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From India, Jaipur

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Hello. Good presentation and the example you have used (Who moved my cheese?) links well to the change management concept.
From India, Bangalore
Hi Members,
I remain sincerely wedded to CiteHR,
Satish Kumar Dhanwal
Sr. Manager (HR)
NTPC Foundation,

From India, Delhi
From India, Madras
Hi Nidhi,

I am sorry I could not write my message/reply to properly. It ended partially. I know Shri Ajay Agarwal, Sr. Manager (HR) very well and he knows me too. I was glad to know that he was your mentor. Were U ET in NTPC at some point of time? I am ex-Management Trainee 9Pers.) of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. I served thereat for 2.9 years and my posting was at Kanpur. I found the working environment as very inflexible and communications all around very rigid and full of politics. I then got a chance to try in NTPC in the year Jan.1983. I did an exploratory visit to Singrauli to find out the working environment. I found it quite suitable to my Attitude. I was posted at Singrauli. I remained there till Mar.1988. Therefater, I was posted at Rihand, Yamuna Nagar, NCR-HQ, Noida, dadri and now I am posted in NTPC Foundation. This is a Trust created by NTPC Ltd. and we work for the Physically Challenged Persons and the Economically Weaker Sections of the Society. I chose to work in the Trust. Still I continue to be NTPC employee. I have been posted hereat on secondment basis. If you want to know more about the Foundation then please let me know. You have evinced a desire to meet me. I appreciate it. I am stationed at Noida (both office as well as residence) with family. I have two sons. One is MBA and works for ABN Amro Bank, Gurgaon (unmarried) as Manager (Products) . He has visited foreign countries when he was with M/s GeMoney. My younger son is pursuing B.Com(H) final year from SRCC, Delhi University.My mobile no. is 09810544388. Let us keep in touch with each other and grow professionally. I have perused all your postings at CiteHR today to undertsand you better.Those are appreciable. Please do send me all future mails on my personal id: . You may also send me your other e-mail id and mobile no. I would like to know more about you and your family. Waiting for reply:)


Yours Truly,

Satish Kumar

sr. Manager (HR)

NTPC Foundation
From India, Delhi
Excellent PPT. i too had made one by using the same story...Who moved my cheese???? would try n post it if i find it..... regards. raghavv
From India, Pune
Hi Nidhi, The ppt looks really good but the end result depends on how well you present it. Good Luck! Mary
From India, Madras
Hi Nidhi! It was fabulous ppt.. Enjoyed a lot.. Keep posting.. Thanx & Regards Shriya Karve.
From India, Mumbai
Hello :icon1: its good ppt. u have prepared out of "who moved my cheese".but dear put its theory also so that anybody who willuse it .It should be putted in a right manner.ok:)
From India, Indore
Dear Nidhi,
Your ppts are wonderful, a good presentation on Change Management. I liked your presentation regarding the revised "Who Moved My Cheese," much simpler to understand.
Congratulations and more power to you.
Best regards,
From Philippines
I am a new joinee.
Loved your work. Change Management is a broad topic but you have presented it in a remarkably simple way.
Thanks for sharing it.
If need be I would be more then happy to share all i have on this topic.
Amit Anand
From India, Thana
Hi there,
I manage to view the part I but could not load the part II. Would be great if the presentation is mailed directly to . Part I was good.
Mangales Krishnan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Nidhi ji,Good concept. Keep it up. But one thing I suggest unnesessary changes csuses harm for the carriear, if the environment is suitable we need not change, there or Up and Downs, We have to face the probelem if it comes. 'A soldier should not see the back chase , fight and win' . Of course I am not objecting your view. A positive change is always good for the development.Regards,PBS KUMAR
From India, Kakinada

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Ya the ppt is really very good. who moved my cheese is a vry gud buk. I read it long back and prepared a ppt on change mgt .
From India, Hyderabad
Ya the ppt is really very good. who moved my cheese is a vry gud buk. I read it long back and prepared a ppt on change mgt . kuch khaas nahi hai..but i just wanted to share
From India, Hyderabad

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Hi Nidhi, This is Chavi, U provide us such a good thing, this is really good & keep it going on. Thaks & Take Care:-P
From India, Delhi
that was a good ppt...however i donot have much idea of how to give training on this topic, if anyone could refer me to an article which could help me in understanding the Change Management.
From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Nidhi,
A small and good presentations but would also needs notes to understand the hidden meaning of it, specially for the second presentations.
Thanks for a good PPT request you to pl. share many more such PPT's.
From India, Jaipur
Ms. Nidhi,
I am sorry I tried to download attachments but not succeeded. Please send me at my e-mail ID
Attached Files_ii_part__change_management_473.ppt (196.0 KB, 7142 views)_i_part__change12_198.ppt (149.0 KB, 6025 views)
From India, New Delhi
Worth Reading! Thanks for posting such beautiful ppts. These r truely carring inspiration & motivation. keep the good work going on! Regards Shefali Nanda:icon1: Executive - HR
From India, Mumbai
good presentation, the expression of the starting slide of mouse described a lot of information.
where the different mentalities of the persons is explained in single picture.
gud work keep going! all the best
From India, Hyderabad
Hai Nidhi,
Good presentation and useful to the student community.Keep it up.
may i know from u , whether any free downlodable articles or literature on the changement. If so may i get the web address please.
Thank u,
From India, Delhi
Its a crap. How can someone utilize these stupid presentations? Kindly improve your standard in presenting how it should be rationalized and not the flash cards.
Sorry for being abrupt but could not control it.
HR Consultant
From United Kingdom, London
Dear Nidhi,
Great Stuff yar. I really enjoyed going through that.
Would you be able to help me by giving some updates about how to get the job done faster, plan goals etc., Bcoz, i take a lot of time whenever my Manager assigns some work to me.
I wait to hear from you.
From India, Madras
Hi Nidhi, I must say that both the PPTs are really very good. Please write trainer’s note for each slide for readers better understanding. Regards, Tanveer Shaikh Mumbai
From India, Thana
Thanks Nidhi! Very Nice Presentation indeed.I liked the second one on change management,especially, because it sets the tone of self-change for anyone going through it. Warm Regards, Ritu
From India, Calcutta

My Feedback is as follows :

- Your attempt for change management is good. However, it requires to put more subjective. Because it is a major and hot topic in the corporate world.

- Because the Change in every sphere of life is inevitable. Please focus on to a specific topic like a change is organisational restructuring, HR systems and process change, New concept to be introduced in the organisation. With that change what value addition we are bringing to the organisation etc. You know with this change HR can help in increasing the share vaue upto 30 %. Pls work out on those kind of stuff.

I am not trying to disappoint you on your PPT. But please take this as an advise because surely it seems you are capable enough person.

My suggestion to all Folks !!! is just try to analyse the subject so that junior members will also learn. We should encourage our juniors to take up more challenging tasks....

waiting for your new PPT with more thoughts....

Sr. Manager - HR
Aurobindo Pharma
From India, Hyderabad
It’s nice one go throuh it.
From India, Pune

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hi friend,
this is basha, from trichy. As we are going to conduct a management meet as part of the master of Business Administration. In that we conduct nearly 10 games, HR Game is one of that as it is a new event we cant able to make it effectively. we need yours valueable ideas and suggestions for doing that event very successful and to make the event a grand success. this is also a major issue for we, the Human Resource People.
i hope yours valuable reply
please send you ideas and suggestions to my email id thank you very much..........
From India, Tiruchchirappalli
Hi Nidhi, I am Change Mnagement Consultant by profession.The work you have done is good. Regards Rohit
From India
I think it is a great PPT of Change Management because it is too much useful for me in terms of I am working as a training manager in one of the insurance company and for that it is too bit difficult thing to sustain in now a days where market is too much volatile and people means employee are too much frustrated so that this presentation is too much helpful too me and thanks for the same.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Nidhi, They are all yummy and cheezzy presentations. My students will love them...Keep it up always and for more to come. Regards..... Luis
From Papua New Guinea
nice set of slides but needs more work for this to be useful as a teaching tool.
Part 1 required the reader to have read 'Who moved my cheese' otherwise the slides would need a lot of explaining.
Part 2 seemed to be just a collection of quotable quotes on change - unless they are the key themes from another book on change which I am not familiar with?
For both part 1 and part 2 the reader would accept the doctrines/ theories on change given in the slides and then promptly forget what they have read - unless they have a 'story' or case study which would act as a hook or anchor.
Just my views.
From India, Kochi
Hi! Nidhi,
I came looking for aPPT on Change management for teacher at a school in mumbai and guess what your PPT happened to me:)
It was good and helped me work for my workshop. thanks a lot
Warm regards
From India, Mumbai

Change Management:

Change management is the process of developing a planned approach to change in an organization. Typically the objective is to maximize the collective benefits for all people involved in the change and minimize the risk of failure of implementing the change. The discipline of change management deals primarily with the human aspect of change, and is therefore related to pure and industrial psychology.

Some of the Potential issues concerning the successful Change deployment process:

1. The House (Of Quality) Needs Foundations

Underestimating the need for a support structure can be a big mistake in the process of deploying Lean or Six Sigma. It is important to first assess the gap between your current state and the future, desired state. This activity produces a list of things that need to change and, in addition, those that need to be positively reinforced. In the change process, this is not an either/or proposition. Both need to be done. As an example, if one has the fortune of having an army of talented Black Belts but a broken Champion support system, the program can fail in a heartbeat. Again, if both are present and yet, executive support is absent, then that can lead to disastrous results for a program as well.

The role of a consultant is potentially huge in this case. The superior knowledge base can be helpful in foreseeing roadblocks and addressing them at the very outset.

2. Speed Can Be An Illusion

One common trait of all change initiatives is that they go through a series of necessary steps that have their own lead times. Failing to recognize this fact often leads to skipping essential activities that only create an illusion of speed and never produces desired results.

Sticking to an overall game plan and building steady momentum over time brings change that is more coherent and permanent than islands of excellence resulting from scattered activities.

3. Sustaining A Shared Vision

Most executives do a good job of communicating a strong sense of urgency to effect change and move people out of their comfort zones. This often launches a flurry of activities in the right direction to start with. However, sustaining the quality and level of activities is a different ball game. For the abstraction that is called business, it requires more than organizational structure, incentives and job descriptions to have a multitude of people work in a concerted manner towards a common objective -- it requires a shared vision. It is one, in which everybody has a role to play, everybody clearly understands his or her role, and everyone knows "what is in it for me?"

Having a shared vision and communicating it well are essential in galvanizing a workforce to come together and stay together, during the process of change..

4. New Vision, Old Contraints

Doing the same old thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. As much as new tools and a new roadmap empowers people to do things differently, systemic constraints -- be it organizational structure or reward system -- if not addressed adequately can seriously damage the credibility of the effort and make cynics out of employees.

Actions to confront big roadblocks early in the deployment phase can do the magic of boosting morale and providing momentum to overcome psychological hurdles throughout the organization.

5. Show Me The Money

In all fairness to the shareholders, every initiative should aim at producing measurable economic benefit to a business. Care should be taken to ensure that there is correlation between the metrics used to monitor improvement efforts and the bottom line. This may warrant adjustments to the accounting procedures2 to enable the identification of reform opportunities, drive the right activities and calculate project benefits consistently. In many cases, gains are realized only after a series of project segments (like a step function).

It is important in such cases to make sure that cost accounting doesn't disincentivise the very activities that culminate into a breakthrough.

6. Success Breeds Success

Every large initiative can appear potentially daunting and overwhelming if not split into manageable chunks. A process always runs the risk of losing steam if there are no short-term goals and short-term wins defined. Short-term wins create enthusiasm and confidence amongst people and aid in team building.

This makes the ultimate goal look realizable to participants and helps garner support even from those who have been erstwhile resisting change and sitting on the sidelines.

7. Leaders Wanted

More often than not, management is incentivised to minimize risk and preserve the status quo. Change on the other hand requires creation of a new state of business, which naturally requires leadership. A paralyzed decision making process (often the biggest impediment to change) is a symptom of having too many managers and not enough leaders3.

Great leaders transform cultures and stimulate breakthroughs. It is vital to have a good number of them on one's side as champions of the renewal process.


Thanks & Regards,

Sudhir Singh Rawat



Hi all,
i need to make one questonnaire..., it will be great if you could help me......!!
the Topic is .."Why the people posted at site are having more role clarity than the people working at office"
What could be the probable reasons for that?
plase help me in forming the same
From India, Ahmadabad
very good presentation from change management and could u give me a hrm and change management by shaik
From India, Hyderabad
any body can provide me a notes on implication of globalization on hrm function and functionaries shaik
From India, Hyderabad
Hi frnds i found this beauitful presentation on Change Management. Enjoy!!!!!!! HARSHA. B.N
From India, Bangalore

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Dear Nidhi,
The PPT presentation on CHANGE is really enjoyable. This has opened my eyes & now I am really practising to change keeping my core values intact. There are bitter wranglings with my employer since last 3 years which culminated in unhealthy relationship. This presentation will lead to Damage Control Exercise from me & I am sure it will yeild desired results in a days to come. Thanks again & keep posting other PPTs. Next time, please embed PPTs with suitable sound effects, if possible which will enhance its effectiveness.
Ratilal Vasaikar
From India, Mumbai
Dear Nidhi,
I have seen your resume & felt that your are fit for Bank Officer Job/HR Manager. Why don't you try for Bank Job. Recently salary revision has been effected & compare to work culture & fixed timing job, it is worth considering in view of the stressed nature job in other fields. Nowadays, recruiting is going on in several PSU/Private Bank. You may talk to me over my cell # 9673908300 for further details if you so desires. Thanks.
Ratilal Vasaikar,
From India, Mumbai
Hi all. You may find the attached article of interest. It is a short summary of Diffusion of Innovation, a book by E. Rogers. It has helped me over the years plan projects in Canada. Hope someone finds it helpful. I would highly recommend the book.
From Canada, Calgary

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