Greetings to all of you.
If possible please share to me Register under Minimum wages Act' 1948.
1. Form 1 Fine Register
2. Form 2 Deduction Register
or you can mail me


From India, Bhopal
Dear Sudhir,
Attached please find following registers under Minimum Wages Act, 1948 for your further reference.
1) Form I- Register of Fines
2) Form II- Register of Deductions for Damage or Loss caused to the employer by the neglect of the employed person
3) Form IV- Overtime Register for Workers
4) Form V- Muster Roll
5) Form IX- Register of Wages

From India, Mumbai

Attached Files
File Type: xls Bhopal - Form II, MW Act 09.xls (30.0 KB, 501 views)
File Type: xls Bhopal - Form I, MW Act 09.xls (30.0 KB, 404 views)
File Type: xls Bhopal - Form IV, MW Act 09.xls (31.0 KB, 372 views)
File Type: xls Bhopal - Form V, MW Act 09.xls (32.5 KB, 335 views)
File Type: xls Bhopal - Form XI, MW Act 09.xls (30.0 KB, 336 views)

Dear Friend, I need overtime register for workers under Rule 25(2), for MAHARASHTRA. Please share.
From India, New Delhi
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5.The candidate should be eligible for National and Festival holidays leave with wages
6.We will pay the payment on 5th of every month to all staff through KVB BANK ACCOUNTS.
7We are collecting for Rs.10 from Worker and collecting for Rs.20 from the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd for Tamil Nadu Labour welfare Fund ( Every December Month Salary)
8.We will submit the ESI, EPF and other related payment receipt will be submitted with in 10th of every month.
9. Other terms & conditions are applicable as per the Tamil Nadu Contract Labour Act..
1. SHC shall arrange for the Interview of candidates short listed by the Client,
2. The Client shall inform to SHC about the selection of candidates within two days from the date of Interview.
3. The client shall pay to SHC the Professional charges at the following rates.
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Right Person is fit for the Right Job Position,
Fulfillments of Clients Man Power Requirements,
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Long Term Relationship with the Clients & Working Staff.
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* Senior Levels, Top Levels, Middle Level, Lower Level etc,.
* Training & Development Activities
 HR Consulting & Auditing, Training and Development Activities
 Out sources of Statutory Maintenance-factories, Shop and Establishment
 Hi-Tech Computerized Wage & Salary Administration,
 Maintenance of Register & Records of Inspector of Factories,
 Maintenance of Register & Records of Contract Labour,
 Maintenance of Register & Records of Shop & Establishment,
 Pressure vessels, R C, Labour Office, ESIC Code, PF Code, Fire License,
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 Program in connection with requirements of the Clients Factories & Establishments,
 Rendering Service in Rental & Lease of Building for the Purpose of Establishing client’s Business
 Obtaining of Pollution Control License, Renewals, Name changes etc,
Different Kinds of Man Power
(Senior Manager Level)
eneral Manager( Human Resource)/Dy-General Manager (Human Resource)Charted Accountant ,Head Operation ( Production).
General Manager (Operation) /Dy-General Manager (Operation)
Manager HR, Dy.Manager-HR, Asst.Manager HR,Manager Personnel / Dy-Manager Personnel, Asst-Manager Personnel
Manager Industrial Relation/ Dy-Manager Industrial Relation,Asst-Manager IR Manager Admin/ Dy-Manager Admin,.Asst-Manager AdminManager Production /Dy-Manager Producttion /Astt-Manager ProductionManager Material/ Dy-Manager Material/Asst-Manager MaterialManager Purchase / Dy-Manager Purchase, Asst-Manager Purchase,Manager Design / Dy-Manager Design,Asst-Manager DesignManager Production Planning/ Dy-Manager Production Planning Manager-Vendor Development / Dy-Manager Vendor Development,Manager Despatch,/ Dy-Manager Despatch /Asst-Manager Despatch
Manager Warehouse/Dy-Manager Warehouse,Asst-Manage Werehouse,Manager Transport/ Dy-Manager Transport/ Asst-Manager Transport Manager Logistic / Dy-Manager Logistic,Asst-Manager Logistic Manager Accounts / Dy-Manager Accounts,Asst-Manager Accounts Manager Finance / Dy-Manager Finance ,Asst-Manager Finance Manager Front Office / Dy-Manager Front Office,Asst-Manager Front Office/Manager Branch Office, Dy-Manager Branch Office, Asst-Manager Branch Office Manager Factory,Dy-Manager Factory/ Asst-Manager Factory,Manager Incharge / Dy-Manager Incharge / Asst-Manager Factory Manager Area Incharge/ Dy-Manager Area Incharge /Asst-Manager Area Incharge./Manpower Services (Senior Executive Level)/Sr-Executive- HR, Executive-HR, Executive HR,Sr- Executive Personnel /Executive Personnel, Asst.Executive Personnel,Sr-Executive Industrial Relation/Executive IR /Asst Executive IRSr-Executive Admin/ Executive Admin,.Asst.Executive Admin/Sr-Executive Production /Dy-Executive Producttion /Astt-Executive Production/Sr- Executive Material/ Executive Material/Asst-Executive Material/Sr-Executive Purchase / Executive Purchase, Asst.Executive Purchase,Sr-Executive Design / Executive Design,Asst-Executive Design/Sr-Executive Production Planning/ Executive Production Planning /Sr-Executive Vendor Development / Executive Vendor Development,Sr-Executive Despatch,/ Executive Despatch /Asst-Executive Despatch/Sr-Executive Warehouse/Executive Warehouse/Asst.Executive Werehouse,Sr-Executive Transport/ Executive Transport/ Asst-Executive Transport/Sr-Executive Logistic/Executive Logistic/Asst-Executive Logistic,/Sr-Executive Accounts / Executive Accounts/Asst.Executive Accounts/Sr-Executive Finance / Executive Finance /Asst-Executive Finance/Sr-Executive Front Office /Executive Front Office/Asst-Executive Front Office/Sr-Executive Branch Office, Executive Branch Office, Asst-Executive Office/Sr- Executive Factory ,Executive Factory/ Asst-Executive Factory/Sr-Executive Incharge / Executive Incharge / Asst.Executive Factory/Sr-Executive Area Incharge/Executive Area Incharge/Asst.Executive Area Incharge /Sr-Executive Civil / Executive Civil/ Asst-Executive Civil/Adminstrative Staff:- (Junior Levels)Receptionist/Front Office / Accounts Asst/ Finance Asst /
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Electrical Maintenance -I.T.I. With “ B” - Diploma in EEE with “C” Licence/Machine Maintenance - ITI / Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile/Tool & Die/Building Maintenance –ITI/Diploma/ Degree in Civil Engineering/Tool and Die Maintenance –Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile/Tool & Die/CNC Operator/Setter/Programmer –ITI / Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile/
VMC Operator/Setter/Programmer-ITI/Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile/HMC Operator/Setter/Programmer-ITI/ Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile/Gas Cutting Operator,Turning/Milling/ Lathe/ Press shop/ wire cut/ Spark Operator/Plastic Injection Moulding Operators/ Shift Incharge/Die Maintenance/ Design/Rubber Moulding Operators/Shift Incharge/Quality Control/Die Maintenance/Welder –Mig, Tig, Arg, Gas , X ray Tester/ CNC-Wire Cut Operator/Spark Operator/EDM Operator/Chemical/ physics Lab Asst., Chemical /Physics Lab Incharge/ A/C Machine Operator/ HVAC Designer/ A/c Machine MaintenancePlumbers/ Painter/ Carpenter/Unskilled/Semi Skilled/ Highly Skilled/Multi Trade ITI Holders ( Fitter/MMV/Diesel chanic/Machinist/Turner/Automobile/Wiremen/Electrical with “B” Licence/Draftsmen/Electronic Instrumentation/Plastic technology/computer /Multi Trade Diploma Holders:Diploma in Mechanical/Automobile/Electrical /Tool & Die/Electronic &communication/ElectronicInstrumentation./Information Technology/ComputerScience/Hard ware&Net Work
Electrical With “ C” Licence holders, Tool and Die , Electronic Instrumentation etc,Industrial Helper/ Loading /Un-Loading- Unskilled Staff / Semi Skilled-Below 10th Std/10th / +1 /+2 Passed and Failed.
Thanks & Best Regards,
Shri Harish Consultancy,
49/27, Chitlapakkam Second Main Road,
Sanatorium, Chennai 600 047.
Tamil Nadu, India.
9884305006, 9884395306, 9176773006.
web Site: ShriHarish Consultancy
Email:[email protected]


From India, New Delhi
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