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I am working in a company where we have 6 days week working and have Saturday as a half day and weekly off on Sunday. Recently I have proposed 5 days week culture so that all of our employees will have weekly off on Saturdays and Sundays. My management has asked for a detailed report on this proposal and they want to know disadvantages and more of advantages of working 5 days a week.
I request you all to share your views and ideas and help me in convincing my management for such a change. Its a small startup organisation with an IT background.
I would really appreciate if could get detailed information on the above proposal. Has any one implemented this idea and how was it convincing them?

From India, Pune
Shalini Pokhriyal Thapa

Dear Kajal,
Since it's not clear from your query, what kind of IT services your company provides, its difficult to replied you completely. Because some IT services requires 24* 7 working environment and some are not. However, appended below are the point you may use as advantage of having 5 days working culture.
Consider this as Employee Welfare Benefit which can be one of the reason to retain your employees.
Employer - employee relationship will become healthy. (It will change the stereotype mindset of employee's towards management that they not only focus on profit making business but also care's of its employee.
Employee will be motivated & Productivity level will increase.
Employee will gets time to spend with family likewise they will be Less Stressful and can focus on their work
Reduce Absenteeism rate.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Kajal,

The subject comes up for discussion time and again. Twice I have given my views. You may refer the following links:

Have you done analysis of the time spent at office? How many are official hours and how many are actual spend at workplace? You may do the calculation as below:

(actual hours put up by all the employee present on the day) x 100 / [(Total number of persons present on the day) x (total official hours)]

The above formula will give you idea on excess time spent per person per day. Calculate the average for the month and then average for the last financial year. Are you from HR department? If yes, then you should have access to attendance records. If you are not from HR then tell your HR to provide the above records.

Five day or six day work week, you should ensure that company is sticking to the official hours and five day work week does not become farce! Unfortunately your industry is notorious for this farce.

You may not like my forthright views but then this is what reality is. Please do not take my comments on your industry personally.


Dinesh V Divekar


From India, Bangalore

Dear Kajal,
Two weekly offs are directly related to work - life balance. In the companies where there are two weekly offs, people are better placed to manage their obligations and family expectation. A happy person will make for a happy employee. In fact, you can very well refer to Goggle's "20%" initiative, in which an employee is given 20% of their work hours as free hours to stimulate their thought, body and capabilities.Most of the Goggle's innovations are a direct result of this particular initiative. Inference is that you can also let your employee have this time as a capability booster initiative.
However, as Mr. Dinesh Divekar suggested that you must ensure that total number of working hours should not suffer because of this initiative.

From India, Delhi
Ram Chauhan

Dear Kajal,
There are so many advantages of 5 days working in any organisation. Please find below some of them
* It boost employees moral and energy.
* It increase the productivity.
* We can organisation running cost (Electic, A/C, Water, Maintanance, Etc. ) will be reduced.
* Employee stability in the organisation will be increased, which is again benefit for the org. etc.
**If your management still have some productivity issues, you can increase 30 min in every day login time, to compensate the loss , but that will be accepted by the employees in written.
Ram Chauhan
HR- Manager

From India, Perungudi
if there is 5 days a week then what should be the days to be consider for calculation of salary? is it month days(Month Days-weekly off days ) or 26 days? Ankita Vashi
From India, Indore
k mahesh
It is a welcome change for every employee
in recent time lot of organisations are following the 5 days a week working days as this not only boost them by spending lot of time with there family and also they will get ample time to think and work happily in the office hours without any mental tension
No were in the legal system had mentioned that an employee should cannot work less then the prescribed working hours

From India, Hyderabad

Do we need any documents to change 6 days a week culture to 5 days a week.
From India, Jaipur
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