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Peter and Tina are classmates, One day sitting in the park doing

nothing,but just gazing into the sky, while all their friends are


fun with their beloved half.

Tina: I'm so bored. Just wish I have a boyfriend now to spend time


Peter: I guess we're the only leftovers. We're the only person who


with a date now. (both sigh n silence for a while)

Tina: I think I have a good idea. Lets play a game

Peter: Eh? What game?

Tina: Eem..It's quite simple. You be my boyfriend for 100 days and

I'll be

your girlfriend for 100 days.what do you think?

Peter: Oookay..Anyway I don't have any plan for the next few months.

Tina: You sound like you aren't looking forward to it at all. Cheer


Today will be our first day and our first date.Where should we go?

Peter: What about a movie? I heard that there is a really great movie


theatre now.

Tina: Seems like I don't have any better idea than this. Lets move.


to watch their movies and sent each other home)

Day 2:

Peter and Tina went to a concert together, and Peter bought Tina a

keychain with a star.

Day 3:

They went shopping together for a friend's birthday present. Share an

ice-cream together and hugged each other for the first time.

Day 7:

Peter drove Tina up onto a mountain and they watch the sunset


When the night came and the moon glowed, they said sat on the grass


at the stars together. A meteor passed by. Tina mumbled something.

Day 25:

Spend time at a themepark and got onto rollercoasters, and ate hot-

dogs and

cotton candy. Peter and Tina got in the haunted house and Tina


someone's hand instead of Peter's hand by accident. They laughed


for a while.

Day 67:

They drove pass a circus and decided to get in to watch the show.


midget asked Tina to play a part as his assistant in the magic show.


around to see other entertainments around after the show. Came to a

fortune teller and she just said "Treasure every moment from now on"

and a

tear rolled down the fortune teller's cheek.

Day 84:

Tina suggested that they go to the beach. The beach wasn't so

crowded that

day. They have their first kiss with each other just as the sun is


Day 99:

They decided to have a simple day and is deciding to have a walk


the city. They sits down onto a bench.

1:23 pm

Tina: I'm thirsty. Lets rest for a while first.

Peter: Wait here while I go buy some drinks. What would you like?

Tina: Eem...Apple juice will be just fine.

1:43 pm

Tina waiting for about 20 minutes and Peter haven't return. Then


walked up to her.

Stranger: Is your name Tina?

Tina: Yes, and may I help you?

Stranger: Justnow down there on the street a drunk driver has

crashed into

a guy. I think its your friend.

Tina ran over to the spot with the stranger and sees Peter lying on


floor with blood over his face and her apple juice still in his

hands. The

ambulance came and she went to the hospital with Peter.

Tina sat outside the emergency room for five and a half hours. The


came out, and he sigh.

11:51 pm

Doctor: I'm sorry, but we did the best we could. He is still

breathing now

but God would take him away from us very soon. We found this letter


his pocket.The doctor hands over the letter to Tina and she goes

into the

room to see Peter. He look weak but peaceful. Tina read the letter

and then

she burst into tears. Here is what the letter said. Tina, our 100

days is

almost over. I had fun with you during all these days. Although you

may be

greedy sometimes and less thoughtful, but these all brought happiness


my life. I have realise that you are a really cute girl and blamed


for never taken the time to knowing that. I have nothing much to ask


but I just wish that we can extend the day. I want to

be your boyfriend forever and wish that you can be beside me all the

time. Tina, I love you.


Tina: (sobbing) Peter. Did you know what was the wish I made on the


there was a meteor. I asked God to let us last forever. We were

suppose to

last 100 days so Peter! You can't leave me! I LOVE YOU, but can you


back to me now? I love you Peter. I LOVE YOU.

As the clock struck twelve, Peter's heart stopped

beating. It was 100 days.


Tell the guy or girl that you love them before its too

late. You never know whats going to happen tomorrow.

You never know who will be leaving you and never


Golden Rule of Life: When Someone

Loves u, u dont realize it. When u realize it, its too late. U always

love the one who leaves u & leave the one who loves u



From India, Mumbai
:cry: it was a nice story but i want to ask one simple question that do u believe that smthing like love exists. these days its just nothing more than time pass. both either boy or girl just stay together to hav fun. i do agree that if u really hav true feelings u should express but see that u r not hurted.

teary story sunayna. scare is back with bang. so u guys r seeking the meaning of luv. :lol: :lol: :lol:
From India, Delhi
Dear Sunaina.....Umalme.....
I am happy to be back.... i was doing campus recuritment...due to which i was not able to log in... but now i am back.... howz life in gen'rl???
Dear Tanwi & Abhilasha.....
Welcome to The Club.....n Tanwi love is not time pass... these days also we find committed people.....

From India, Mumbai
Tanwi ji !
I think, there is a sense in your presumtion. Coital frequency is directly related to extent of love between partners, if it is not a platonic love. In average, this is 3 times a week meens 156 a year. This year had made a survey of coital frequency of 41 countries. Annual Indian average is 75. India has the 39th position.About 2-3 years back in a similar survey the Indian average was 96.
So all is not well in human male female relation in India.

From India, Delhi
love is there but it is simply like " beauty lies in the eyes of beholder" so you have to love to get it is not a commodity that is lying somewhere and waiting for you and buy it or pick it....YOU HAVE TO CREATE IT....
From India
Hi Vikram,
Got your mail....
Do keep in touch...
Story is really nice but how many of us keep this in mind and take our loved ones for granted....till they are no more with and then we regret through out our life remembering them.
I am in Kanpur and started my own business here after leaving my job from Motherson and then after Moser Baer.
Reason for this decision was more as less some story like this story which happened in my life and I realized that its better to live with your loved ones and create your destiny here, than to pass life serving for someone else and feeling( pseudo) pride in your designation's and pay packets.
And then one day you realize that you really had achieved nothing in your life.

From India
Dear friends Namaskar.
I think talk on love howsoever may be touching may be nostalgic. Because by and large Indian life is plagued with the following maladies:
1.In work place-fear of hire and fire principle.
2.At home-black mailing/emotional blackmailing.
3.In exchange ralations-herapheri/cheating.
So love in the true sense of the terms, that is, heart-to-heart relation is almost nom-existent. You are at liberty to disagree.

From India, Delhi
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