible for it.Two girls and track lead and Manager kept on making false cases against me.I will talk to lawyer If I can get any sort of information.Then tell me one thing then why HCL was not having guts to respond to my background check even that company Marfic Technologies did not respond to background check either.I feel HCL and co did was nothing more than disgusting and act of destroying someone life and career together.Do you know what happened.I was fired for harassing girl and for rude behavior which I did not accomplish at all.Even,I was behaving nicely and was trying to find answer of wrong things and sort them out.But HCL HR,Manager and all were so disgusting that they did not gave me any chance and do you want to know my performance in scorecard.I topped 6 months in work while in between work of 13 months in total including training which was even not proper.Still HCL had courage to do that.How much a company,girls and managers and HRs can make a person toil.I was immensely surprised,how much management can be disgusting and I was not given any appreciation letter also.You know what happened, one girl showed me that she is in love with me and other people from team and in team which I was working they supported her and making sure that she does.When I texted her after thinking for a month that she is a good girl.There was nothing wrong in texts also.In texts, I praised her and then I was given warning email on it.Then I asked one girl who much is your waist because she is absolutely skinny and slim.She is completely lean and I am completely opposite of it then she escalated and I was removed.You know who supported that,a boy sitting who used to make massive mistakes.One day,he brought down the network of Client of 7 stores and effected the business like anything and along with her he became evidence of her and that guy suggested me to resign by saying one guy Ankit is given promotion after resign.I was already working on degraded profile.I was in need of that.I was on the top of the charts in work.If any other company would have supported,I would have become track lead of some sort and then I was made to leave and HR said escort this guy.How hilarious it can be.How disgusting you can be.I want HCL to be backlisted in abroad.I want to stand against them.So,I want to move abroad again from where I graduated with very good scores and want to take abroad's help for this piece of gesture.They are immensely bad in compliance.
As replied by seniors, it is not possible to get details through RTI from a pvt. company. May I suggest that :
Take this incident as a lesson and move on.
If you go to a lawyer or any other, you may have to wait for long to get a result positive or negative. Waste of time and money. Company going to loss nothing. But your precious time and energy will have to spend on unproductive issue.
You will find employment difficult in future, because many companies/firms avoid trouble shooters.
Consider these positively and act.
Gud luck

At some point,I want to stand against them.I am planning to travel abroad and If I can make any decision and If I can get any information,It is vital for me.I should do something.You know what else was done by HCL. HCL gave me letter while signing at the start.A particular letter was given to me in which it was mentioned that My resign will be accepted,If I resigned.I agree to the point that companies avoid troubleshooters.But should I move on like this.After this,do you think this is a gesture of a friend from someone.How disgusting someone can be.I wrote a letter to Delhi Police and American police in between to take help but again It was not of any help.Where should I go,what should I go,how should I live.What should I do with my life and my dreams.I was so successful in New Zealand.
No,I have a very good job.I got one in a very good American Company.I have a decent salary on which I can spend my life before making any other move or switch.I can spend my life alone on that salary very happily and can spend entire life.Sometimes,life is not about building families because life forces you to stay like where you are and just spend with calm.I have done well in training.I am taking work slowly but gradually I will take more work and have a full point to view to become good employee of them.Because that company is helping me and I am working in Microsoft process which has a very good future.But moving on and stay afloat is what which matters sometimes.Thinking of giving birth to kids is not good and even not essential in this sort of life.Staying afloat just matters.If kids got similar treatment what I got that will make my life even further miserable and that pain will be even hard to observe because kids are always special.I have seen my parents reactions,they cry while sleep every night.It is intolerable.But what we can do,after knowing I cannot give them love because I feel them as guilty at some point.
Dear, RTI Act is not applicable in private sector. Promotion is not comes under employee/candidate right. You can’t take any action against HCL Technology.

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