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Dear Sir,

I worked in a reputed pvt sector bank in Chennai before 10 years handling sales . I had an argument with my immediate superior as he was putting unwanted sales pressure and in a fit of anger went and complained to his senior about him. Both my senior and his senior collided and wanted to eliminate me so they ordered for a enquire of all my reimbursement bills and my local convenyce bills.

The collection team and the audit team summoned me for a enquiry .

1) my auto riksha charges were questioned

2) they found one of my bill containing 50 rs as tea charges as sceptical

after the enquiry I submitted my resignation to my immediate superior who did not accept my resignation . Instead in a few days I received a letter from the head office saying that I have been terminated from services and asked to settle all dues .

I settled all my dues to the organisation

I was not provided a work experience certificate or a reliving letter.

since I was a fresher out of college and thinking about my carrier searched new jobs and settled in new carrier.

my question is

1) can I ask them now for a work experience certificate

2) will they now provide me a relieving letter without the word termination

3) can I take them legally as all the charges against me are false expect the tea bill of 50 rs( as tea charges was 10 rs and remaining was for coconut water for which bill was clubbed with the tea bill).

I strongly countered them but being young and from a middle class family prevented from taking advices or sharing the details to my near and dear ones.

kindly advise pls

From India, Mumbai
Sometimes one has bad dreams, please try to forget the bad dreams of the past and look ahead. Somebody rightfully said - Past is History and future is Mystery, present is what really matters concentrate on the job at hand and let go off the past. I know it is easier said than done, but trust me you will be doing yourself a favour by erasing the past.
All the best

From India, Delhi

After reading your query and questions, I would like to know something more about you by the following,

1) What is more important for you today, the past or the present?

2) Are you working anywhere presently, if yes, please share and if no

3) What you did after leaving the said job,

4) what is the need of 'experience certificate' by this employer.

4) what is your current total work experience and education qualification

5) You really believe that you can fight for the 'false charges' that you believe is, but they encountered something which was totally against you.

I understand that you did mistakes in past or experience these things and was also not able to share and discuss with anyone but still you had to take action timely.

You knows that you have committed few mistakes in past and i believe one must learn from these things and mend the ways to make a good present and future. THERE IS NO NEED TO RECALL THE THINGS HAPPENED IN PAST IF NOT REQUIRED.

Now let me answer your questions in simple words:

Answer for the question #1 : No matter you resigned from the job or were terminated, you always deserve the right to ask for Work 'Experience Certificate' but

Answer for the question #2 : but because of time factor and as this is the 10 year old case, they won't provide you the relieving cum experience certificate without the word "Terminated" bcz the same have registered in their records. (And records cant' be changed/altered so easily, and to make this happen you have to fight and win legally if you want.)

You knows about you, your mistakes and whether you were wrong or right and its you who have to decide "where to go?'

Answer for the question #2 : Your own question and definition given by you in your query, is enough to raise questions on your credibility and honesty, and itself an answer to your question.

Lastly, I would suggest you for not to look into past if not required and need to concentrate on your present and for future.

Looking forward to your response.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Mr.anil Arora,
I did not share my relieving letter to the immediate employer as the immediate employer was from other sector. instead shared him my resignation letter alone and my last drawn salary slips which he was okie for . I have moved 4 jobs from then and my current employer wants all ex employer's work experience certificate. I have requested my terminated employee about the work experience certicate for which they are still silent.
As far as mistakes is concerned
FYI if you are in marketing you have to buy alchol or to entertain your clients for which u can only claim as food bills and not alchol bills.
marketing is all about claiming for what we spend. but when ur boss want to create a issue he can do it with 100 reasons because all appovals are in oral and they always say I will take care
since I was a fresher at that point in time I did not understand the practical problems when oral approvals are disapproved ??/
iam currently working and iam a phd holder now

From India, Mumbai
I wonder what made you think of retribution after a 10-year long hiatus ? Now that you are a PhD holder, think of moving forward in life.. Let bygones be bygones. Do you think all those people involved will be in the same positions and locations ? Do you think all those bills and vouchers will be traced in a minute ? Taking revenge at this point of time is meaningless. As our learned professional friends opined above, show your revenge by climbing up your career. It is possible, all those people would have long forgotten that episode...
Best wishes

From India
Thanks for sharing more information about you, your education, work experience and knowledge along with an example justifying to your mistakes.

You are a PHD holder and more experienced today, but still is not getting the truth and need of today, made me really surprised actually. Another thing that made me puzzle is your answer and example regarding ‘Client Entertainment Bills and Claim’ but still I would like to start by revising myself with “Let bygones be bygones and taking revenge at this point of time is meaningless" :NK Sundaram

Firstly, It is not really important to entertain clients with ALCOHOL if you are in marketing, and I believe the marketing people available on this place wont fully be agree with it too.

Even me can not accept it, however, I understand your situation very well because I used to meet many clients/vendors regarding my work weekly/monthly and with respect of my position, and do entertain the clients but still would say that it is not important to entertain them with alcohol and saying it with my experience.

Before going further, I would like to present a question and seeking your answer with best of your knowledge and experience:

Can you please let us know why ‘alcohol bills ‘ was/are not allowed to claim by your company/ many (almost every) industry/companies in the category of expenses and reimbursement?

One cant claim alcohol bills directly but still with a special approval and justification the kind of bills can be claimed and I don’t think that you are not aware of the same. This rule is not new for you , for me and for other as well.

Moreover, no one would say that you should not claim your actual expenses (that you referred in your example and query above) but in your case where you been caught by adding a forged bill is another thing which I believe you need not to forget while referring and justifying anything or querying furthermore. Complete classification and justification of expenses always required on the bill no matter the expenses was/is for TEA, Coconut Water or Alcohol or anything and it is claimant’s responsibility not supervisors or BOSS for your information.

By saying that you were immature/ fresher which put you in this kind of situation, is totally not acceptable. You were fresher, was not a child or uneducated one. I beg your pardon for this but it is really important to MAKE realize your mistakes that you are, I feel is still not accepting. You were just following the verbal orders but have you ever tried to share the same with admin/account authority while at the time of submitting bills or claiming. PLEASE ACCEPT THE MISTAKES AND LEARN FROM IT, MOVE ON…..

With closing of my lengthy response, I still would suggest you to find a way to tackle your present problems and live for the future because there is no need to look into past and TO follow but to learn from it. Just share the three all required ‘work experience certificate’ with your present employer and explain them wisely that you are not able to provide your first EC, however, I seriously don’t understand why they are asking to submit your all Experience Certificates.

Best of Luck

From India, Gurgaon
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