Hello seniors,
Iam working in a software company.Two months back only i got placed in this company.im totally new to this HR field.The problem is i dont know how to maintain distance with the employees and also i dont know how to handle employees when they breaking the HR polices .kindly give some solution for my problem

From India, Chennai
hello Dinesh

It appears that you need to have a correct perspective of HR role. HR's role is that of a people's advocate to empathise with people's causes, a facilitator to help the operational managers to sort out people's issues and a change agent to initiate transformational processes that add value to business.Therefore what the HR shall know is not how to maintain distance with people but how to narrow the distance between him and the people and how to bridge gaps in human interactions in the organisiation. It does not mean that you shall not maintain confidentiality. You shall maintain confidentiality whenever required but without distancing people.

once you strike a chord of harmony with people, the incidence of breach of policies by itself comes down. To start with,you can call a meeting of the staff and inform them that the HR policies are made to enlist the cooperation between the employees and teh organisation in achieving goals and thus request all of them to follow the policies both in letter and spirit.If some continue to violate the policies, pick them for counselling at your level in the first instance and in teh presence of a senior leader in the second instance, clearly alerting him to the possibility of inviting stricter action, if the conduct is repeated.If the employee concerned is still persisting in his objectionable conduct, you can issue him a memorandum. You can thus deal with the problem in phases, while keeping a record of the same.

Hope this helps.


HR & IR Advisor

From India, Mumbai
Thanks for your valuable information sir..If im very close with employees means they may not follow the policies and also its difficult to make them respect on me..
From India, Chennai
hello Dinesh
Respect is what others feel about you and how they hold you in esteem. You can infuse good feelings about you in others through your conduct,The employees shall feel that you genuinely care for their interests.For example sitting with them to understand their grievances and needs and promptly addressing them is one way of earning respect without distancing them.You should be interactive but not intrusive into their inner circles.You should be communicative but not inquisitive about extraneous matters of theirs.You should be friend but not gossiping with the employees.You should be caring yet cracking the whip when needed. You should be transparent yet confidential when needed.You should be professional yet not personal You should be close yet farther.This is how you need to understand the distances and nearness in your role as HR in my view.
hope this helps
HR & IR Advisor

From India, Mumbai
I totally agree with the fact that being in HR - it does not necessary mean for you to be a watchdog of the Company\'s policies. In fact you should be the person that every employee can freely approach and trust. It is a very thin line between being close enough for professional reasons and distanced enough to achieve the respect. Ofcourse it all depends on how much authority the Management has given you to execute decisiveness if in case any deviation from standard policy is required.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear Sir/Mam, I am join as a HR manager new company..But am only the person of HR...What am going to do...
From India, Tirupur
HR role is simply employee advocacy with professional confidentiality.
From Nigeria, Lagos
We can maintain a relationship with each employee. Thats not a problem for an HR. But no need to tell about your personal & confidential matters to them. If so the ball will be in their court. So they can kick a goal against you at any time. You can make a good time with them through that they might accept your concepts.But in the same way they have to obey your new implementations too... Don't allow your junior employees to call you with irrespective words. Only by name or sir/ Madam/ HR

Its type of technique. Because if you are so rigid means employee engagement seems to be a burden for you. You can ask & identify their personal matters as well as official. But you shall not disclose any confidential things about yourself to them. You just simply sit & hear them. That's all. All people are very interested to talk about their own life & experience. So from that you will get a idea about each from their way of speak.

From their talk we have to identify their nature & character. No need to make any special relation with any one in your organisation. May be GANGISM will be there. So the other gang might be tried to oppose you. So keep your relationship in equal way towards each person.

From India
First tell them about the positive side of the particular HR Policy.Just try to convince them by saying ......."Normally professional company doing like this only, it will help you to build a prosperous career. So please co-operate.
And after that,if they are not following the policy in the sense just tell to the employees if they are not follow the HR policy means, will take action against them through issuing Memo. And tell about the consequence which will occur in a Memo. If one person getting 3 times memo means next time he might be terminate from the employment. So they should co-operate with your HR policy.

From India
Hello Dinesh,
HR is a facilitator in an organization. You should show empathy to employees not sympathy. You should not maintain distance from them rather be a part of them to understand what they feel and what they expect from the organization but donít be over friendly with employees.
You should make employees aware about the HR policies of your organization and what behavior is expected from them. If they break then send official memo to them and discuss with them. Times you need to be soft and hard at some time.
HR is a bridge between management and employees, so create environment where they should feel comfortable in sharing issues with you.
Keep learning and you will became an efficient and effective HR professional.

From India, Bhubaneswar

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