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Hi, How to approach for appraisal if you think it’s time you should have got it long ago
From India, New Delhi
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Dear Friend,
Please disclose your issue /problem clearly to forum , such short lines will not clear your points here.
If you are working in any company and if you indicating about Performance Appraisal then it will be held or carried out as per companies HR policy.
And if you want to put up any thing else please open it clear frame.

From India, Lucknow

I am currently working in a generalist profile in a company for last 9 months. They have policy of confirming services after 6 months for which I didn't receive any confirmation letter yet. Though, it's been issued to each and every one who joined after me and completed their tenure of 6 months. Apart that, I am recruiting like outside consultants do. Achieving more than what they asked for. But even after that I've not witnessed any initiative from my senior's side for salary appraisal. My current ctc indeed is very poor; much similar to a data entry profile. I've more than a year's experience into this role. Should I approach for appraisal? If yes, how then. Please suggest.
From India, New Delhi

Dear Friend,
First of all in any company whether private or public the appraisal is done on the basis of face value rather biased though there may be different tools like 360 degree,point rating,BSC etc. but these all are for record purpose.
In my view if you have potential than don't tell anything to your boss or don't approach to any one you simply search for better job and shift your self if company feels that you are indispensable than definitely you will be asked to stay back or else you will be allowed to leave. Nothing is permanent on this earth so have self confidence and love your work not the company.
God bless you.

From India, Mumbai
Amrita Jyoti

Dear friend,
Don't waste your time in a company where work is not appreciated.Start searching for a new job
with a good package after that leave this job.Before this have a talk with your senior regarding salary
and if they are ready to give hike in your salary then its fine otherwise you know what to do.
Take Care

From India, Bangalore

I've an idea. Please suggest whether it'll ork or not. hat if I create a complete comparision of my KRA and KPI and ask management to justify "why do I not deserve an appropriate hike in my salary" would that work?
From India, New Delhi

I already have started looking out but I think before I quit, I must approach them with reasonable arguments.
From India, New Delhi

It should not be allowed to diminish your self esteem. If you know and feel you have done well, feel assured. Do your own self appraisal and submit to your boss and ask for a meeting to discuss his feedback. Take responsibility of your appraisal in your hands. The purpose of appraisal is to know what you are doing well and what not so well so that you can improve. Approach appraisal only from that perspective. You could even try a 360-degree assessment from your peers and subordinates.
From India, Bangalore

Well, there is a catch, outside employers think I am non performer, since they compare my salary with experience. I really am caught in a vicious circle and feel helpless.
From India, New Delhi

Have you ever asked your manager that why haven't they confirmed you? If yes then what was their answer?
If you haven't asked and thinking to leave the job then it is like giving up without a try.
Sorry to say but I feel that it is little inappropriate to say that your salary is less than Data entry role. The question then will why did you agree to join and continuing. You might have some reasons for it. Please understand every company presents a CTC to an applicant (whether it is to the market standards or worth your experience or not, is a debatable one. The company pays according to their budget). Its completely to the right of the applicant to accept or reject the offer. When it is accepted give the 100% and definitely expect for good growth and hike if you perform excellent, but now its only 9 months and normally company appraises after 1 year. So wait until and then if you are not satisfied it is again your right to leave the company and search something else.

From India, Hyderabad
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