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Few days back i was speechless when one my friend asked me question and i had no answer for it.

My friend is working in one of the good reputed company in the HR dept.Her boss ,is a very old employee of that organisation and has risen to the managerial level till date.But,her boss is very poor in managing his TIME.He is a person who can never say no to anyone,can never refuse anyones work ,in the process he suffers in is work.Due to which my friends work also suffers.

She does not get time to discuss the office issues,nor sh gets much clarification of her work,and if some reports are made wrongly then ,her boss does nt verbally say anything,but his faces says it all.The whole day the boss does not say her anything but,when she is about to leave for her home,he will then ask her about the days work and in the process she sometimes even gets late by 2-3 hrs.

She is very tensed and is getting frusted becasuse of the Boss poor Time Management.

Its my common question to all what should an employee do ,if his/her has a poor TIME MANAGEMENT?

From India, Delhi
Dear rivti,

THe issue that your friend is facing is something that is very common in the industry today, as everyone is trying to impress thier bosses or colleuges by taking on unnecesary work load to show how great he or she is.

Well about your friend,she needs to speak out the truth and make her boss understand the disadvantage behind the whole scenario.

She needs to try to convince him to let go of such practices as indirectly she and the company might be suffering due such acts.

She also needs to find out the exact reason to why he is behaving or acting in this manner.

Then try to solve it at her level or else the 3rd option is the last resort.

There are different ways for communicating the same:

1.Email the whole scene to him

2.Talk to him in private

3.if all this does not work or stop him then go up the heirarchy to make a complaint to the management of the same.

Well thats all the info/answer i have for your issue at the moment now.

Will try to send you more info as and when i get it.

Please let me know the outcome of the info.

You can mail me at:[email protected]




From India, Pune
Well the bosses are always in a habit of going late from office due to work pressure.
Well as said earlier it is a common practice in most of the companies.
Yes, she must speak out her problems. She can make her work schedule.
Normally some report is to be prepared end of the month ( if that is the case). Set a time to this, and also to discuss Office issue.
You can also go to the boss 1 hour before leaving check if there is anything pending for the day? Or during the day when her boss says nothing, just pas by inquiring about any issue, pending.
May be this will help you friend.

From Kuwait
The nothing of above works ,,,, I myself have experienced this kind of information, and your 3 point proves dangerous to the employee,because no management would beleive the say of a 2 month - 1 yr employee rather than beleive, in what the boss with exp,,, of many yrs has,,
wake up to the truth, we are in india,, and know what management is , nothing can be done
, in this case, if ur frnd does any of above, chances are der that she may lose the job / forced to resign
Even i faced ditto same situation,, i even spoke with my boss in private, nothing happened, and what complain can u do to management ,, that boss is working late, u will be counter questioned... and in a soup..

From India, Pune
We all face this problem everytime we forget to prioritize work based on its urgency. As far as the scenario you have mentioned, it looks more a case of casual attitude towards work. If someone cares about the tasks done in a day, there is bound to be a few followups thoughout the day, not just at the last minute when an employee is leaving for home.

The person can check with the boss at least twice a day. One in the morning and then definitely two hours before leaving for the day. If meeting pesonally is difficult, send a mail around 3:30 or so.
For better time management, you may take a look at an article I had written for Rediff a few days ago.
Hope it helps.
Preeti Bose

From India, Mumbai
thx alot everyone,i will surely pass on these messages to her n try to motivated her in the right way..............thx alot once again........i’ll surely inform the outcdome. Regards, Rivti
From India, Delhi
Good Piece of Information,,, Thank You,,,
For More on that, Pls Click the following links,
M. Peer Mohamed Sardhar
093831 93832

From India, Coimbatore
Hi Rivit;

The issue stated is the most tormented unaware,least tackled epidemic of todays corporate world timesviz Mismanaged Management:

I understand the problem,that your friend is facing and also understand that it will be difficult to hint your boss directly about the situation lest he misinterprets:

Now there are possibly two way to the soution.( how i see it)

One to help your friend to leave office in time and other to help Boss Help himslef

1) Your friend can send your boss a daily EOD report (excel) of daily tasks completed( marked with time) which also mentions the next days tasks priorities; ;by which your boss can have the idea about your friends work schedule,and understands the effort put in .


:D NOw lets look at a scientific way to aproaching to the solution:

2) Adults normally learn through a way Andragogy : which is self learning.

YOu can send across a uselful ppt for him to ralize the importance of themost valuable free gift of GOd and how misusing the gift is a serious mistake .

For Your ref i am also attaching a Time Management PPT for your frined can possibly send to every one and just mark a copy to him ( so that it does nt seem intentional.

This ppt is a self developed presentation to tackle the isue at my corporate and branch peoples.

It only requires self discipline,and it worked at my corporate .

I hope it also works with onemore Boss!! :) 8) 8) :wink:



From India, New Delhi

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